New App Lets Gamers Bring PC Games With Them on Android Devices

The idea of playing PC games on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet isn’t exactly new. Several titles have been ported to mobile platforms by their developers, but this is only an option for PC games that aren’t too demanding on hardware resources, like casual and retro games. Mobile computing devices, like smartphones, tablets and netbooks are designed with portability and energy efficiency in mind, rather than graphics and CPU performance. A Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 just doesn’t have the needed hardware to run the latest AAA games like Grand Theft Auto 5.

But what if there was a way to simply use the mobile device as a display and controller, while the actual computing is done in the cloud? After all, there are many cloud-based applications which process and store data remotely. One can also control a virtual cloud server from a smartphone or tablet by using a remote desktop app.

For Android users, there’s a new app in the Google Play Store that can actually make that happen. LiquidSky is a service which gives each user a virtual PC they can download and install games on. The cloud-based PC can then be accessed through the Android app, essentially streaming the gameplay video to the mobile device’s screen. LiquidSky uses IBM’s public cloud infrastructure, which optimizes hardware use and keeps latency to a minimum by matching users to data centers located closer to them.

As the service is still in its beta phase, there are still a few issues being worked out. In order to get a decent gaming experience, an Internet connection with very low latency is a must. There’s a free, ad-supported version of the cloud gaming service currently available, which gives gamers the chance to try it out before deciding on whether or not buying a subscription is worth it.

TellTale Announces Final and Fourth Season of The Walking Dead Series

Telltale’s The Walking Dead series has been famous ever since it’s the first debut in 2012 that introduced players to Clementine, the little girl everyone felt the urge to protect. The first season of the Walking Dead certainly put Telltale on the map and ever since has gained the game company recognition for their other titles.

Telltale has gained attention for continuing the series, the last two often being compared to their first phenomenal season. They took Comic-Con as a chance to announce the final season of their Walking Dead series and have confirmed Clementine will be making an appearance in season four. Clementine will be the store once again in this final season and the voice actor Melissa Hutchison will reprise the role of the young woman.

Telltale has confirmed the final seas of their The Walking Dead series will be released on Android, PC, and Mac, and consoles so everyone can find out what happens next. When the series first debuted in 2012 it was a critical hit among fans and even received a nominated for IGN’s 2012 Game of the Year. Ever since the original season has come and gone, the second rode on the popularity of the previous one and came out in 2014. The third season of The Walking Dead series from Telltale, called A New Frontier, recently concluded earlier in the 2017 year.

Telltale has continued to ride out the success of their first season with a few additions to flesh out the series. They released a standalone episode called The 400 Days that was released in 2013 and even had a spinoff miniseries that had Michonne as the main character last year.

The final installment of these popular series will certainly have fans on the edge of their seats and waiting eagerly to see how Clementine’s story comes to close.

The Changing Nature of Desktop Gaming in a Cloud Based World

PC gaming has changed a lot over the years. There was a time when any new game forced people to laboriously tinker with DOS settings and hardware configuration. Today things are a lot easier. PC gaming for most people simply means clicking on a button within their gaming client, and waiting for it to automatically download and install. However, this simplicity can be somewhat misleading.

A lot of the same work is still being done in order to keep games working as smoothly as possible on the PC. One of the biggest parts of this has to do with cloud storage and computing. Microsoft recently showed that cloud computing was becoming one of their most profitable interests. Most discussion of their cloud computing focuses on the business side of things. However, it’s important to consider that behind the scenes it’s really cloud computing driving the desktop gaming experience.

For a long time the primary mover and shaker in the world of PC gaming was DirectX. It was a set of programming protocols that let people create some amazing graphical effects with far less code than one might assume. DirectX is owned by Microsoft, and it served to tie games using it into their platform. Full DirectX support is only available on Windows and Xbox. However, the rise of cloud computing is making it increasingly viable to simply stream game data without actually rendering it through the host graphics processor. Early implementations of this idea are already available on Windows. Some games from Sony, for example, can stream to Windows based computers. And this is where Microsoft is really trying to gain a foothold for the next generation of games.

Valve jumped ahead of Microsoft when it came to game distribution. Microsoft doesn’t want to make that mistake again and are concentrating on regaining the edge which ownership of DirectX once gave them. With PC gaming becoming more platform agnostic, Microsoft can still retain the market by offering superior cloud computing platforms to actually serve gaming streams out to people’s desktop computers. Not only that, but in doing so they get larger portions of multiple markets. All the better for Microsoft if they can make money from the gaming sector when working on business solutions. And make money from the business sector when working on gaming solutions. Their new focus on cloud computing allows Microsoft a chance to once again lead the industry.

Jeremy Goldstein – Helping Understand Stock Options Clearly

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most trusted lawyers in the United States, currently practicing in New York. Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has successfully fought and won many cases for his clients, which also includes some of the top companies in the Fortune 500 list.

It is these cases that have helped Jeremy Goldstein become one of the most sought after attorneys in the country today. Jeremy Goldstein is also an expert on structuring and formatting the compensation slab for the top executives in the company, which is what firms often consult him from across the country.

Jeremy Goldstein is also an expert on corporate and finance law and is often seen sharing his views and thoughts on the same online through the articles he writes frequently.

Recently, Jeremy Goldstein wrote an article on stock options and how the knockout options can become the new alternative that all the companies should adopt. Jeremy said that while stock options come with an element of instability and volatility, knock out options helps in lending some form of stability to balance the risk for both the parties involved, employees and the employer.

Jeremy Goldstein says that while the stock options as a feature is a common variable in the compensation structure, many of the employees prefer to opt out of it. It is generally because the economic market is sluggish and there are chances that the stocks that are bought from the company might not give back significant returns.

Crunchbase revealed that Jeremy Goldstein helps the companies to manage large corporate transactions as well as provide expert assistance during mergers and acquisitions.

He is a very sincere lawyer who is known for his keen eye for details, which is one of the essential qualities that an attorney should have. Jeremy Goldstein has worked for many companies in the past, including the famous Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.

Tammy Mazzocco Knows What To Do To Sell Lots of Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful real estate professional who specializes in residential properties. She lives and works in Pickerington, Ohio. She is associated with RE/MAX and not only sells homes in town, but in the four counties surrounding Pickerington.

Tammy Mazzocco got her feet wet in the beginning by working as a secretary for a commercial real estate company. She continued in a supporting role with several other companies until one day she saw the light and figured if everyone else is making a lot of money selling real estate, she could too.

Tammy had a friend who was the manager of RE/MAX in Pickerington, so she signed on with her and the rest of the story is history. Actually Tammy had found the perfect occupation as far as she was concerned.

Tammy chuckles when she remembers how shy she was in the beginning and she would not want to ask clients about their finances at all. A coworker told her to just go ahead and ask, no matter what the people thought, so she did, and it worked.

Tammy works long hours still, but she says when you enjoy what you do, it is not really work. Tammy enjoys her customers and the biggest thrill for her is when she is able to help a family find the house of their dreams. Tammy takes great care to take into consideration what the family is looking for and hoping that they will find in a house.

Tammy learned to become a very good listener while she is out and about showing the different homes to customers, because sometimes a decision to write up a contract is made on the littlest of things. People can get very emotional because they are mostly out of their element when they are shopping for a house. Tammy Mazzocco has found that if she can keep them on an even keel, they can make good decisions.


NuoDB, The Innovative Database

NuoDB is an innovative and groundbreaking database. Within this database you will find new and advanced methods. NuoDB is a transactional database management system that was made in order for you to spread deployment in the cloud. Although NuoDB has similarities to the SQL database, it has new features that helps process cloud computing environments. This new software sections data elements within objects that they name as “atoms”. This database is also focused around a “durable distributed cache” structure. By doing so, set in-memory caches are used to safely store and maintain information. It also employs parts of object-oriented and message-oriented computer methods in a helpful communication format. This database also features elastic scalability, active operations, flexibility, and consistency. Through these enhanced methods, NuoDB will be able to run through multiple hosts, which supports high availability. It definitely provides rolling upgrades and online schema evolution and a grand amount of back up.

More information about cloud database.

The Kabbalah Centre Appeals to Celebs in Different Ways

If you want to go to a place where you can learn about the mystical Kabbalah and be in a supportive atmosphere with like-minded people, the Kabbalah Centre is the place for you! It is located all over the world; throughout Europe, Oceania, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Canada and America. From looking at where its locations are, it seems that the Kabbalah Centre has the most locations in places that are known to have large Jewish presences, such as the City of New York, Miami and Los Angeles. However, one does not need to be Jewish in order to attend  Kabbalah Centre. In fact, you can be any religion. Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube .The Kabbalah Centre shares the philosophy that every religion is correct and welcome, due to the idea that everything comes from one great truth.

The Kabbalah Centre specially designed its curriculum in such a way that lay people can understand. The whole point to their teachings is to make a person’s life more fulfilling and productive. The Kabbalah Centre makes it so that the Kabbalah is not just limited to study groups of men above the age of 40 who are Jews or converted Jews—it is available for everyone.

Kabbalah has hooked a lot of people in Hollywood over the years. This goes on an on, and includes Paris Hilton, Sarah Bernhard and Britney Spears. Each celebrity has had his or her own reasons for studying Kabbalah.

Some celebrities have made their whole lives about Kabbalah, while others have studied it as a fulfilling activity that they put away sometimes. A number of celebrities are fascinated with the history of Judaism, and the human heritage and knowledge that comes from it. Celebrities like Madonna claim that Kabbalah helps you to become more productive and to give more to the world.

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In This Male Dominated World, Pittsburgh Steelers’, Susan P. McGalla, Reigns Surpreme As QB Of The NFL

She’s known in the land of cold steel, to be the hottest team leader to never set a single cleat on the icy grid iron playing field…That is if you’re not counting the larger arena where the executive ballers are responsible for remaining undefeated in certain major challenges such as maintaining their championship title as one of the professional sporting franchises’ top 10 household name brands. With the amount of revenue that hustle generates for the whole squad’s benefit, the QB I nominate for MVP is most certainly a fine lady accountable for keeping this particular NFL team–with its bright and dark contrast–on top with their intimidating, though rather alluring look. Also dubbed The Big Black & Gold, these bumble bee colors are endorsed from the east to the west–even beyond the colorful National Football Leaugue–by top dogs of various industries, including Snoop from the LBC who proudly sports that mighty Steelers’ shield on his chest ( literally placing this trade mark on the map amongst Hip Hop’s other incorporated national themes ). Of course, this is all thanks to the business success of the Pittsburg Steelers’ VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development, Susan–the realest “Queen B” in the truest corporate sense–McGalla? Hell yes!

Since her days as a little girl, Susan P. McGalla learned early on that the world of fair, albeit fierce, competition still requires relentless determination to never come up short against your competitors no matter what edge they appear to have…tends to cowar, every time, at the end whenever defeated by the underdog who knows no meaning of the o’l saying “you can’t…” Simply because she’s a female? Yeah, right! With that being said, Susan moved on in life continuing to tear to shreds every cliche designed to bluff a woman into believing she’s not even a worthy contender for the top positions in the big

game of life. Yes, those Leadership positions!

Graduating from Mount Union College with a BA in Business & Marketing, Ms. McGalla went on to become one of the very few top female executives in the corporate world of Fortune 500 companies. From Joseph Horne Co. to American Eagle Outfitters Inc., you name it, she dominated it in ways once thought to be solely patented by the “good o’l boys’ club.” And many others who have nothing in common with that bigotry type can do just as she has. Because, in this very small domain where upper managerial seats are sat on only by a minute amount of feminine tush, it’s not because such stools were handcrafted for the most dumbest of asses to ever think that top management shouldn’t include the feminine frame of mind for critical decision making…more women like Susan P. McGalla still have yet to be giving a chance to play in order to show and prove that they all–qualifying women who’ve worked hard to earn the respect that’s due to every leader–can perform well at the top…if those sore ass chauvinistic losers are finally stopped somehow from unleveling the damn playing field!

Betsy DeVos : Generous Philanthropist And Education Reform Advocate

Newly elected U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is a generous philanthropist who has been involved in the education-reform movement for decades. A mother of four, DeVos understands the importance of a quality education for every American and has been working on several levels to ensure children in the United States from all socio-economic groups have access to the best education possible. She knows how important this is to their futures and the future of the country as a whole.Betsy Devos has also been deeply involved in supporting the Republican party in Michigan ever since she was in college. In addition to her donations to a wide variety of Republican candidates running for state and national office, she was Michigan Republican party chairperson for 6 years. But her commitment to finding innovative solutions to the many social problems people in Michigan and nationwide face on a daily basis has been the focus of much of her volunteer work and philanthropy.

As chairperson of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation she has given millions of dollars to a wide range of causes and organization. But education has long been on the top of her list. She is also on the board of many local and national organizations. They include the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, the Alliance for School Choice, American Federation for Children, Mars Hill Bible Church and the Kennedy Center’s DeVos Institute for Arts Management. Betsy DeVos is nationally known for her work as a educational-choice movement advocate.Betsy DeVos is excited about the growth of the educational-choice movement. She sees the presence of school-choice programs in more than 17 states as a major victory. DeVos is optimistic about its continued growth and its ability to help a growing number of students gain access to the best educational opportunities possible. Some of the programs she supports are education savings accounts, charter schools, magnet schools, virtual schools, tax credits and education vouchers.

But ultimately her goal is to do whatever she can to help students from every social strata gain access to quality education and improve the quality of their lives.Betsy DeVos is inspired by parents trying to put their children in a safe educational environment where they’re given the resources they need to learn and grow. She has even started a foundation the provides scholarships to low-income students. But she understands that’s not enough. So DeVos is working with grassroots groups and legislators, as part of her mission is to guarantee access to a quality education for every American child. That includes using technology, the internet, digital learning, blended learning and more to make education fun, engaging and effective and improve American education. If you want to follow her on Facebook: Click Here.

A bit About Cardiologists, Cardiology and the Heart Patient



All heart patients are unique; thus, Edward Honig and his team of top NYC cardiologists can create a treatment plan that’s solely customized to your specific needs. Most patients often wonder what the best questions to ask a cardiologist are. Identifying the best questions can vary with each patient; the goal of Edward Honig is to create open, cooperative environments between you and the cardiologist, so that every question gets asked. That’s a top way to narrow the search and seek the best potential questions to ask your doctor.


Top NYC Big Apple Cardiologists – CPMC Specialists in Cardiology


Search for Cardiologists by “Cardiovascular Disease” or “Cardiology Specialists” –

Choose the Best Cardiologist for Your Needs


Choosing your physician is the first critical step toward great heart health as Symptoms, risk factors, treatments, and even surgery options for treating heart ailments can seem overwhelming. How should one choose the best cardiologist for his or her personal needs? First, he or she must consult with a primary care physician.


Second, one must educate oneself as a participating patient within heart or cardiovascular conditions. This sensitive heart and vascular care’s a rapidly evolving field; Honig’s team prides itself for encouraging patient participation and education within the process of selecting more than the best cardiologist – but also the best programs for heart and cardiovascular care – made for your treatment needs. Third, a big step toward finding the best cardiologist for one’s situation is simply to reach out and make an initial consultation with a local cardiologists. Each NYC provider’s a top cardiologist within a CPMC organization though each has his or her unique skill set, education, specialty and personality.


Much More

Whether you live in Manhattan, throughout the greater NYC area, Queens County or even elsewhere in New York – or the United States as a whole – the first step’s easy: Request an information kit. To find the best cardiologist for you, begin with an initial consultation. Edward Honig is supported by only one of the best heart networks within the USA – offering him quality, comprehensive patient-centered cardiovascular systems by a team of top surgeons who proudly use the most leading-edge technology. Serving the downtown NYC Area, as well as the entire Northern New York region, this team is ready to meet any challenge head on.