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Sawyer Howitt: The Young Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is one of the entrepreneurs who have brought a revolution in the business sector. Unlike the past where business was only thought to be a venture for only the elderly experienced business people, Sawyer has changed this notion by becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs. At a young age, he has been able to effectively fight through the global recession and emerge as a successful business person.

Mr. Sawyer Howitt carries out his business operations in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Lincoln High School where his interest in business became evident. As such, he focused on business and economics as depicted from the internship programs that he engaged in and the classes that he attended. It is in his interest that he was able to acquire the knowledge necessary for the efficient running of businesses. Being well acquainted with knowledge in both financial and operations sector, he has been able to develop visionary ideas with are necessary for meeting clients’ needs and preferences.

Based on the knowledge in the business scope and passion regarding customer service, Sawyer Howitt has been made the project manager at Meriwether Group. As a project manager, he is expected to ensure that the company is updated with the changing technologies. It is through utilization of such changing technology that businesses are supposed to increase effectiveness in their routine operations. Meriwether Group is an innovative and creative group which focuses on mentoring other companies through the development journey. It is driven by the ambition of helping other entrepreneurs and business managers come up with an iconic brand for helping position their companies at the expected levels. In essence, the company focuses on helping other businesses to define themselves within the corporate sector and utilize the available opportunities.

Sawyer Howitt has been the project manager at Meriwether Group for about eight months. His primary intent for securing this job position was to change structures of various businesses through business development. He has expertise as a business strategy analyst where he worked for eleven months in ensuring utilization of innovative technology through redesigning of brick and mortar experience. Moreover, he has three months experience at customer service in KURE juice bar. With such experience, he is well equipped with the knowledge and skills of helping other businesses set and establish their goals.