The Joys of PC Gaming

There are reasons that people get involved in PC gaming even with all of the available technology in gaming consoles. One of the reasons behind gaming with PCs is that PCs are known for their versatility more than consoles. The idea of consoles being used for more than video games is still relatively new. It is less than 5 generations ago that video game consoles were only able to play video games while PCs could do so much more.

When people use some of the older consoles, one thing they will notice is that it is not possible to download games onto the hard drive. PCs have been able to download games and update them. This is one thing that was missing from the older gaming consoles. If anyone wanted an update or a patch to their game, they would have to wait for an updated CD of their game. Even then, they would have to hope that the gaming console would release the product. Meanwhile, patches could be downloaded from the internet onto the PC. Therefore, if there are any errors in the game, they can be corrected without having to buy the game over again.

Video game consoles have recently caught up with the PCs. Gaming consoles have become so advanced that they might as well just be called consoles as opposed to video game consoles. While they can play video games with some of the most advanced graphics, they can do so much more for the user. This is one thing that makes the system like the PS4 compete with PCs like the new Zenbook 13 and other PCs that can be used for video games.

How Robert Ivy Is Encouraging Architects To Work Towards The Social Good

If you had to describe the reigning philosophy that the current leader of the American Institute of Architects Robert Ivy has with regard to architecture you might say that his ethos is one that considers the architect to be a humanitarian. When a member of the general public considers the profession of architecture they very likely think of people in suits and who work in beautiful buildings and design beautiful buildings for well-appointed clients. And that vision is probably true however the reality is that architecture encompasses much more than that and has the potential to be a force for the common good. Architects are more than mere designers and more than mere business people they are skilled professionals who have the ability to shape the quality of life for people all over the world.

Architects of course must be experts in many things: they must understand issues such as land use and engineering. Architects must have technical knowledge regarding local policies that govern how buildings must be designed and what features they are able to have and must not have. There are many technical skills that an architect must have in order to be competent at designing buildings that are structurally sound. However those Architects who are interested in becoming great at what they do they must figure out how to leverage their their technical skills in order to enhance the lived experience of the people who use the buildings that they work on.

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One could argue that this focus on the architect as a humanitarian is what is driving the direction that the American Institute of Architects is going in. If you review the tenure of the institute’s executive vice president and chief executive officer Robert Ivy then you will notice that Ivy has been quite adamant about promoting the idea that architects can make a positive contribution to the parts of people’s lives that might seem quite disparate from architecture. Robert Ivy has spoken quite a bit about how architects can use their skills to help people lead lives that are more healthy. For example Robert Ivy has written about how architects can help to prevent non-communicable diseases simply by being thoughtful about the design choices that they make as they work on building projects.

Robert Ivy has also talked about the fact that architects are known for being effective collaborators as the projects that they work on involve many moving components and various parties. Ivy has noted that the architect’s ability to guide and direct a sprawling team makes professionals in the industry particularly well suited to collaborating with professionals who are working in other disciplines. Overall Robert Ivy is very invested in the important notion of collaboration being key to shaping the future of architecture as a field and as well as the future role of the architecture will play in society.

The American Institute of Architects, which has been operating under Robert Ivy’s leadership for most of the past decade, has more than 250 chapters across country, and its strong membership of 90,000 architects and design professionals are all committed to bettering the built environment.

For 150 years, the American Institute of Architects stood as a united voice for all architects. Its mission is to promote scientific and practical perfection. That was the mission of the original 13 members: elevate the profession’s standing. Since then, Robert Ivy’s expanding upon that concept, making the American Institute of Architects better.

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Blizzard Announces Updates to Long-Running Warcraft III

After 16 years, Warcraft III is still going strong. Although many Blizzard fans have moved onto other games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch or Starcraft II, Warcraft III has a dedicated fan base that refuses to abandon the beloved classic. Blizzard has taken notice and announced a slew of new features to update the game.

According to Kotaku, Blizzard is rebalancing the game and increasing the size of custom games from 12 to 24 players. Blizzard has also updated the in-game editor. Players can use this editor to create their own maps and challenge friends. Dota 2 and League of Legends were originally custom maps on Warcraft III and have now spun off to become full-fledged games of their own.

Fans are speculating about what the changes might mean. Is Blizzard planning to re-release the game or even develop a sequel? The company is famous for maximizing the value of its intellectual property. World of Warcraft continues to receive expansions over a decade after its original release. A few years ago, Blizzard updated the original Starcraft and released a popular sequel to the hit strategy game.

Revamping Warcraft III wouldn’t be a challenge for the mega-successful company. Blizzard could reuse its engine from Starcraft II, meaning the biggest change would be updated, high-definition character models. The company might even decide to update Warcraft I and II as a true reward for long-time fans. Of course, Blizzard is famously tight-lipped and hasn’t released concrete details of its plan for the series. For now, Warcraft III fans can only speculate about the potential changes coming to the Warcraft universe.

‘Papers, Please’ Short Film Adaption Goes Live Online

A short film has just been released based on Lucas Pope’s 2013 indie hit Papers, Please. Available now for free on both YouTube and Steam, it adapts the game’s story in a 10 minute run time, potentially turning out as the best video game film adaption to date.

The film, as well as the game, are told through the perspective of an inspector, guarding the border of the fictional fascist nation of Arstotzka and deciding who is allowed entry into the country as they present their papers. The inspector’s job is not as simple as presented, as he (and the player in the game version) must try to cope with the please of those trying to cross and their own conscience as they make the call on whether or not someone is allowed entry into the country.

Having to balance the emotional toll of the job, morality, and the threat to the inspector’s own life and the lives of his family, the game tells a complex narrative about the effects or authoritarian oppression and what it can feel like to be a worker drone on the lowest level of an unfathomable nightmare. For this reason, Papers, Please was nominated and received numerous awards at the time of its release, making a movie adaption all but inevitable.

However, the movie diverges somewhat from the original story of the game. Though changes are to be expected with any adaption, the way the film’s plot proceeds seems to be somewhat antithetical to the message and nuance of the game. It would be hard to say more without spoilers, so to fully understand the differences, one would need to watch the film for themselves. And at only ten minutes with incredible production values, that’s hardly a steep price to pay.

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