Nintendo Switch Adds Another Perfect Title to Their Library.

The developers at Nintendo have been having themselves quite a year. The Nintendo Switch released out of nowhere to incredible critical acclaim and that critical reception was followed up by sales numbers that would turn out to be historic. After beating the PS2’s legendary sales run in Japan, the Nintendo Switch leaps in 2018 with something to prove: that the innovative console was no fluke. In order to keep gamers coming back to the Switch, especially with the strong titles being released on the PS4 and XB1, Nintendo has had to make sure that their library is always expanding with high-quality. Continuing their string of amazing ports and remakes, Nintendo is dropping ‘Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2’ for a release date of 2016 — and the reviews are sparkling.

Fans who haven’t heard of the Bayonetta games probably didn’t spend much time with their Wii U. While the Wii U was pretty much an abject failure, the Bayonetta titles came out and scored amazing reviews. Now, gamers are going to get the chance to play it again, or for the first time, on their Nintendo Switch. Developed by Platinum Games, Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2 is an incredible hack ‘n slash title that brings together everything we love about the genre. For those that missed out on the title the first time around, now is a better time than ever to get back on board. Critics have been absolutely gushing about Nintendo’s ability to capably port the title to the Switch in a way that makes sense and our game libraries are better off as a result.

The ability and desire to port titles from across their library, and often across third parties, has been one of the biggest indicators of success for Nintendo with the Switch. Nintendo has already ported several popular titles like ‘Mario Kart 8’ and ‘Pokken Tournament’ and as long as they keep doing so, we will keep on buying. The Nintendo Switch is already looking to have incredible legs for the legendary gaming company.

Jason Hope and his donations to SENS anti-aging research group

SENS is a research group that is researching the field of biotechnology. The research group is trying to develop a drug that can reduce the degenerative aging process in human beings. This group aims to assist the people to have a stress free old age life. It is sad that the people who are aged right now have to deal with problems of health problems when they are now ready to sit down and enjoy life after years of toiling. Old age is today associated with medical problems that are affecting the old people. Through the efforts of the SENS group and other experts who are happy with this research work, we might have a solution soon. A breakthrough in the field would be attractive to anyone since we all have to get old at some point.

Jason Hope has supported this group with a donation of half a million dollars which they have used in building a research laboratory while other funds have been used to start a program called AGE-breaker. The AGE-breaker is a program that accepts drugs that have shown the ability to slow down the aging process causing substance in the body. There are minimum conditions that have been set to determine which drug qualifies as an anti-aging drug. Most of the research work is still ongoing, and hopefully, there will be a solution in the next few years.

Jason Hope supported the initiative because of the potential that it carries. If a drug is developed, many people will benefit. Aging diseases such as cancer and Parkinson’s disease will be greatly reduced. Through the efforts of SENS, the problems that old people go through of battling medical problems may be over.

SENS has attributed the delay in a breakthrough in this research since for a long time; researchers thought that the aging process in small lab animals is similar to aging in human beings. Drugs that have been created in the past have not generated any impact in human beings. Now that this has become evident research which is human-based will be done and hopefully this time we will have a drug that is working.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope, a philanthropist from Scottsdale. He is also a futurist who looks into technology trends with the aim of educating people on what to expect in the future. Technology is fast changing, and he now predicts that the internet of things is going to be the next phase.

Jason hope has an MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page:

Gaming GPUs Rapid Rise in Price Thanks To Cryptomining Boom

The rise in adoption of the console has always kept many away from the ever-popular world of PC gaming. Triple-A game developers’ push for uniformity in their production of cross-platform games, away from console exclusivity, has enabled the PC to be the favorite among varying styles of gamers.The PC offers the highest possible resolutions at the highest frame rates using the most advanced (and expensive) peripherals, hence its popularity. PCs however, vary in power, capacity, and components, which allows for rigs to vary widely in price.

One of the most sought out as well as costly PC components is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU); manufacturers such as AMD and NVIDIA mass produce GPUs for the use by the major gaming demographic, with varying trims and price. In recent years however, there has been a rising trend known as cryptomining. Cryptomining is the use of GPUs to “mine” cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum that also have been part of their own boom in both popularity and sky-high selling prices. The practice of cryptomining has created an unprecedented extreme demand for high-tier graphics cards. The demand has mainly affected avid members of the PC community, particularly those who build custom gaming PCs. Custom PC building is a popular practice among the community and the demand for GPUs from cryptominers has caused prices to skyrocket to over double their regular selling price.

Both manufacturers and retailers are almost always sold out or backordered. People who cryptomine tend to buy GPUs in bulk, usually as part of a large investment for potential promising returns from the cryptomining. The remaining available cards are usually sold by third-parties such as resellers or customers selling them after the cards’ value rises after the time of purchase.

Nonetheless, the cryptomining boom is seen by the gaming community as a temporary bump in the road, hoping demand lowers over time, returning GPU prices to a relatively stable state.

Eve Online Continues to Innovate MMO World.

We can comfortably say that there is easily no game more divisive in the MMO world than ‘Eve Online’. Eve Online has been called everything from the greatest MMO ever to a functional spreadsheet simulator and very few people end up taking a stance anywhere in between those two extremes. With that being said, Eve Online continues plugging away and this February we saw the infamous title release its new Valentine’s Day update along with a host of re-balancing tweaks and fixes that’ll leave half of their fans happy and the other half annoyed.

Let’s start off by talking about the Valentine’s Day event: Guardians Gala. Fans who have been playing Eve will recognize the game from last Valentine’s Day and they’ll be pretty much expecting the same experience. During the time that this event is live, players will be able to track down gatherings of NPC’s throughout New Eden in order to crash their party and reap some rewards. The fights are easy but the rewards are worth grinding for as you can collect a variety of special ship skins and implants. The event isn’t game-changing but at this point, nothing really is going to be.

The V-Day event update takes a backseat to more functional notes as EVE’s team released their Upwell Structures 2.0 intro and Assault Frigate balancing update. Citadels in the game have been dramatically altered, changing the way that they handle which means that they are stronger on offense, worse on defense, and much more likely to end up as space debris when in low power mode. Defenders in EVE will now be urged to pay attention to their resources while attackers have more of an incentive to take on these massive ships.

There are a host of other technical updates to a variety of different ships and it is well worth booting up the patch notes in order to keep ahead of schedule and in order to know what modifications you need to make going forward.

‘Seat of Thieves’ Takes Proud Stance Against Loot Boxes.

There’s a new title dominating both consoles and PCs thanks to its unique twist on an old genre and that game is ‘Sea of Thieves’. Developed by Rare, Sea of Thieves has been gaining some serious momentum as the seafaring pirate-venture has drifted closer and closer to a full release. Amid the many different things you can do in the game, from attending massive ship-based battles, to locking up your enemies in your own brig, Rare is doubling down on making sure that your experience is NEVER going to be ‘pay to win’. Do you hear that EA? Rare is firing shots from their broadside cannons, and you are their targets.

Mike Chapman is the design director at Rare in charge of making sure Sea of Thieves looks as good as it plays (and boy does it look good). Chapman hasn’t been afraid to go on record regarding how his title is going to be different than others out there. Chapman spoke up in a recent interview saying that there are no plans to implement microtransactions for their upcoming launch. While this statement sounds wish-washy on the surface, Chapman goes on to make it very clear where Rare stands on what could become a flagship product. Chapman goes on to emphasise that the team will NEVEr add loot boxes into their game. Chapman explains, “There’ll never be a form of gambling in Sea of Thieves, of any description.” Chapman went on to lob a shot at companies who have embraced random ‘prizes’ by saying that ‘pay to win’ is something that will be ‘completely out of the question’.

With all of that being said, Chapman understands the reality of the gaming market and he isn’t brushing aside the idea of adding expenses into the actual game itself — but they have to make sense, and they can’t alter the balance of the game. Chapman says with a smile, “What’s a Sea of Thieves way of doing it? What’s going to bring value to our players?”

Aloha Construction, An Honest Review

If you live, work or play in the area of Lake Zurich, you might know the name Aloha Construction. This company has been around for awhile and they have been doing a number of projects with much success. If you have been wondering if they are honest, trustworthy and great at what they do, the answer is yes. All you have to do is ask any of their clients about the ethics and skills of Aloha Construction and you will get a glowing review on the spot. If you don’t know, the company is family owned and operated. They have many areas of expertise, however, one that comes to mind is storm damage and roofing repair. They also do things like kitchen remodels and bathroom updates and so much more. There is no job too big or too small. Visit to know more about Aloha Construction.

Aloha Construction is the number one go to company and one thing that is really great is that they offer financing through a third party that allows you to get the roof and your house repaired quickly. This means you can start the work before you get any insurance company claims finalized. The goal of using a service like this is to get you back in your storm damaged home as quickly as possible. On the part of Aloha Construction this financing is offered as a service to their clients so that they can get the work done in a time efficient manor.



Looking at the Better Business Bureau reports you will see that Aloha Construction is on the up and up. They are a highly rated company in good standing. They also come highly recommended in places like online directories and Angie’s list. This means that you can rest assured that their highly skilled construction professionals will be on time and get the job done as quickly as possible. Regardless of what your home improvement needs are, rest assured that Aloha Construction will be there to help you get the job done. After a storm has damaged your home there is hope and you can call on these seasoned professionals to get your home repairs on track. View Aloha Construction at

Blizzard’s Overwatch Will Be Free to Play on Valentine’s Weekend

As a special Valentine’s Day gift to its playerbase, Activision-Blizzard has just announced a free weekend for their hit game Overwatch. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Overwatch will be available free to play for the entire weekend of February 16 to the 19 starting midday on Friday and ending a minute before midnight on Monday.

Overwatch is a massive online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the same company behind enduring hits like World of Warcraft and StarCraft II. Praised by critics and fans alike for its fast paced gameplay, colorful and unique character roster, and engaging narrative, Overwatch has gained huge amounts of attention since its launch in May 2016.

While many have already taken the plunge and bought the game, others have held out for various reasons. Periodically, the developers will announced events like these where new players are encouraged to try the game entirely for free without having to spend the normal $40 to buy it.

Those new to the game who begin during the free weekend will have access to all 26 heroes, 17 maps, and 4 different game modes, as well as extra features like Loot Boxes, level progression, and alternate skins. Additionally, any progress made during the free weekend will carry over if and when a person buys the full game so long as they do so on the same network account they played on originally. Achievements, though, are disabled for free players.

With Overwatch’s intuitive matchmaking system that pairs lower ranked players with others of their skill level and vice versa, there’s no reason not to try things out entirely for free. Players will be under no obligation to buy the full game once the free weekend comes to a close, either.

For more information and a complete list of everything offered to free players, check out the Play Overwatch website to stay up to date on everything. PC players can even head over to to pre-download the game before the weekend, giving them extra time to play.

Corsair Releases New Gaming PCs

Fans of Corsair’s high-end gaming machines are in for some good news. The company is releasing two new computers that will be surely please even the most demanding gamer.

Last year, Corsair came out with a great concept: a gaming computer called the Corsair One that was like a console. That is, it was pre-built to do one thing: to run games and run them really fast. You didn’t have to tinker around with them or add any special components. They just worked.

Now the company is releasing two new editions of the Corsair One, both of which come with state-of-the-art specs. Both models include Intel’s latest high-end processor: its 8th-generation 6-core Core i7-8700K, which is an upgrade from the 7th generation Intel Core i7-7700K the original Corsair One used. They have also upgraded the graphics card. Instead of a Nvidia GTX 1080, they now come with a Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti.

The first new model is called the Corsair One Pro Plus. It comes standard with 16 GB of RAM. The second model is called the Corsair One Elite, and it comes with 32 GB of RAM. Both new Corsair One machines include a 2 TB standard hard drive and a blazing fast 480GB M.2 NVMe SSD drive.

As to price, Corsair One Pro Plus has a list price of $2,799, while the Corsair One Elite — with its extra RAM — costs $2,999.

The release of new Corsair models does not mean that the company will stop selling the original Corsair One computers. The original Corsair One, which comes with a 7th generation Intel Core i7-7700K and a Nvidia GTX 1080, is still available, for $2,299. The same computer with 32 GB of RAM costs $2,499.

Corsair is selling all 4 computers on its website.

“Sea of Thieves” Upcoming Stress Test

After the great reception of its closed beta from two weeks ago, “Sea of Thieves” is set for another weekend of early access. From Feb. 16 to 18, the game will be playable to those who pre-ordered, are part of the game’s founders club or have Xbox Insider. Rare is using this weekend as a much-needed stress test for their server capacity. The closed beta was much buggier than expected.

Though not officially released until March 20th, Rare’s pirate-themed adventure game is making a big splash in the gaming community. Many of the game’s eventual features were leaked in press conferences earlier this week. With plans for supporting the game for at least five years after launch, it seems that “Sea of Thieves” will offer no shortage of fun pirate activities for groups of up to four players. Some of the announced features encourage several groups to work together towards a common objective.

On the other hand, the developers have caught some flack for opening the gates for microtransactions. Game developers have been exploiting this feature for years, and Rare looks excited to jump into the mix. Rare has made great efforts, however, to point out that only cosmetic gear can be purchased with microtransactions. The last thing gamers want is for “Sea of Thieves” to become a pay-to-win affair.

Despite all the new content on the horizon, this weekend’s playable build figures to be a lot like the closed beta from two weeks ago. Rare has made efforts to publicize this weekend as a stress test and not a sample of new content. Unless there’s full beta between now and launch, we’ll have to wait until March 20th to fend off the newly-announced Kraken.

The Anti-Age Researcher From Arizona: Jason Hope

The Arizona native, Jason Hope, is an entrepreneur. He has earned a reputation as a skilled futurist as well. He grew up in Tempe and graduated in finance from the Arizona State University and after that completed his MBA from the ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason had interest in politics related to business at both state and national level. He started his business through mobile communication technology. He used social media for advertisement and got his first customer through it.

Most of the time he is involved in business and other projects. His advice is helpful for modern business. He donated $500000, to SENS Foundation in 2010 which helped the company to build a laboratory to start the research on medicines and anti-aging process. With his help, they build a laboratory in the UK. He always tries to take technology to next level. He is keen know that how anti-aging process could cure the diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The SENS Foundation is working on how to reverse heart disease, lung cancer, respiratory illnesses and Alzheimer’s with the help of advanced technology so that they could be stopped before they enter the human body. SENS has also developed a program to fight the degenerative process which causes human beings to get older. Normal metabolism gradually damages the body. He showed interest in SENS Foundation for multiple reasons. He is confident about their work and understands the importance of advancing human medicines.

Jason Hope is always involved with the foundation, financially as well as mentally. According to him, rejuvenation biotechnologies represent the future of human health. It would increase the lifespan of the individual to thousand years. Many other organizations also have invested in this project.

Google also aimed at extending human life. Peter Thiel, he is the co-founder of PayPal, has also contributed the good amount to the SENS Foundation over the years. He has a philanthropic passion for scientific research, cure of diseases and its education. SENS Foundation is run by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D. He is a renowned researcher on aging.

His ideas have challenged the way the science community thinks about aging process. It’s the time that the topic should be discussed globally. It should not be the priority of handful people. Nations should unite and work together on this project to take the world to the next level.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: