Reasons Agora Financial Is a Great Friend to Passionate Investors

A source of ideas is what an investor needs to excel in their area of investment. Before you have a source of investment ideas, it is advisable not to invest since you would invest the wrong way. The source of investment ideas is what Agora Financial has become today. It is a firm that offers independent and reliable economic commentary in various ways. It provides the economic commentary through international conferences, films, e-books and print, and through online publications. When it comes to the financial publishing industry, Agora Financial is a leading innovator. One thing about this firm is that it has managed to be the mainstream financial media and it has been able to make its forecasts uncannily accurate.

Nilus Mattive, Amanda Stiltner, Rich Jacobs and Louis Basenese are some of the competent editors Agora Financial has. Many people associate these editors with cryptocurrencies, reinvesting dividends and retirement strategies. On investment matters, the investment world has various opportunities that one can utilize. However, all this is not possible in the absence of knowledge especially when you want to have a long-term experience. Making the right investment decisions requires one to have sound financial literacy. This way, the investment portfolio you create would be sound. Agora Financial is good in giving trading and investment strategies that are personalized.

The firm has grown greatly in the area of providing accurate investment ideas and advice to passionate and enthusiastic investors. It makes the investors aware of the trade commodities and options available when preparing to invest. The investment knowledge the firm has is tremendous and amazing to the investors. The company may even first check the portfolio performance of the investor before it offers investment knowledge. When an investor fails to make wise investment decisions, lag performance is experienced. It is for this reason the investors should work closely with Agora Financial.

The experts you find in Agora Financial are experienced and well-versed with investment skills and ideas. The firm knows what goes on in the inner investment circles and how to overcome the hurdles that face the investors. The kind of investment information the experts in this firm provide is enough to give your investment’s success a long-term graph. Whether the investment publications the company offers are paid for or free, it ensures that the market news and market commentary are not biased. The insights from the editors in this firm have been given a global recognition and they are always strong to make bold predictions.

MB2 Dental Makes Things Run Smoothly

MB2 Dental offers many services including accounting and finance services, credentialing, compliance, IT, billing and collections, recruiting, and marketing. They also offer procurement services, business development expertise, and training. MB2 Dental takes care of all the working parts of running a business so the dental office can run smoothly and so the dentist can focus on the patient. They also offer human resources services such as developing an environment that promotes the growth of employees and also promotes motivation, and wellness in employees. This area of service also covers payroll, talent acquisition, labor relations, and any and everything else related to this topic such as labor relations and technology. Managing staff can be a time-consuming and laborious responsibility so having MB2 Dental take care of it frees up a substantial amount of time for other important tasks.

MB2 Dental takes care of all accounting and finance services such as the preparation of tax documents by a certified accountant and any reports that need to be filed by the IRS. Technology is an important aspect of any company and can be an arduous task, but MB2 Dental provides data management services, maintenance plans, customized A/V installations, computer support, upgrades, hardware installations, and business network solutions. They also handle surveillance installation, network solutions, backup and disaster recovery, software implementation, and cloud network solutions. Basically, everything needed in order to run a business smoothly.Recruiting can be a tedious task and the MB2 Dental recruitment experts will ensure that only the most qualified staff will be considered and they deliver only the most promising talent to work in your dental office. Training is another task that can become very time-consuming. MB2U is a university that is responsible for training dental office employees on such things as patient satisfaction, how to run an office efficiently and how to treat patients.

The bottom line at MB2 Dental is to help the dentist’s office to run smoothly so that the patient gets the attention that they deserve. If there is too much to do and not enough time to do it, patient satisfaction and quality are one of the very first things to get sacrificed. MB2 Dental takes care of the jobs and tasks that need to get done so that quality and care can be the best that it can be while all the things that need to get done are taken care of.

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME Makes House Calls

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s company OVME is much different from other non-invasive cosmetic procedure facilities available in the United States. Not only is Dr. Mark Mckenna licensed to practice medicine and perform surgery by the state boards of medical examiners in both Florida and Georgia, he is also an entrepreneur and businessman who is changing the way the industry operates.

Dr. Mark Mckenna grew up in the city of New Orleans and also earned his medical degree in the same city. While he was completing his medical degree at Tulane University, he decided that becoming a doctor wouldn’t provide the type of income that he wanted to earn. This is when he decided to forego his medical training and enter the business world. After graduating from Tulane University in 1999, he decided to open and acquire his own companies in the real estate industry. These companies included a title and mortgage lending company based in his home city of New Orleans and employed around 50 people.

When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, Dr. Mark Mckenna did not escape the tragedy and suffered millions of dollars in damages from the disaster. After the storm ended, instead of abandoning his city Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to help with the rebuilding of the city and used his resources to redevelop develop housing for the low and middle-income residents of the city that lost their homes during the hurricane.

After serving his city, he made the decision to get back into the medical industry by opening the OVME in Atlanta, Georgia. A cosmetic procedure company that not only has a retail location but also offers its patients house calls by licensed physicians.

Dr. Saad Lived Life Lessons By Example

Every once in a great while our lives cross paths with those who have walked this journey on earth as shining examples of how one should live this life well. One such a person is Dr. Saad. Dr. Saad now 72 years young has recently retired after a prestigious career of 34 years. Dr. Saad was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, in fact quite the opposite. Born in Palestine in the decade of the 40s life was certainly not void of difficult days. However as a son of a successful father who was a pioneer in the oil industry in the 1950’s the family relocated to Kuwait, it was there under the burning sun that Dr. Sad realized his life’s ambition.


Living By Example


Dr. Saad believes that all mankind can aspire to be anything they desire in this world. After all, if a poor man such as a Palestinian refugee can achieve becoming a successful pediatrician in America than anyone can with the drive and desire to put the work in to accomplish it. Dr. Saad lives his life under two basic principles that we all should model our lives after. First, never settle for anything less than the goals you have set for success. Dr. Saad overcame not only his life condition but rose above it to attain the status in life he desired to achieve. And to reiterate, if a man born into such an overwhelming disadvantage can find the path to rise above it, anyone can. Dr. Sad second life lesson is to never procrastinate, or put off the work that can be done today until tomorrow. The art of procrastination is a poor work ethic and flies in the face of how we should make the most out of each day that we are given. Time is a precious commodity and one that we need to be as efficient with as possible, this is what Dr. Saad believes is key to becoming successful.


A Little About Dr. Saad


Dr. Saad is a graduate of Cairo University Medical Hospital class of 1971. He specialized as a Pediatric and Thoracic surgeon. He held certifications and licensure from the American Board of Surgery, IA medical State license through 2013 and NJ State medical license through 2019. He held two publications or presentations, one regarding groin laporoscopy in 1001 pediatric patients, and the other in clear cell sarcoma in the gastrointestinal tract. He is a notable man and a worthy mentor to model our lives after. Learn more:

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