Avoiding Identity Theft in eSports

Identity theft is becoming increasingly prevalent in online gaming. In League of Legends, a new wave of scams has hit users who unknowingly try to purchase free RP with a credit card. This method of payment has not been authorized by Riot Games, and it is not a valid purchase by any means. Even though the user is logged in to his or her account, the site is not safe from fraud. People will pose as Riot employees and try to extract important information. As players, it is crucial that you refuse to disclose your username and password. After the incident, make sure to report them via the report system. With enough attention, their accounts will be closed and the company can eradicate these imposters.

The support team of Riot Games is working around the clock to address this problem. Most of the frauds use pre level 30 accounts to send messages and trade champions. Therefore, Riot is targeting these low level accounts in the near future. A two step authentication process could help them determine which ones are fake and which ones are real. Because false positives are tragic for desktop games, they need to make sure that their system has no flaws. Champions, runes, and masteries all cost valuable RP that gamers purchase with credit and debit cards. While some MOBAs can get away with little security, LoL does not have this liberty. It is constantly under fire from the North American and East Asian communities. Tracking these hackers must be done on a region by region basis.

Sawyer Howitt: The Young Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is one of the entrepreneurs who have brought a revolution in the business sector. Unlike the past where business was only thought to be a venture for only the elderly experienced business people, Sawyer has changed this notion by becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs. At a young age, he has been able to effectively fight through the global recession and emerge as a successful business person.

Mr. Sawyer Howitt carries out his business operations in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Lincoln High School where his interest in business became evident. As such, he focused on business and economics as depicted from the internship programs that he engaged in and the classes that he attended. It is in his interest that he was able to acquire the knowledge necessary for the efficient running of businesses. Being well acquainted with knowledge in both financial and operations sector, he has been able to develop visionary ideas with are necessary for meeting clients’ needs and preferences.

Based on the knowledge in the business scope and passion regarding customer service, Sawyer Howitt has been made the project manager at Meriwether Group. As a project manager, he is expected to ensure that the company is updated with the changing technologies. It is through utilization of such changing technology that businesses are supposed to increase effectiveness in their routine operations. Meriwether Group is an innovative and creative group which focuses on mentoring other companies through the development journey. It is driven by the ambition of helping other entrepreneurs and business managers come up with an iconic brand for helping position their companies at the expected levels. In essence, the company focuses on helping other businesses to define themselves within the corporate sector and utilize the available opportunities.

Sawyer Howitt has been the project manager at Meriwether Group for about eight months. His primary intent for securing this job position was to change structures of various businesses through business development. He has expertise as a business strategy analyst where he worked for eleven months in ensuring utilization of innovative technology through redesigning of brick and mortar experience. Moreover, he has three months experience at customer service in KURE juice bar. With such experience, he is well equipped with the knowledge and skills of helping other businesses set and establish their goals.

D&D Beyond Brings Tabletop Gaming Into Digital Age

March’s PAX East saw Wizards of the Coast announce a new digital tool for fans of “Dungeons & Dragons” in “D&D Beyond.” Described as a digital toolset co-created by Twitch-affiliate Curse, D&D Beyond will offer a searchable rules database, mechanisms for character and monster generation and easy inventory-tracking for players’ treasure. Adam Bradford, Curse’s lead producer, commented that while many players already use several home-made digital components in their gaming activities, D&D Beyond is a fully integrated digital product containing the entire 5th Edition library of Dungeons & Dragons.

Tabletop gaming has gone through several incarnations since D&D’s introduction in 1974. The proliferation of console and PC gaming fractured tabletop gaming into a variety of sub-genres, forcing WotC to respond by updating its core RPG, introducing the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons; an edition notable for how much it seemed designed to court players of MMORPGs. Compared to 4th Edition, 5th Edition was better received by players, encouraging a focus on gameplay over mechanical familiarity.

Bradford commented that D&D Beyond is the end result of extensive playtesting on the part of WotC; the initial playtest consisted of 160,000 individuals. The product’s Beta release will be free product and consists of the Basic Rules, a “Standard Reference Document” and the “Elemental Evil Player’s Companion.” Players interested in other material will have to pay. Digital sourcebooks will be priced at $29.99 and digital adventures will be priced at $24.99. Bradford noted that the core trinity of texts: “Player’s Handbook,” “Dungeon Master’s Guide” and “Monster Manual,” will be discounted at $19.99.

Regarding subscriptions, D&D Beyond will offer two tiers. “Hero” removes advertisements, allows unlimited character creation and access to home-brewed material. “Master” includes all Hero Tier content but also allows Dungeon Masters to share their purchased content with players within their campaign.

Disney Dives into Team Liquid

Disney has invested into Team Liquid, a gaming organization that has stakes in League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. In particular, LoL is one of their primary games that has taken off in recent years. Armed with a strong lineup of Lourlo, Reignover, Goldenglue, Piglet, and Matt, this team is looking to prove themselves in the NALCS. Disney has elaborate plans to help them. They will provide funding toward a gaming house equipped with bedrooms, practice areas, and rooms for analysis. With the right infrastructure, Team Liquid can get back on its feet and dominate the competitive scene. Disney is also providing mousepads and gaming chairs that will boost performance instantly. With the world championships approaching, Team Liquid is looking for any way to secure a berth for North America. Disney does not have a huge history in eSports, but they have the membership and money to back themselves up. This partnership has many implications for the future. Team Liquid is planning to use a 10 man roster once again, and this funding will go a long way to pay for players’ salaries. Disney has franchises across the nation, which means the team will have a home for whatever tournaments pop up. Riot Games frequently hosts championships in the Midwest and on the East Coast, so Disney resorts will be prime training grounds when the team travels abroad. In addition, eSports in not only limited to LoL. Disney is working closely with other games to provide the best experience for viewers and fans. The players will receive many benefits including an experienced coaching staff. Armed with the strongest weapons, Team Liquid has a promising few months ahead with Disney.

Total War: Warhammer II Promises Big Things

After the release of “Total War: Rome II”, many gamers and critics were of the mind that the entire Total War franchise was in serious trouble. After many great early entries, that one disappointed fans with its clunky interface and lack of story or even heart.

Many of those opinions changed with the advent of Total War: Warhammer. Initially, many feared that the company was veering from its roots in historical accuracy with this delve into a dark fantasy realm, but the game itself was received with wide approval from both the players and the critics. In fact, some have said it single-handedly saved both the Total War franchise and their parent company, Creative Assembly.

In fact, the game did so well that the sequel (and likely even a third game) have been the entire focus of the company. No other Total War game entries have been announced. Warhammer II is set to be out this fall, and the trailer is extremely impressive.

The Warhammer editions of Total War have done so well that Creative Assembly has made some promises in development that they have never done before. The developers have built in a special ability to link all the games together into one super map. If gamers have Warhammer and Warhammer II, they will be able to set up a game that allows your faction to spread its color across both maps, since Warhammer II will be taking place on an entirely different continent. The promise has also extended to the likely third edition of the game, which will tie in yet one more of the continents on the planet.

It is quite an ambitious undertaking, but Total War has always had a knack for pleasing fans, most of the time. If Warhammer II and III pay off as well as the first, you can be sure they will continue.

Possible PC Release for Kingdom Hearts 3

Blogs have been buzzing over Square Enix’s flagship title, Kingdom Hearts III, ever since transcripts of Director Tetsuya Nomura’s interviews began popping up on the web. In a Square Enix Presents E3 livestream, when asked about the release of the game on PS4 and Xbox One, the director confirmed they were keeping other DirectX 11 compatible hardware in mind.

The E3 livestream, which gave hope to millions of fans across the world, is once again on everyone’s minds. Thanks to an interview given by Famitsu, a well-known gamer in the Kingdom Hearts fandom, Tetsuya Nomura is once again on record confirming further consideration of taking Kingdom Hearts III to the PC. Specifically, after a solid release on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Touching on the fandom’s expectations, and disappointment, at the time it’s taken to roll out a Kingdom Hearts update, Nomura argues that focusing on any other platform but the most oft-demanded, the PS4 and Xbox One, would be an injustice to those fans who have so patiently awaited its release.

There’s also Kingdom Hearts III’s operating system, Unreal Engine 4, which many developers use to create cross-platform games. Most games created on this version of the Unreal Engine are easily translated between PS4, Xbox One, PC, and beyond. In the same interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura acknowledges that Unreal Engine 4 makes Kingdom Hearts III’s release on PC a much easier feat.

Still, members of the Kingdom Hearts blog sphere urge fans not to get ahead of themselves, because Kingdom Hearts III is still a couple of years away from being played on our PS4, making the wait for a PC release an even longer one.

‘Doom’ Gets Epic Update: Version 6.66

Is there an RPG more iconic than ‘Doom’ in the world of PC games? We don’t think so. Bethesda has been on fire with their releases lately, particularly with ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ and the upcoming ‘Skyrim’ release for the Nintendo Switch. Still, Bethesda isn’t afraid to go back to what got them to where they are and revisit their legendary title, ‘Doom’. Just this past week ‘Doom’ got a hallmark update to the core game with Version 6.66. Far from just a witty titled update, Version 6.66 brings about a whole new experience for players diving into the ‘Doom’ experience.

The Version 6.66 Update brings about some pretty substantial changes right at the front of the game. Players will see that all of the released DLC content for multiplayer has been unlocked and made available. This DLC includes a slew of new weapons, maps, gear, and demons to battle against in the grimy and gritty game. There is also a neat progression system that has been implemented for evolving all of your guns and gear. As you level up you will see that you can aim for certain tiers to get specific item qualifications for you gears. This is a huge change from the ‘randomized’ upgrades that had been installed before.

On top of the new changes veteran players will be reset to 0 so that they can try out the progression system from a fresh perspective. In order to make up for the reset there is a ‘Slayer Badge’ being handed out to these veteran players to honor the hard work that they have put into the game. Among the other small updates with the Version 6.66 patch players will see refined menus, an improved HUD, and revisions to the kill card. This update will hopefully give ‘Doom’ some new life in the online world.

Hello Kitty and Pac-Man to be Combined

Bandai Namco recently announced a new crossover no one saw coming, namely the idea of Hello Kitty stepping into the world of Pac-Man. The collaboration has been titled Hello Kitty [Heart] Pac-Man and will become available as part of a free limited time update for the Pac-Man mobile game. The game itself can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The update will be available all the way to August 19th for users to download and enjoy. The update will feature Hello Kitty, customized ghosts, icons, and even a special in-game integration and theme of levels of the special duo.

Bandai Namco and Sanrio, Inc. are excited to make the announcement and to see the debut of the limited edition of Hello Kitty/Pac-Man. The Comic-Con in San Diego even featured a collection of crossover themed merchandise on July 20th for fans of the new debut to enjoy. The merchandise will include everything from a special collectible figure set, T-shirts, pins, tote bags, and even caps for fans to enjoy.

The best part about all this limited edition merchandise is that the different art styles of Hello Kitty and Pac-Man will be combined. This integral integration will help to promote the new announcement of Hello Kitty and Pac-Man when once they enter the main course of events. Fans of this odd, but amazing game pairing will certainly be a nice change to the original Pac-Man formula Bandai Namco has become known for in the past.

Susan McGalla: An inspiration for women

Marketing has always been an important tool to flourish one’ business. There is a lot of competition now a days in marketing and branding sector as highly talented and capable individuals are taking interest in this field. Companies now demand highly skilled and talented marketing professionals that can market their products and services in a highly effective way and can lead the company to success.

Susan McGalla is considered as one of the highly professional and competent ladies in the field of marketing. She is one of the most successful branding consultants in the United States. She belongs to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has worked with very famous companies like American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and Wet Seal Inc. She is also a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh. She has addressed many seminars and events on branding and marketing including the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC, a consulting firm.

Staying in this field for many years, she has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in this field. Based on her experience, she now advises many young girls who find difficulties in this field. She also tells them how to stay successful in this field. According to her, women should start saving early in their lives so that they can afford to get a higher education. For her, education is one such ladder that can help anyone in achieving the heights of success.

She is of the view that since jobs are quite tough for women as compared to men, there should be a supporting network for women that can help them to sustain their career and work there for longer periods of time. Staying organized, disciplined and determined can help women achieve better in their lives. Women should be headstrong in every walk of life so that they can get through the struggles of life with confidence. Hard work and dedication to one’s work can make them highly respectful and successful in their career. Women empowerment is Susan’s favorite forte. She has helped many girls in realizing their true potential and aiming high towards their goals. Susan believes women are the ones who build the entire nation. It is very important for women to stay strong and independent so that they can fight for their own rights.

Ready Player One Film Adaption Announced

Ready Player One is finally coming to the big screen in Steven Spielberg’s adaption of the novel. The OASIS is a virtual reality wonderland that is saturated with all the love and galore of the rocking 80s. The movie, of course, isn’t coming out until March 30th but was a huge part of the EW’s Comic-Con preview.

The presentation did show the first glimpse at Tye Sheridan who plays Parzival in the movie and is using his haptic gloves and VR visor to become immersed in a realm of TV shows, movies, cartoons, and comic books that come from the good old days. Helping to make life in 2045 just a little more bearable day to day.

The work Spielberg is doing is helping to define the era for his adaptation of the popular book by Earnest Cline, even to the point where Spielberg is putting aside his own taste for filmography. Cline even stated he would never have become a writer if he had had not grown up on a steady diet of movies made by Steven Spielberg. The author even went on to explain how the work from the infamous Spielberg directly influenced the type of narrative he took with his story. Even to the point where the author has to see Spielberg directing the film adaption of the novel.

The basic premise is there is excess wealth in the world, but the majority of people don’t have it. They are only able to escape their existence through a virtual reality simulation that has been created by James Halliday, played by the Oscar-winner actor Mark Rylance. James shed off his mortal coil but left behind one final game for the million of users to have access to. Whoever is able to solve series of the pop-culture based quest will win OASIS and the parent company connected to the game, Gregarious Games.