Linux Users Considered Most Valuable of PC Users

Linux customers are considered some of the most generous of the PC users out there whether it’s because Linux is a free operating system or the software uses is frequently updated. Humble Bundle has even noticed that Linux users tend to pay more time and again compared to their Windows and MacOS counterparts.

The generous contributions were dwarfed by the combined total of the bigger platforms, but it’s a sure sign that Linux users are perhaps more appreciative of the services they receive. The user donations to Linux MATE and Mint desktops has helped to pave the way for Dell’s Linux laptop line and that many ideas and projects related to Linux and treats their users like users instead of a common customer base. Linux is then thus rewarded for treating their users with respect and it has helped the platform to grow even stronger.

Hiri is one of the newest pieces of software to hit the Linux scene and is a cross-platform desktop email client to allow users o manage, read, and send the email to Microsoft Exchange servers. The platform also allows users to use their Office265, Hotmail, and Outlook accounts. Hiri decided to support Linux since initially the software had been built and could be run on Linux since the app was built using Qml and PyQt.

David Power, who is the COO and Founder of Hiri, even shared the fact many of the people on his team had a soft spot for Linux. While initially, David had a failure to attract a community to use his new cross platform software, he walked in one day to find his devs running Hiri using Ubuntu. He had versions of the early development of Hiri to a couple of users. The users stuck around and offered thoughtful feedback that helped to improve the software.

McChesney Donates $1 million to the OCC

A professor that formerly taught at Orange Coast College, Mary McChesney, recently donated $1-million towards a new planetarium for the college.

The money will be used for a Foucault pendulum, which can be used to demonstrate the planet Earth’s rotation. According to school officials, the new pendulum will be the only one of its kind in the orange county area. McChesney, 91 years old, hopes the planetarium will contribute to scientific studies at the college and in the surrounding communities.

Her partner, Adelyn Bonin, recently past away and McChesney wanted to make the donation in her honor. Bonin was also a professor at the college and retired in 1983 from teaching German. McChesney taught Spanish and English at the college for 33 years. She retired in 1983, at the same time as Bonin.

According to Doug Bennett, the executive director at the Orange College, McChesney has made many donations for school scholarships and the foundation over the years. He had heard she was planning to make a donation specifically towards the building of the planetarium, but he didn’t realize her donation would be so generous.

The college began building the planetarium in 2016, because the old one, from the 1950’s, was too old. The newly built planetarium will include an auditorium that seats 129 people and an exhibit hall that will showcase a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Science on a Sphere display globe.

Comparatively, the old planetarium could only accommodate 35 people. The new planetarium will be used for students at the college and grade school students, kindergarten through 12th grade as well. The entire community will benefit from the $20 million, newly built planetarium.

The funding for the project has come mostly from a 2012 bond measure. Another $2.6 million has come from individual donors, including McChesney/Bonin. The college plans to have the planetarium finished by the 2018 fall semester.

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New Gaming Service Offers Custom PCs Tailored to Your Gaming

Once you play your first gaming computer you will likely never want to go back to consoles. Computers that have been optimized to play the newest games make for wonderful devices that offer power and flexibility right from your fingertips. Unfortunately there is a barrier for entry into the world of PC gaming and it is due in large part to how frustrating it can be to build your own system. The company NZXT is launching their custom computer build company, BLD, in order to erase these barriers and get gamers doing what they do best — playing games.

BLD seeks to bridge the gap between PC gamers and the sort of tech info that you need in order to become one. PC gamers learn to love all of the specs and the details that go into crafting a gaming computer but understandably a lot of people just don’t have the time, patience or aptitude to do it. BLD offers gamers the chance to scroll through a library of popular games and select the ones that they want to play. BLD then asks the customer for budgetary information before churning out a custom gaming computer based on their needs. This is an intuitive interface that skips all of the price checking and cross referencing.

Customers interested in the concept can go right onto the BLD website and get going. They’ll first select the games they are interested in before selecting their price range. After this happens BLD will lead them to a few optional computer builds and their price point. Clicking on any of these builds will lead them to a page full of spec details, price breakdowns, and an estimated FPS rate for each game selected during the first steps. Shipping is fast and the computers come with easy to assemble instructions.

Dad Dating Simulator is Highly Anticipated

Dad Dating Simulator is Highly AnticipatedDream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is the highly anticipated casual, indie dating simulation game from Game Grumps. The game focuses on the player who will play as a dad where they will meet and romance other hot dads. The basic premise is the player is a dad with their daughter who has just moved to the quiet seaside town of Maple Bay.

The new Dad of the neighborhood sets out to discover everyone else who lives there and finds other, single dateable dads are present in the town. There are seven different dads players can choose to date ranging from a Bad Dad to a Teacher Dad. There are several different awesome dads in the game to date with each one complete with their own endings, minigames, sidequests, and different paths to take.

One of the most anticipated games of the year, players have been waiting eagerly to get their hands on this Dad themed game. There are multiple endings per-Dad, so replayability will be through the roof. One of the aspects of this Dad themed game players will be looking forward to is the ability to play as a single, hot Dad who is dating other Dads. The concept is even packed with so many Dad puns that Game Grumps claims it will make all players uncomfortable.

The Daddy Dating Simulator game was set to come out originally on July 13th but was delayed for several days. The reason being that Game Grumps had been working around the clock to have the game released originally. They suffered from a lack of sleep and after much consideration decided to hold on the release of the game. The delay was needed though so the game developers were able to work out game bugs and other problems with the game to have it ready for its new release date, July 19th.

Bob Reina: Leading The Charge

Bob Reina is not going to sit around and wait for someone else to change the way things are in this world. He is going to be the person to do that. In fact, he feels as though it is his responsibility to do that. This is not something he skirts away from or runs away from, as a matter of fact. He embraces it to the fullest and since he embraces it, people know they are going to get the best version of Bob Reina that is out there to the world. He is not going to phone it in or take it easy anytime soon. Learn more:


When there is work to be done, Bob Reina is going to go out there and do that work. He is going to do it better than anyone else out there because he has the skills, the talent, the training, and the dedication to do so. He is a former police officer and his years of being a police offer have given him so much expertise and knowledge into the human condition. He knows what people are looking for, what they want, and what they need. Because of this, he has created Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video communications company that has won awards and also a lot of happy customers.


Here are just a few of the services they offer: video newsletters, video chats, video emails, and video conferences. Whether it is for business or for pleasure, Talk Fusion has it all and then some. They also work on both Android and Apple phones together, which is a real rarity to have two completely different phone types working as one. That is just some of the groundbreaking stuff happening over at Talk Fusion day in and day out. Learn more:


All of this leads to good things happening at Talk Fusion for the world. It is hard to ignore a record breaking donation from Bob Reina to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Everyone has a soft spot for animals, and this was the kind of move that gets people talking in a positive manner and also saves the lives of animals in the process. Learn more:


New App Lets Gamers Bring PC Games With Them on Android Devices

The idea of playing PC games on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet isn’t exactly new. Several titles have been ported to mobile platforms by their developers, but this is only an option for PC games that aren’t too demanding on hardware resources, like casual and retro games. Mobile computing devices, like smartphones, tablets and netbooks are designed with portability and energy efficiency in mind, rather than graphics and CPU performance. A Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 just doesn’t have the needed hardware to run the latest AAA games like Grand Theft Auto 5.

But what if there was a way to simply use the mobile device as a display and controller, while the actual computing is done in the cloud? After all, there are many cloud-based applications which process and store data remotely. One can also control a virtual cloud server from a smartphone or tablet by using a remote desktop app.

For Android users, there’s a new app in the Google Play Store that can actually make that happen. LiquidSky is a service which gives each user a virtual PC they can download and install games on. The cloud-based PC can then be accessed through the Android app, essentially streaming the gameplay video to the mobile device’s screen. LiquidSky uses IBM’s public cloud infrastructure, which optimizes hardware use and keeps latency to a minimum by matching users to data centers located closer to them.

As the service is still in its beta phase, there are still a few issues being worked out. In order to get a decent gaming experience, an Internet connection with very low latency is a must. There’s a free, ad-supported version of the cloud gaming service currently available, which gives gamers the chance to try it out before deciding on whether or not buying a subscription is worth it.

TellTale Announces Final and Fourth Season of The Walking Dead Series

Telltale’s The Walking Dead series has been famous ever since it’s the first debut in 2012 that introduced players to Clementine, the little girl everyone felt the urge to protect. The first season of the Walking Dead certainly put Telltale on the map and ever since has gained the game company recognition for their other titles.

Telltale has gained attention for continuing the series, the last two often being compared to their first phenomenal season. They took Comic-Con as a chance to announce the final season of their Walking Dead series and have confirmed Clementine will be making an appearance in season four. Clementine will be the store once again in this final season and the voice actor Melissa Hutchison will reprise the role of the young woman.

Telltale has confirmed the final seas of their The Walking Dead series will be released on Android, PC, and Mac, and consoles so everyone can find out what happens next. When the series first debuted in 2012 it was a critical hit among fans and even received a nominated for IGN’s 2012 Game of the Year. Ever since the original season has come and gone, the second rode on the popularity of the previous one and came out in 2014. The third season of The Walking Dead series from Telltale, called A New Frontier, recently concluded earlier in the 2017 year.

Telltale has continued to ride out the success of their first season with a few additions to flesh out the series. They released a standalone episode called The 400 Days that was released in 2013 and even had a spinoff miniseries that had Michonne as the main character last year.

The final installment of these popular series will certainly have fans on the edge of their seats and waiting eagerly to see how Clementine’s story comes to close.

The Changing Nature of Desktop Gaming in a Cloud Based World

PC gaming has changed a lot over the years. There was a time when any new game forced people to laboriously tinker with DOS settings and hardware configuration. Today things are a lot easier. PC gaming for most people simply means clicking on a button within their gaming client, and waiting for it to automatically download and install. However, this simplicity can be somewhat misleading.

A lot of the same work is still being done in order to keep games working as smoothly as possible on the PC. One of the biggest parts of this has to do with cloud storage and computing. Microsoft recently showed that cloud computing was becoming one of their most profitable interests. Most discussion of their cloud computing focuses on the business side of things. However, it’s important to consider that behind the scenes it’s really cloud computing driving the desktop gaming experience.

For a long time the primary mover and shaker in the world of PC gaming was DirectX. It was a set of programming protocols that let people create some amazing graphical effects with far less code than one might assume. DirectX is owned by Microsoft, and it served to tie games using it into their platform. Full DirectX support is only available on Windows and Xbox. However, the rise of cloud computing is making it increasingly viable to simply stream game data without actually rendering it through the host graphics processor. Early implementations of this idea are already available on Windows. Some games from Sony, for example, can stream to Windows based computers. And this is where Microsoft is really trying to gain a foothold for the next generation of games.

Valve jumped ahead of Microsoft when it came to game distribution. Microsoft doesn’t want to make that mistake again and are concentrating on regaining the edge which ownership of DirectX once gave them. With PC gaming becoming more platform agnostic, Microsoft can still retain the market by offering superior cloud computing platforms to actually serve gaming streams out to people’s desktop computers. Not only that, but in doing so they get larger portions of multiple markets. All the better for Microsoft if they can make money from the gaming sector when working on business solutions. And make money from the business sector when working on gaming solutions. Their new focus on cloud computing allows Microsoft a chance to once again lead the industry.

Jeremy Goldstein – Helping Understand Stock Options Clearly

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most trusted lawyers in the United States, currently practicing in New York. Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has successfully fought and won many cases for his clients, which also includes some of the top companies in the Fortune 500 list.

It is these cases that have helped Jeremy Goldstein become one of the most sought after attorneys in the country today. Jeremy Goldstein is also an expert on structuring and formatting the compensation slab for the top executives in the company, which is what firms often consult him from across the country.

Jeremy Goldstein is also an expert on corporate and finance law and is often seen sharing his views and thoughts on the same online through the articles he writes frequently.

Recently, Jeremy Goldstein wrote an article on stock options and how the knockout options can become the new alternative that all the companies should adopt. Jeremy said that while stock options come with an element of instability and volatility, knock out options helps in lending some form of stability to balance the risk for both the parties involved, employees and the employer.

Jeremy Goldstein says that while the stock options as a feature is a common variable in the compensation structure, many of the employees prefer to opt out of it. It is generally because the economic market is sluggish and there are chances that the stocks that are bought from the company might not give back significant returns.

Crunchbase revealed that Jeremy Goldstein helps the companies to manage large corporate transactions as well as provide expert assistance during mergers and acquisitions.

He is a very sincere lawyer who is known for his keen eye for details, which is one of the essential qualities that an attorney should have. Jeremy Goldstein has worked for many companies in the past, including the famous Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.

Tammy Mazzocco Knows What To Do To Sell Lots of Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful real estate professional who specializes in residential properties. She lives and works in Pickerington, Ohio. She is associated with RE/MAX and not only sells homes in town, but in the four counties surrounding Pickerington.

Tammy Mazzocco got her feet wet in the beginning by working as a secretary for a commercial real estate company. She continued in a supporting role with several other companies until one day she saw the light and figured if everyone else is making a lot of money selling real estate, she could too.

Tammy had a friend who was the manager of RE/MAX in Pickerington, so she signed on with her and the rest of the story is history. Actually Tammy had found the perfect occupation as far as she was concerned.

Tammy chuckles when she remembers how shy she was in the beginning and she would not want to ask clients about their finances at all. A coworker told her to just go ahead and ask, no matter what the people thought, so she did, and it worked.

Tammy works long hours still, but she says when you enjoy what you do, it is not really work. Tammy enjoys her customers and the biggest thrill for her is when she is able to help a family find the house of their dreams. Tammy takes great care to take into consideration what the family is looking for and hoping that they will find in a house.

Tammy learned to become a very good listener while she is out and about showing the different homes to customers, because sometimes a decision to write up a contract is made on the littlest of things. People can get very emotional because they are mostly out of their element when they are shopping for a house. Tammy Mazzocco has found that if she can keep them on an even keel, they can make good decisions.