VR Gaming May Not Justify That High-End PC Yet

The end of PC gaming has been prognosticated for over a decade now, and yet it continues on. The first culprit that was supposed to lead to its demise was consoles. The PC gave gamers flexibility that simply was not available at all or was not as common on consoles. One of these is the ability to play mods that fans of particular games develop and release for a given game to enhance its playability. Even when expansions for games are available in the world of consoles, it’s typically in the form of downloadable content that console owners have to pay for. Additionally, with a couple to a few years between generations of consoles, PC owners have been able to stay at the cutting-edge of graphics longer whereas console owners have to wait for the next generation to come out with their enhanced built-in capabilities.

Despite PC sales decreasing overall over the past few years, the sale of PCs specifically for gaming has actually been growing recently. As mobile devices and laptops have begun taking over for common computer tasks, the PC is increasingly being seen as a tool for power users. A PC enables someone to assemble the components they want, such as a high-end video card, that will give them an exceptionally performing gaming system that will beat consoles in graphics and other feature and performance metrics.

Some gamers are buying high-end computers simply to get into the exciting new world of virtual reality (VR) gaming. While there are VR headsets for console gaming as well, a high-end PC gives one the power to really push this technology to its limits. PC gamers who are putting a lot of money into a system purely for VR gaming might want to be cautious. Some developers, such as CCP Games, are backing off production of some VR titles after initially being bullish on the technology. CCP Games is famous for the EVE and EVE Valkyrie titles. Those who are considering buying a cutting-edge PC just to play plenty of VR titles may want to hold off for a few years. It shouldn’t be long before there are enough game titles on the market to justify the expense since this technology requires a fairly powerful video card among other components that need to be up to the task.

Amazing gaming power with the MSI Trident 3 Arctic smaller desktop

The MSI Trident 3 Arctic is a gaming desktop which more powerful and surprisingly a smaller package. It is quite a skinny computer compared to all other gaming desktops. The pc is mainly made of MSI GTX 1070. A test conducted on the pc shows that the machine is capable of running the current VR Hardware despite the computer lacking the traditional cooling usually found on other bigger devices.

The MSI Trident 3 Arctic uses windows 10 and has a 16 gb memory space. The small frame, big game, machine is a super portable rig that weighs approximately 7 pounds. It is also loaded with a Gen Intel Core i7 for extreme processing. This is one of the best pc offered by the MSI. It has fantastic graphics without any degradation and also has a striking design. It comes with custom-build MSI motherboard, and the CPU is directly integrated with the motherboard.

Having the machine uses Windows 10 it therefore delivers and offers faster start-ups, comes with a familiar menu yet expanded with great news ways hence enabling high performance. The pc, therefore, loads games and profile real quicker and stores the entire library of games on its 1TB hard drive.

However, despite the machine being made of small form factor package, there is enough room for upgrading when necessary. It is possible for the user to change various components such as storage drive, memory and almost everything save for the processor. The Trident 3 Arctic handles everything and any game with enough ease and also runs smoothly. The pc also is affordable and cheap compared to other gaming machines.

However, the mighty little beast is not suitable for use in the bedroom since it generates a lot of noise but if you are in the gaming world and needs the best portable gaming pc then MSI Trident 3 Arctic is the machine for you.

GameStop to gain from online subscriptions

With a rapidly changing digital com, merchants are constantly shaping their businesses to compete lucratively. Game developers have over the past decade shifted the focus mainly to the online market, partnering with other vendors to popularize their products. This has seen a reduction in purchases from mortar and brick stores such a GameStop. In fact, GameStop has recorded a considerable fall in its business as more and more customers prefer to engage from the comfort of their homes.

This is however likely to change following the introduction of subscription options through which GameStop customers can access their favorite games. GameStop announced that subscribers can now rent games for $60 through a Power Plus plan which lasts for six months. Once this period elapses, subscribers will have a free game of their choice to keep.

The subscription plan to be launched in mid-November is expected to change fortunes for the company which has seen a deep fall in its share prices over a period. Share prices fell by 8 percent with its video game business recording a3.4 percent drop in the second quarter of the half year.

The gaming industry remains one of the most competitive and lucrative e-commerce platforms and has attracted several new and old players in the last decade. One of the most important features of game apps is adaptability to frequent updates.

Gamestop’s Power-Up Rewards program has a free tier which enables users to eventually come through for the rental subscription. This will help the company to let get several pre-owned game stocks and at the same time gain some revenue from subscriptions.

This model of operation is prone to rapid and frequent change and the company will need to keep abreast with market trends. Ultimately, engaging with portal users frequently and offering reliable round-the-clock support is one sure way of keeping a constant stream of subscribers.

GameStop, however, can gain from its long history and loyal customers who have frequented its brick and mortar store since 1984.

Runescape Embraces Halloween With Scripted Events

Let’s go back in time nearly a decade and we’ll find that the majority of high school aged kids at the time were playing a game called Runescape. Runescape is a 3D isometric RPG that focused largely on the sandbox nature of roleplaying games. This meant that players were encouraged to pursue whatever avenue of gameplay that they enjoyed, from cooking to question to slaying demons in dungeons across the playing ‘scape. In 2017, Runescape is still going as strong as ever though the game would look mighty different than it did back int he early ’00s. In order to celebrate Halloween, the creators at Jagex decided to script in some fun celebratory events.

The scripted events brought forth by Jagex all fit under the title of ‘Ghost Stories of Gielinor’. These scripted events all start with players meeting an NPC mysteriously named Closure. CLosure leads players forward on a string of spooky inspired quests that allow players to unlock a brand new cosmetic item which takes inspiration from Sleepy Hollow lore, the headless horseman. This event is available on the new Runescape servers but that does not mean that Runescape has been ignoring their old version of the game, Old School Runescape.

Old School Runescape, largely left alone in terms of bigger updates, saw a Halloween event of their own. Jonas, a murderer who wears a hockey mask, appeared on Friday the 13th. Now players have to survive his hunt in a special game and if they do, they’ll be rewarded with the cosmetic item that is his horrifying mask. While this is less involved than the updated Runescape version’s Halloween event, it is still a welcome distraction from the norm for old school players.

Runescape is a free-to-play game and will continue to operate in that capacity. It is one of the longest-running MMORPGs on the internet and it has set several records due to the nature of how it was coded for gamers to utilize.

Securus Technologies Protecting Officers on the Job

The hardest part about being a corrections officers is trying to maintain order while eliminating new threats that arise in the jail. Overcrowded conditions have increased violent episodes in our facility, but add into that mix weapons and drugs the inmates are getting to easily, and you can see how this struggle to maintain order is certainly real. The option to simply add a ton more officers to the workforce is not possible, so we have to rely on different technology to keep order.

The first change to our facility was when we had new full-body scanners installed in the guest center. These scanners help officers to check guests so they are not smuggling in contraband to the inmates. These scanners are also used to ensure inmates are not carrying anything that can hurt a guest or be taken back to their cells. Securus Technologies was the next to step up to help our facility. Their telephone call monitor has changed the way corrections officers are able to hear what the inmates are talking about on their phones. The system runs on autopilot with the help of the LBS software, giving officers the unique chance to be in two places at once.

Securus Technologies has the monitoring units in over 2,456 jails in the country, and the employees of the company work tirelessly to make the world safe. Let’s take a peek as to how things have changed for the better in our prison. Earlier this month we had one problematic inmate asking his grandmother to bring her medication to the jail. He planned on asking her for it at the visitor center, but we confiscated it from her at the gate. If inmates are talking drugs, weapons, or contraband, we get an instant alert and we take even faster action than we have before.


‘Goblins of Elderstone’ Seeks to Change Gaming Paradigm

It is very rare that you get to see Goblins become the heroes of their own stories, at least in most modern representations of the character types. We blame J.R.R. Tolkien and his legendary ‘Lord of the Rings’ stories. Still, the team at Lost Goblin aren’t letting that get in the way of their new city-builder title ‘Goblins of Elderstone’. Lost Goblin is a studio out of New Zealand that is making their debut onto Steam early access after running a successful Kickstart campaign last year in 2016.

Goblins of Elderstone looks to bring people into the minds of the goblin character type as they are charged with building up villages in order to defend their territory from invading forces. You get to play as special character roles like sham, chief,warrior or the worker who is ordered to grab resources. The game blends strategy with city building while adding in a neat little bribery system. While Goblins of Elderstone doesn’t seek to change your mind on the goblin archetype, it does make you emphasize with how they are played. In Goblins of Elderstone you’ll be forced to bribe, threaten and try diplomacy with other small tribes in order to stop them from revolting violenty and attacking your establishments.

Even though the game is largely about goblins, there are more than just goblins running around in this city-sim game. Your forces will have to interact with orcs as well as humans. There are different elements of responsibility in the game — good, bad and neutral and you’ll also have the option to specialize in aspects outside of just fighting such as trading or spreading religion. It’s important to approach the game with the idea that you can win in a variety of different ways. You can use gifts, diplomacy or violence to push your way toward dominting the map. Ultimately Goblins of Elderstone is a game made by fans of the genre for fans by the genre and funded by those same fans.

‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ – Everything You Need to Know

It seems like every year is going to be a big year for the Star Wars franchise thanks to the Disney acquisition of the IP. Well, while the cinemas will be flooded with Star Wars titles about every little charaacter to ever grace the lore, video game players will have the same opportunity. Star Wars Battlefield 2, developed by the team at DICE, is getting more and more press as the November 17th release date is quickly rounding the corner. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is one of the most anticipated titles for both PC and console gamers alike this year so let us see if it lives up to the billing!

DICE is seeking to cash in on the excitement that has slowly been building around ‘Episode VIII: The Last Jedi’, due for release this December, by releasing Battlefront 2 ahead of schedule in November. Fans of the title can already anticipate that there will be cross-over material between the games and the film franchise. We already know that there will be both Rey and Kylo Ren skins available for ownload if you go ahead and slap down the pre-order charge. We also know that if you are a subscriber to Origin Access, and let’s face it many of us are, you’ll get the game all the way on November 9th — a whole week early.

One of the strongest aspects of the Star Wars franchise is the far-reaching and always enjoyable landscapes you get to experience firsthand. Battlefront 2 will bring gamers to all of the most famous locations in the lore. We’ll get to see Yavin IV, Hoth and Tatooine as well as Hosnia Prime, Scarif an even Jedha. THere are a slew of maps that have yet to be announced but we can’t wait to try them out. THe multiplayer in Battlefront 2 will obviously be the big pull and having all of the character types from the main IP, along with the new characters introduced in the Abrams-verse, means that we’ll be getting something special this time around.

Best CPUs for PC gaming 2017

It can be a daunting task getting a good CPU for your gaming PC build, especially with all the options currently in the market. Getting a trusted seller might help you whenever you go to choosing a processor for your PC, but having a little knowledge of what you may not go unrewarded in your hunt. In this article we look at the best affordable quad core you can get out there, the best value for your buck, the best CPU under $100 and of course the all-powerful, no compromise CPU.

Best Quad-Core

Quad-cores are no longer the most efficient build types of CPUs for gaming, with the Octa-core and the 16-core architectures taking the dominant position in the market. However, the quad-cores are still considered decent for performance in gaming, although it might be heartbreaking when assigning it to a 4K video rendering. The Ryzen 3 1200 is the best processor under this category as it fairs pretty well with most HD games and benchmarks.

Best CPU under $100

There is a threshold price for decent gaming processors, but it does not mean it is impossible to own one on a super tight budget. At under $100, you will not find any suitable processors, but clocking at 3.5GHz, the Pentium G4560 sets itself from the bunch.

Best Value for your cash

The AMD Ryzen 5 1600 arguably provides the best value for your money, providing Advanced Multi-Processing for smooth, efficient gaming. It offers real intelligent and is currently the lowest power guzzler running six cores.

Super Processor

The i7 7770k, Clocking at 4.2 GHz redefines gaming and gives excellent VR experience even at 4k resolutions. Rendering is a breeze even for video editing enthusiasts. You are sure to enjoy immersive entertainment, multitasking and meet every command in lightning responsiveness.

From the Super processor i7 to the lower budgeted Pentium, there is a wide range of processors for every need. This variety should not overwhelm anyone, as you can quickly get one that suits your needs.

Recent news article about PC / desktop gaming

The long-awaited destiny is here for the PC Gamers; it is time for the opal Xur. Just recently, Activision launched Destiny 2 for your desktop. The series had skipped the platform in its first time, but in this time, it is part of the project from the creator of Call of Duty and other huge hits. Destiny 2 is not available on steam; it is on Blizzard’s Battle.

Activision is planning to set up its store for Pc games like EA and Ubisoft. If this idea becomes successful, it could prompt the publisher to ditch Steam and the other online retailers and opt for a storefront which it controls.

Though it seems that it is a bit too late to cut off the Steam’s monopoly as the PC game store, and with publishers setting up their storefronts and it looks like a significant difficulty in competition with Valve’s juggernaut. In fact, there is an indication that some people might see this as an inconvenience since they will have to surf through three or four apps to have their preferred games running.

With the anticipated holidays in the offing, the Valve company’s launched the new digital gift cards to add to those readily available at retailers like BestBuy and Gamestop. This will allow the users to send money to the other’s Steam Wallet. Users can send a digital gift card via PayPal and Bitcoin.

The destiny series has now made that step in to the world of PC gaming. Due to the cheaters associated with the game, the studio is trying to avoid that by blacklisting such players, though some people claim that they were banned from the game for no apparent reason.

These banned players have said that they only used harmless software like the Discord Communications service or the OBS recording software. These are just additional programs that provide a code into games to promote the use of unique features.

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a consultation firm operated as a registered investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. It is a firm endowed with amicable topnotch financial and investment advice that steers client’s growth and imparts important asset management strategies. The firm was founded by Richard Blair in 1994 and has since proved to be a reliable well spring of ideas to his clients. The firm was setup to make significant contribution to the lives of individuals, small business owners and families who heed its advice.



Wealth solutions equip its clients with a workable plan that stabilizes and fortifies their future finances. The organization has achieved this by providing wealth management and retirement planning strategies to clients using the three pillar approach. This is the key determinant of a client’s needs in order to tailor make a suitable plan. These include;


The foremost pillar explores the clients’ financial background and understands their capabilities and level of performance. It helps forge a suitable way forward to follow.


Following this pillar is the stage where long term strategies are tailored to suit specific long term needs. Here, definite plans are put in place in order to reap significant benefits. It entails realignment of assets portfolio to maximize revenue generation during suitable markets and monitor impacts of negative periods.


Finally, insurance needs are met to protect the investment goals of clients. This is the long term assurance coverage of goals from uncertainties of any nature. It may include; life insurance, and annuities.



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is an accredited and certified financial advisor. Richard pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Houston. He has accumulated vast experience in several certifications including CAS, CES, CFS, CIS and RICP, through which he diligently disseminates expertise advice. Blair decided to set up wealth solutions firm to objectively provide strategic advice on finance and asset management as well as planning retirements.



Mr. Blair’s main motivation for starting the firm was his strong family teaching influence. He observed how his grandmother and mother who were teachers stressed on how teaching helps boost and grow one’s confidence and increase knowledge (http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/p/my-story). He was also greatly drawn to finance and his passion consequently bore him the firm. He continually leads his firm to achieve the set goals that ensure its clients grow investments and meet their retirement needs. The organization has since benefited a significant number of people. Under the leadership of Richard Blair, Wealth Solutions will continue to support its clients in achieving their financial plans.