Portable Gaming PCs for Mobile Fun

One thing that people like more than video gaming on a PC is mobile gaming. One of the reasons that people like the ability of mobile gaming is that they like the idea of taking their games with them. As opposed to sitting in a gaming room, people like to be able to play a game from anywhere. Fortunately, there are a few devices that have been designed just for that. One of them is the Zenbook 13. This device has the power to render discrete graphics. This will bring about the best graphics that a game can offer.

Another good thing is the speed that can make the game easier to play. When a game is lacking in speed, this can increase the difficulty in a game. This is one of the reasons that it is important that work is done on the PC in order to make sure that it is working at optimal speed. One thing that can help the owner of the PC is to do some research on the products in order to find something that can be done in order to clean up the system so that it can run at a faster rate.

One thing that the Zenbook shows is that the best graphics and most powerful gaming experience can be brought forth from a thin and portable system. Therefore, there is no need for anything that is big and bulky in order to provide the most immersive and impressive experience. Such an experience can be brought forth from the Zenbook 13. It not only has all of the specs but also uses it to full capacity so that people can see how well it works.

Act negative and you’ll never have the strength to win, so says Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a business dedicated to helping other businesses succeed and Bob Reina is personally dedicated to helping others succeed. Talk Fusion offers new and exciting ways to make marketing more persuasive and memorable using video and Bob offers advice on succeeding and winning using common sense.


Bob Renia founded Talk Fusion in 2007 after he tried to e-mail a video of a house he was interested in purchasing to some family members and discovered he couldn’t. Now, in 2018, e-mailing a video has become as common as making a phone call, but like many things, that wasn’t always the case and someone had to start making the uncommon, very common.


Making the uncommon very common is Bob’s advice for personal success as well. Most people settle for the common, settling for a job and living paycheck to paycheck. Most people don’t follow their dreams and settle for a “realistic” and “safe” life. Most people are common and only the uncommon succeed.


Becoming uncommon is simple, but it isn’t easy. Bob Renia made his own success, and he believes you can make your own success, you just have to believe it too. It is possible for you to succeed, for you to win but you are the only one who can get you there.


Dedication to making yourself uncommon is essential, the only “secret-ingredient” Bob had in his recipe for success was willpower.


Hoping and wanting success aren’t enough, only doing is going to get you there.


Stop dreaming, stop hoping, and start believing. You need to step up and be responsible for everything in your life. Bob’s message is simple, don’t settle for anything common, don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. You can win. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/

The Best Types of Games to Play On a PC or a Console

One thing that people who have played games on a PC as well as a gaming console will notice is that there is a difference. For one thing, people that play games on a PC will notice that the controls are a bit different if they are going to play with a mouse and a keyboard. Gaming consoles will always come with controllers that can be used for gaming. Fortunately, there are controllers that can be bought for the gaming PCs as well which will make the experience a bit better for people. However, people can also master the keyboard and mouse gaming if they choose.

Even with all the skills that can be acquired, there are some games that are better played on a PC as well as some games that are better played on a console. Among the best types of games for PCs are match puzzle games like Bejeweled. These are the types of games that are designed to be played with a mouse. The other types of games which include platform, racing, fighting and other genres are best played on a console. One of the reasons behind this is that the gaming consoles have enough room and power in order to process the graphics, sound and overall experience with very little if any lagging.

For gaming PCs, there are a ton of good gaming controllers that can be used. They can be bought in the style of gaming consoles, or they can be bought in the style of arcade machines as it depends on the type of game that is played. One of the best things to do is make the most out of the gaming experience for any game.

Gaming PCs Compared With Gaming Consoles

There was a time when PCs were a lot more powerful than consoles for gaming. As a matter of fact, if people wanted to get the best versions of some games, they had to look for the PC versions. For one thing, the PC had better graphics than the consoles of the 80s and early 90s. This is one of the reasons that people have considered PCs to be the best versions other than the arcade. However, as time would pass, the gaming consoles would catch up with the gaming PCs, especially as consoles started including some of the features of PCs.

It was only a matter of time, before the gaming consoles were considered better than the PCs. After all, the gaming consoles would be the first to get the next generation data limit. Game consoles like PS4 and the Xbox One would come out a considerable amount of time before the PC can catch up to the power that the console has. While there are cases of multi-platform games being released for the consoles, the PC versions are considered inferior to the console versions. As a matter of fact, PCs are having to work very hard to keep from being replaced by game consoles given that consoles allow people to download games as well as buy physical copies.

Now, there is a new PC being created that has power that puts it in the same vein as gaming consoles. This new PC is called the Corsair One. One thing that makes it stand out from all of the other PCs is that it will work without any further tweaking. This makes it simpler to use and play as well as other activities.

The Importance of a Powerful Processor in Gaming PCs

One of the most common ideas at a certain time was that computers were not for gaming. However, there have started to be plenty of PCs for video gaming. For one thing, the PCs had the most powerful processors for graphics and sound. This has given people the chance to enjoy some of the best graphics available as well as a connection to a community of game players. However, as more people play and games become more advanced, it is increasingly important for computers to have very powerful processors. This will increase the enjoyment of the games that are available.

It is not just for the high quality images, it is also for the speed of the gaming. One common problem with video games is lagging. If the computer system is taking on content that goes beyond its power limits, then this could result in a lot of slow down and lagging. This is one other reason that it is important for computers to have a fast and powerful processor. People will be able to have a better time playing and winning their favorite games whether it is playing the solo story mode or playing against other players.

Another good feature for processors is the sound. A lot of games are going to have some of the best music and sounds. However, processors do not necessarily need to provide catchy music. Some games benefit from certain sounds being picked up in that it can help the players avoid certain traps or ambushes. The top processors can help people play the type of games they enjoy and even discover new things that can enhance their experience even further.

New Screenshots Confirm Shenmue III Will Be Released in 2018

Shenmue III, one of the most anticipated PC games in recent history, is getting closer to becoming a reality. During a recent anime convention in Monaco, Shenmue III producers introduced a new set of screenshots and assured fans that they are still on schedule to deliver the game later this year.

The Magic Monaco convention is organized by Shibuya Productions, one of the companies involved in the development of Shenmue III. The screenshots shown at Magic Monaco are mostly in-game scenes featuring the main characters. Production of this title, which is an official sequel of the legendary action-adventure series originally released for the Sega video game console, started in 2015 after producers successfully raised more than six million dollars on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

The original Shenmue is remembered as being one of the most expensive games ever developed; it is frequently mentioned on lists of the greatest video game titles, but it ended up becoming a cult hit. The initial chapter of the series was released in 1999 to critical acclaim, but sales figures were lower than Sega expected. Shenmue demands a certain level of immersion and devotion from players, and this is something that American gamers were not ready for.

The story of Shenmue III will continue the events of Shenmue II; the story will move from Yokosuka to a mountainous town in China, where a young Japanese martial arts enthusiast will continue searching for those responsible for his father’s death. The game is set in 1980s and features many Japanese cultural references of that period. The immersion of the game emanates from its life simulation features, which require players to follow certain schedules as the game unfolds.

The PC system requirements for Shenmue III have not been announced. The game will be simultaneously released on the Sony PlayStation 4 console.

Dr. Dov Rand Imparts His Anti-Aging Approach

Passionate about improving the quality of life for his patients, Dr. Dov Rand is also a shining example to them.

Medical director and rehabilitation doctor, Dr. Dov Rand, is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which is located in West Orange, New Jersey.

Educated at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Dov Rand’s practice tackles the unique patients requests through well-designed, developmental and integrative approaches.

At the clinic, Dr. Rand and the team of physicians evaluate not only each patient’s symptoms but their individual blood work to pinpoint their exact deficiency which helps them make a customized program available for the patient (https://www.doximity.com/pub/dov-rand-md).

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers focus on exercise, educating patients on how to eat properly, in conjunction with supplements and anti-aging medicine to manage the health of patients.

In addition to treating menopausal symptoms, low libido, mental fogginess, weight gain, muscle atrophy, anxiety and more, the clinic also offers aesthetics services such as Botox.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, IV Nutrient Therapy and age management services are also available.

Dr. Rand recommends the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet as a valuable way to lose a substantial amount of weight or body fat that is difficult to drop through exercise or eating habits.

According to Dr. Dov Rand, people like how quickly the diet works as many are capable of losing up to one pound per day.

Additional advantages of the HCG diet take in adjusted metabolism, more energy, improved eating habits and more.

Dr. Dov Rand is board certified in anti-aging medicine and regenerative medicine. He is also an active member of the A4M Society and the Age Management Group.

He is a health and fitness expert and benefits from a healthy life style which takes in wholesome eating, taking supplements, yoga and martial arts. He also travels to conferences to better educate himself in age management medicine and mentors other doctors who are captivated by the advantages of age management medicine.


Jeremy Goldstein influence on EPS

Creating a viable economic environment for corporations depends on many factors. Addressing these factors has been difficult of late. Jeremy Goldstein, a law practicing attorney in New York City, has firsthand experience of how long-term investors in businesses are losing incentives for employees. He offers advice on how to deal with Earnings per Share (EPS) and incentive-based programs. He also offers perceptions into the debate over applications of performance-based pay program.

EPS is a positive issue largely regarding dealing with the employee incentives. Eps is one of the prime influencers in the stock market. It offers an incentive for corporations to raise the amount which is paid out per employee. Recent statistics show that companies become more successful when they include EPS in their overall pay structure. Initially, EPS might seem an advantageous scheme to embrace a business strategy. Furthermore, the competitive nature of trading and shares sometimes enable entities to influence EPS to a prejudiced advantage.

Critics of EPS have indicated that use of EPS within a firm leads to discrimination among companies’ CEOs. Critics believe that these metrics give executives much power over whether meeting or not the targets of EPS. It should rather be a collective tool. These metrics eventually skew accurate results and lead to the misled driving of share sales.

Other EPS opponents state that these type of metrics aims at short-term profitability. This scenario means that EPS offers no support to a sustainable firm’s commercial growth and eventual reinvestment of the money. Moreover, performance-based pay programs, like EPS, are disapproved to be unreliable in backing stock exchange. Experts discourage focus on short-term goals like EPS, associated with performance-based pay. Companies will strengthen their share value by focusing on long-term investments.

Jeremy Goldstein vouches for a concession between the recommended activities of pro- and anti-EPS advocates. Companies can uphold pay per performance as incentives for improved workplaces and keep responsible executives. The incentives should match up with and measured against the companies’ long-term goals. This case offers a long-term platform for sustainable company growth with repeatable and measured share growth.

Jeremy Goldstein is a shareholder and founder of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates Law firm. It’s a law company committed to guiding corporations in administrative compensation and company governance matters, specifically on transformative corporate proceedings and sensitive circumstances.


He has legal practice in New York City for some years, for large companies on issues of monetary legality and compensation. He is registered as one of the top legal counsel selections in the USA Chambers Guide to Prominent Lawyers for Business of America. Moreover, he belongs to the American Bar Association Business Section and is the chairman of the Mergers and Acquisitions Committee of the Executive Compensation Committee.


Jeremy Goldstein holds a Juris Doctorate from School of Law of New York University and has a Master of Science from the University of Chicago. Additionally, he has a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University with distinction in all course units. Learn more: https://profiles.superlawyers.com/new-york-metro/new-york/lawfirm/jeremy-l-goldstein-and-associates-llc/a958e5a0-ace7-44fa-8f53-da9d83c3b29b.html


The Business Mogul – Glen Wakeman

The Man Behind the Business

Glen Wakeman earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. He also has earned a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. He has had several leading roles with GE Capital, working with their U.S. and International markets. As CEO for GE Money in its Latin division, he was responsible for all operations from its inception.

Glen Wakeman has been the mastermind behind a multitude of new products, created and signed several partnerships, and has created a network of several branches. His experience spans from being the COO of GE-owned Insurance division to his recognition as “The Who’s Who” to watch of GE’s Board of Directors. He is an entrepreneur, mentor, and business management mogul. He has a multitude of management experience earned from his post at GE Corporation. His passion for business has made him known as the man to look for when it comes to leadership and management.


What He’s Been Up To

Currently Glen Wakeman is using his philosophy and methodology as Founder and President of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. His organization provides strategies and financial advice for developing companies. He provides mentorship and coaching to CEO’s and assists business owners with their start up plans through his website, LaunchPadToolkit.com. In addition to his mentoring website, Wakeman also blogs online giving advice on global affairs and other business information.

Glen Wakeman strongly believes in using innovative resources to gain growth. He also has a strong sense of executive development, a quality that is highly sought after by small business and big corporations. His leadership and methods will continuously be a resource to business developers in the U. S. and Internationally. Glen Wakeman will continue to innovate new strategies to assist business leaders achieve success.


Giving is Good For the Brain: Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a man who likes to figure out how the brain and mind work. He has had this affinity since he was young and was always curious about a person’s mind. He graduated from medical school at the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 1994. He continued his work at the university and completed a residency in Neurology in 1997. His career went on from there and he is now currently the Head of the Cognitive and Neuroscience Unit and he is also the director and president of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. This company is also located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In an article for Life Science, Jorge Moll takes a look at studies that show how good giving can really be.


The Study of Giving

The study for the article was done for the National Institutes of Health and directly involved Jorge Moll and his colleague in the study Jordan Grafman. The study consisted of nineteen people and they were given some money to which they could donate it to charity or keep the money for themselves. The results of the study surprised both men. The brains of those who were willing to donate to a charity were much more active in the cerebral cortex area than those who did not give to charity.

The study also showed that when people put the interests of others before their own interests, the participant felt better. The part of the brain that deals with rewards lit up during the testing. The study was done in 2006 by Jorge Moll and Jordan and Jordan Grafman. It proves that giving is not only good for the participant it is good for the brain and its activity as well. Neurologists and scientists are still trying to figure out the exact reason why giving has a positive influence on the brain.

A study like this is why Jorge Moll and his colleagues love figuring out the complex world of the brain. The more work that Jorge Moll does now the more scientists and those like Jorge Moll the better off we will be.