How Dr. Mark McKenna Is Making Botox Available For All

Thanks to Dr. Mark McKenna, getting botox and other cosmetic treatments will soon be easier than ever. He is the founder of OVME. OVME has been compared to the Uber of the cosmetic world.

It is truly a remarkable idea. Think about it. If you want an Uber, you can check into the app and an independent contractor who works for Uber will show up to take you. If you want to rent a car, you can do the same thing. This kind of sharing model exists for many industries, but not for the cosmetic industry. Dr. Mark McKenna and OVME are changing that.

Dr. Mark McKenna wants everyone to be able to use the OVME app to order a botox injection or whatever else they need in terms of cosmetic procedures. Then, someone who is freelancing and wants to make money and who has the required certifications will show up at their door. This will create a revolution in cosmetic industry. Botox will become widely accessible to everyone who wants it, unlike the way it is now.

Dr. Mark McKenna studied at Tulane Medical School. During his time as a medical student, he started investing in real estate. He moonlighted at prisons as a doctor and earned fifty dollars an hour. He used all of that money to invest in real estate. He built a real estate empire, but he lost all of it during Hurricane Katrina. He liquidated it and took the money to invest in a wellness center in Georgia. It became very successful. He is a noted entrepreneur who works hard and gets up early every morning to do his work. He is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization. He moved to Atlanta in order to be with his girlfriend.

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Prime Time for Lime Crime

The cosmetic company Lime Crime has come to a decision to launch their product in Beijing, China as a response to how well the brand is taking off in the U.S.

Global General Manager for LimeCrime, Kim Walls, had discussed the topic at a conference in Los Angeles at the National Retail Federations shop.Org. Walls discussed how, based on her previous experience, selling the product in any other way may not be ideal for the interest of the company.

One of the bumps in the road that had come up was around Animal Testing. Since Lime Crime is a Vegan cosmetic brand, they would not be testing any of their products on animals. If the products were to be sold Wholesale, it was mandated the the product must be tested on animals. This could be avoided, but only if the products were directly shipped from the U.S.

Shipping to the consumers in China in this way could also result in logistic problems via transportation, as well as tax and duty management issues and international returns and inquiries being written in a foreign language which could cause more issues. These barriers were created by the growing problem with counterfeits of one of the products produced by the company last year. According to Walls, there had been over a million counterfeit units of their Lip Toppers being sold through multiple Chinese Marketplaces.

After making the decision to partner with an L.A based E-commerce fashion platform known as Revolve, Lime Crime had found it’s solution for when they launched their products into China this year. Revolve really stood out to Walls, by servicing a similar consumer from the same prospective.

Lime Crime built a small seeded audience by encouraging people who arrived at their social feeds, and their company’s website, to visit Revolve’s E-commerce services.

Walls added that it was critical to have someone speak on Lime Crime’s behalf. She believed it would generate content with Lime Crime products, and have it fit within their own brand.

Neurocore Sheds Light on Depression Disorders

Samantha Suarez posted to 8 facts that’ll change the perception of depression. She states that depression effects 6.7% of adults in the US and is reportedly a leading mental illness that is most common. Depression is most common in adult women, but can effect anyone. With the current social stigma of depression, up to two thirds of people do not seek help for their disorder. See more information about Neurocore at

Suarez continues with the 8 following facts about depression:

  1. Depression may develop without outside factors

There is no key factor that identifies depression but rather research has indicated a correlation between genetics and/or a stressful life event to depression

  1. There are varying types and levels of depressive disorders

Suarez highlights the most common four disorders: Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder

  1. There may not be blatant signs and/or symptoms

People who suffer from high-functioning depression do not appear to be suffering from the outside

  1. Depression may have physical symptoms that can physically wear down those effected

Physical symptoms includes headaches, stomach issues, shortness of breath, etc.

  1. Often caused by depression, suicide is the second highest reasoning for death among younger people
  2. Depression is the primary source of diability(Credited to the World Health Organization)
  3. Research and Funding for Depression is still a strong need

Depression receives only 1/100 of the awareness and funding that Breast Cancer foundations receive even though the mortal rate is the same. Click here to learn ways to give to the cause.

  1. Treatment covers all spectrums of depression

Depression is treated through both medication and therapy. The earlier the disorder is caught, the more effective treatment is. Read more at about Neurocore.

Neurocore is a company with Brain Performance Centers that help alleviate conditions such as ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Migraines, Sleep, and Stress through therapy. There are 8 Neurocore sites across the nation. View their company website, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn to see if they could help you or a loved one.


Organo Gold Introduces the Beneficial Properties of Ganoderma in Their Unique Coffee Blends

More people are making a conscious effort to consume products that are healthier for their bodies. This movement has led some individuals to look for things made with ingredients that contain naturally occurring beneficial health properties. Researchers recently published the findings they obtained through a study conducted on people who drank coffee. This study involved more than 500,000 people spread out among 10 different countries. These individuals consumed an average of two cups of coffee per day. The findings showed these people had as much as an 18 percent decrease in the likelihood of dying from conditions such as heart disease, than individuals who did not drink coffee. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold helps promote good health through the various blends of coffee and tea they sell. These products contain a beneficial ingredient known as ganoderma. As a natural substance, ganoderma comes from a plant found in the mushroom family. This plant’s beneficial properties have been widely used in Asian countries for centuries. It has been found as an ingredient in food items as well as in topical skin applications. To help preserve the organic integrity of the plant and its properties, Organo Gold has partnered with one of the most renowned plantation harvesters in Asia in order to introduce this ingredient to the Western World. Visit to know more.

Not only does Organo Gold provide people with premium blends of coffee that contain the beneficial properties of ganoderma, they also provide people with business opportunities. As a company focused on building strong relationships with its associate members, the opportunities available through Organo Gold are designed to provide individuals with financial independence. They accomplish this by empowering their associates with the tools needed to succeed, which includes products aimed at producing a high customer retention rate. The company’s unique blends of health enhancing coffee products range from their classic black to their indulgently delicious cafe mocha.


Success Nuggets From The Life Of Nick Vertucci

If you have ever heard or believe in the philosophy “what happened in the past does not dictate your future”, then you might be on the same page with CEO Nick Vertucci. He can be said to be a man of a humble background. Having lost his father at the tender age of ten, growing up for him was tough. Along the line, he was able to make ends meet by selling of computer parts. Unfortunately, he was soon faced with a great financial crisis resulting from the dot-com crash of year 2000.

Nick Vertucci confessed at this time his loss was not quantifiable as he had no savings. He was far worse than at his beginning because this time around he had a family to cater for. After about one and a half years of struggling, he attended a 3-day real estate seminar which turned out to be the beginning of his success story. After the seminar, he busied himself with reading and researching everything he could on Real estate. Ten years later, he had developed a flourishing Real estate agency called the NV Real Estate and was running “The Real Estate Investing Hour” radio show.

As a means of multiplying the success strategies he had acquired overtime in Real estate and to educate the masses on legitimate ways to gain financial freedom like him, he established the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) in 2014. The mission of the academy is to create the most quality Real estate training in the industry so far. The educational programs of the academy is aimed at training students to invest in real estate. Reviews from the NVREA bus tour, a practical guide for students, testify to the achievements of the academy. With professional trainers who dish out realistic and concise real estate wealth building strategies, the academy is said to worth more than it costs. In addition, Nick Vertucci shares with his students important principles which he lives by and that will help them be successful. He teaches them how to train their minds to become their strongest muscle and to always believe in themselves.

Furthermore, he encourages the newbies in the real estate industry to learn from the mistakes of those ahead of them and not make similar mistakes. Lastly, he stresses the need to be financially prepared as nothing lasts forever which he learnt from his computer business.

Jorge Moll’s Revolutionary Research On How The Brain Processes Generosity

Based on the brain scans that Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman have been doing to volunteers, they have discovered a revolutionary way of understanding generosity. What they found was that there is actually real technical science behind generosity when, for thousands of years, the term regarding altruism has been used as a moral gauge. Almost never was altruism liked to the effects that it can have on our well-being and was often related to religion and moral choices.

Based on the brain scans that Jorge Moll monitored from the volunteers, generosity can activate a primitive part of the brain, one that is related to our sensors and our feeling of happiness and accomplishment. That means that a part of our brain clicks, which makes people feel good in the same way that any individual feels when having sex with their partners or eating their favorite foods. Visit Jorge’s profile on

This discovery by Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman is revolutionary in a sense that we can improve our understanding of generosity or the lack of it. For example, this may hold the key to understanding why other people are more willing to sacrifice others, while others, without even a moment of hesitation, would sacrifice themselves to save a hundred others.

As for the extreme cases of psychotics and mass murderers, a lot of them have brain scans that show that they have damaged a part of their brain that has an effect on a person’s morality, health, and well-being as well.


To some, this discovery is worrying, and maybe understandably so, because, for them, it downgrades generosity into something that is actually selfish. Their point is that, if we’re only generous because it activates pleasure points in our brain, then charity itself might be a selfish thing. However, they do not account for the thousands of people that are saved by philanthropy and compassion every day.

Jorge Moll is a top neuroscientist whose passion is to discover more of the brain’s complexities and revolutionize ways to understand how we think about human behavior. Jorge Moll thinks that, while he understands the worries of some people about their discovery on how the brain works with generosity, he believes that we can and should use this to understand more about people and how we should treat them. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

MB2 Dental Professional Changes Traditional Dentistry

There are hundreds of local area entertainment and business professional who can appreciate good oral hygiene. Are you a current smoker or suffer from bad breathe? Gum disease could be the start of many oral afflictions says, Dr. Chris Villanueva. He encourages his patients against the dangers of smoking as part of their dental therapy. Making the most of your smile is top priority of a MB2 Dental professional. Get reasonably priced dentistry which takes the myth out out of traditional dentistry with advanced technology. You can get an amazing smile at any dental stage.

Villanueva understands the importance of comprehensive dental which will get you back to what matters most. That means your child will get back to school faster after getting braces or back to work after basic dental work. Their advanced technology means clear braces which means no uncomfortable metal wires or rubber-bands. Many celebrities are choosing teeth whitening to look better in front of the camera or enhance their smile for their photos. You can get the same award winning smile the celebrities have because MB2 Dental proudly accepts most insurance. They meet the demands of affordable dentistry which goes beyond traditional dental care.

MB2 Dental

– oral x-rays
– oral cancer screening
– teeth whitening
– jaw alignment
– crowded/spaced teeth realignment
– emergency services
– expert technician
– emergency services
– pediatric dentistry
– spa dental
– braces traditional/Invisalign
– dental counseling
– specialty dentistry
– most insurance accepted
– orthodontist referral

Villanueva believes you should never sacrifice your smile because of an inability to pay with in-house finance options. Get the routine or emergency dental care you need today and make bi-weekly or monthly payments over time. Maintenance your smile no matter what your income level with a professional MB2 Dental expert.

Take a tour of their spa dental with your preschooler, if it’s their first time at the dentist to help with anxiety. There is also a great play area for kids while parents get their dental procedure performed. You can take care of your smile at any stage with the assistance of a professional dentist. A bright smile can enhance your appearance and give you confidence. Never trust the only smile you’ll ever have in this lifetime to anything less than a professional with a MB2 Dental expert.

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Highland Capital Management – Employment With an Excellent Alternative Investment Company

Highland Capital Management, with $13.5 billion in assets, is your premier alternative investing manager. Its Dallas headquarters was recognized by The Dallas Journal as, “One of The Best Places to Work in 2015”. With great pay, great benefits and a supportive staff, Highland Capital Management is a remarkable company in which to spend a career. Read this article at

Highland Capital is an avid supporter of the North Dallas community, forming The Highland Dallas Foundation, which supports the North Dallas Community through various highly effective contributions to improve the quality of life of residents. Highland Capital has managed to contribute over $10 million and volunteering efforts that has kept the community active and sufficient in the advancements created by the foundation.

As an employee, the salary is a direct reflection of how hard and smart you can work to help drive the company. Many positions to explore within Highland Capital Management and so much support awaits. Offices are located in Dallas, New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo. Highland Capital clients includes, but not limited to: corporations, government, banks, foundations, pension plans and high net worth individuals. A complete team of hard-working, brilliant, efficient and knowledgeable individuals are needed to keep this machine going for the most utilized solutions to the clients in the industry.


Since 1993, Highland Capital Management has been in existence. Founded by two power-houses, James Dondero and Mark Okada. The two became affiliates with a few other investment companies to assist with avenues that Highland Capital Management didn’t quite travel on: Nexpoint Advisior, Nexpoint Capital, Nexpoint Residential Trust, Highland Brasil and Acis Capital Management to help bring its total assets to $13.5 billion.

Highland Capital Management is a force to recon with in the alternative investing market and globally speaking is one of the top in its class. With goals of improvement and advancement, James and Mark are steadily making a push for more clients, greater assets and more of an effort to better support the Northern Dallas communities. With the help of worthy employees, who dedicate themsleves to Highland Capital Management commitments, all company goals can be accomplished, leading to great success for not only the company and the employees, but the world of alternative investing. Visit to know more.

Jeremy Goldstein: The voice behind knockout options

Jeremy Goldstein is partner and founder of the boutique law firm Jeremy L. Associates LLC, which is a highly respected law firm that advises corporate executives. Prior to starting his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein spent time working at another law firm in new York. Most corporate executives now only turn to Jeremy Goldstein, when they are in need of issues involving employee benefits. Jeremy Goldstein has amassed 15 years of experience and shows it.


Jeremy Goldstein has been very influential in many of the country’s top corporate transactions involving many top-tier companies such as Chevron, Verizon, AT&T, Merck and Bank One. Along with his legal work, Jeremy Goldstein serves on the board of many organizations including the non-profit Fountain House, which helps those with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein is the chairman of Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Business Section. Jeremy Goldstein earned his J.D. from the New York University School of Law. He also earned his B.A. from Cornell University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago.


Most major companies have completely stopped offering employees stock options. Some companies do it to save money, while others do it for more complex reasons. There have been a few issues that have convinced companies to stop.


Dropping of the stock value, makes it hard for employees to execute their options. Employees grow concerned with this type of compensation. Stock options end up burdening company accountants.


There are however, some benefits to stock options. This type of compensation is easily understood by employees. The options cause employees to work harder at making the company successful.


When it comes to options, Jeremy Goldstein suggests the knockout options. It has very similar characteristics as the regular stock options. However, when they fall below a set amount, employees will lose them. Knockout options are less stressful on company accountants and there is no risk of option overhang.


Companies that consider the possibility of knockout options, should wait at least a year after the current derivatives expire before offering replacements. If the company decides not to wait, their corporate quarterly statement may look negative.


Knockout options may not be a solution to every problem, but they do get rid of many of the major obstacles related to compensation based on stock. It is recommended though that executives of the company speak with auditors about the implications of providing knockout options. It will take time to see if knockout options are right for you. Learn more:

Humble Store and Steam Give Games Away for Free

Do you want a free PC / desktop game? How about 2 of them? Steam and the Humble Store are competing for your attention with 2 free games.

At Humbe Store, they are giving out a free game called Company of Heroes. This game is brought to you by Relic and is a WWII strategy game that was created four years ago. This game is considered by some one of the best in the WWII genre. Some complain that the updated version did not expand on what they did in the first version. The highlight of the game is that you can sink your foes and killing them by shooting at the ice beneath them. You can get this game from the Humble Store on Saturday, December 16th between 10 am and 1 pm Eastern Standard Time. is

The other game, that is being distributed by Steam, is called Homefront. You play this game as a first-person shooter and is a set in a United States that has become occupied by North Korea. The remake of the Red Dawn movie had the same concept. Humble Store actually gave a free version of this game last week. The free offer from Steam expires on Friday, December 15th, between 10 am and 1 pm Eastern Standard Time.

These free offers are to new to Steamto and Humble Store, but it is not the first time that a shop or game maker has given away a game for free. In the first half of December, Ubisoft gave away a version of Assasin’s Creed called Assasin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for a short time.

These free offers will continue to be made in the future as they are a good way to advertise the game to potential new customers.