The Musical Life of Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is highly respected throughout the music industry as one of its greatest leaders. Hutson first entered the industry by being thoroughly educated in theatre design. He then immediately joined the live entertainment world as a Sound Engineer with the Billy Graham Crusade and a Project Manager. He eventually began his own live entertainment production company that specialized in rock’n’roll. In the many years as the owner and leader in this area, he has had much experience in producing, managing, designing, and overseeing live tours.

A major event that made him decide to start his own company was the worldwide financial depression of 1998 which dramatically affected the company for which he was presently working. Today, while he will be doing a certain thing every day for perhaps several months at a time, the stuff he does every day is always changing. He says right now his average day is stage management stuff, but that may be changing at any time. Every day he arrives earlier than anyone else and works through the day’s to-do list.

His work does not end when the show begins. During the show, he carefully plans all the things that need to be done by his crew to disassemble everything. Throughout his many years in the industry, he has become very knowledgeable of what works and what doesn’t. He particularly prides himself on being able to visualize what needs to happen before anything else. This has helped him in all of his planning and to resolve any unexpected problem. He is most excited about the prospect of future technological advancements and how they will help him in his work.

He knows that fully embracing these new technologies is imperative to new clients accepting him or moving on to a more up to date professional. He also says there are trends like come and go. He says a big trend right now in concerts is the use of huge video screens. He is not a big fan of this trend and hopes it fades away quickly. He does enjoy unusual, more rarely seen trends like acrobatics and aerial stunts.

Jeunesse Global Uses APT-200 in Luminesce Line

Jeunesse Global is the brainchild of Wendy Lewis and her husband Randy Ray. In 2009, they thought they were done with business and simply wanted to retire. However, when Randy Ray started experiencing severe knee pain, he started researching his options. At the time, stem cell research was in its infancy. Yet, it created great results for Randy. When Wendy was lingering in the office waiting for Randy to complete his treatment, she saw that the same product was being used in a skincare serum. After discussing it with the physician, she recognized the huge potential. She saw the before and after results of many women who had seen huge improvements in the appearance of their skin after using a formula with stem cell growth factors.

After researching more, they recognized there was a huge hole in the market where products like this were in demand but simply weren’t being created. Randy and Wendy decided to create Jeunesse Global to fill the need. The company has since grown into one of the largest direct selling companies in the world and it is one of ten that has a billion dollars in sales each year. The company has many distributors who are like family to the couple. They sell the skincare in different countries all over the world, learning to create the life of their dreams by selling an intriguing product.

One of the best skincare lines the company offers is Luminesce. This complete skincare line comes with a cellular rejuvenation serum that uses the largest concentration of APT-200. APT -200 has more than 200 different growth factors created from stem cells found in the adipose of adult humans. This has been proven to be more effective, according to Dr. Nathan Newman who helped create the line. The line also includes a daily moisturizing complex that also contains the growth factors to help get a radiant glow that lasts all day. The daily moisturizer is also a sunscreen that protects against broad spectrum rays. The blend of vitamins and antioxidants in the line help the skin look smoother and firmer.

Unroll Me Makes Its Disclosure Statement More Transparent


Email management provider, Unroll Me offers its users free service to manage unwanted emails. Slice Technologies gained the company in November 2014 providing services in the United States and global countries. The company makes money selling data of it users without disclosing their personal information. came under scrutiny in 2017 and vowed to make its privacy policy and disclosure statement transparent to all clients.


Some consumers were unaware of this because they didn’t read the disclosure. The company stopped providing services in Europe after GDPR passed a new data protection law, as of May 23rd, 2018. Unroll Me informs users they may collect, disclose, transfer, use, and sell data while protecting their personal information. It is the company’s business model to generate revenue by building unidentified market research services and products.


The way it works is Unroll Me eliminates unwanted emails and keeps the wanted ones using rollup services. Rollup users can organize and prioritize their Inbox mail through automatic categorization. The company uses G Suite, Google Analytics, and WordPress technology products and services. When the app was first released, it was compatible to IOS, and in 2017 is on Android. The app receives over 27,000 downloads on a monthly basis and uses approximately 30 technologies on its site.


The application is simple to use requiring users to swipe right to keep mail in the Inbox and swipe left to unsubscribe. To add newsletters to “Roll-Up”, the user has to swipe upward. The service offers a daily summary report of kept emails. Unroll Me ensures users’ personal information are safe under the privacy laws in the US and other international countries. The company plans to re-enter the market in the United Kingdom after they meet all criteria under the new GDPR law. See This Page to learn more.


Jojo Hedaya serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Josh Rosenwald serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Unroll Me. They are co-founders and leaders of the business and jointly oversees its operations. The executives are rectifying complaints pertaining to selling users’ information and proper disclosure. They are doing everything possible to make their privacy policy transparent to all users.


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New Willis Towers Watson CFO Michael Burwell Reflects On His Career During An Inspirey Interview


As one of the leading advisory, brokerage and financial solutions company in the world, Willis Towers Watson is proud of the team they assembled. It has now been a year since they made their last hire, that of Chief Financial Officer Michael Burwell in October 2017. They are still proud of the move for a number of reasons.

First of all, Michael Burwell brought a lot of experience to the team. He has had exposure to auditing (11 years), transaction services advisory committee work (12 years) and of course 31 years of general financial experience from Price Waterhouse Cooper. The past years has been great for Willis Tower Watson, and it has only confirmed they made the right decision in hiring Michael Burwell. Moreover, Mr. Burwell recently sat down for an interview with Inspirey Magazine regarding his financial career.

One of the first questions Mr. Burwell was asked was regarding where his best ideas come from. He indicated that as a leader within his company, he has to have the foresight to realize that ideas often come from other individuals within the company. Thus, it’s not so much whether he himself has the best ideas or not, it is whether he has the leadership ability to give these ideas the proper analysis and assessment that they deserve.

Michael Burwell was also asked how he manages to stay productive as well. He indicated that to him the best way to stay productive is to properly determine how to do more with less. One of the things that Burwell loves is the advent of new technology. Thus, he is always on the lookout for new ways to utilize technology to help him make him be more productive and actually do it in an easier manner.

Finally, there were of course many other items that were covered during this interview, but one of the most telling questions for Michael Burwell involved a career accomplishment that he was most proud of. He simply replied that he was most proud of the fact he was able to save his former company $500 million in overhead costs without having to lay off any employees. There is no doubt about it, this man is definitely an asset to any company he is involved in.


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