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Cosmetic Friend of Lime Crime

Lime Crime (Our Mission)


A woman’s pain is her beauty and cosmetic is her confidence. She is daughter, a wife and mother, an entrepreneur and herself, she walks to her dignity and respect. While she work through the restless days and nights, making herself beautiful with every pain, ‘Lime Crime’ takes the responsibility of her, self confidence and the happiness of being beautiful. Lime Crime, is the safe to use cosmetic friend, with a touch of innovation in every product.


Doe Deere (The Creator of Lime Crime)


Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of the Lime Crime Cosmetics, is a Russian born and New York raised ambitious female entrepreneur. As a child she was very artistic and imaginative, she loved colorful clothes and accessories from very beginning. Her love for colors and innovative thoughts pushed her to launch the bold, highly pigmented and vibrant cosmetics in the market, which are animal friendly and completely safe.


As Deere believes, “Beauty is not about, what’s natural and what looks best, rather it’s about what looks right at the moment and gives you confidence. With the thought, she created and launched her, bold, intense and trend setting cosmetics, in 2008. The idea for a make up brand originated, when she was inspired by the bright and unusual colors and realized they were hard to find, so she created cosmetics of her favorite bright colors.


Lime Crime (About the company)


Lime Crime, the only revolutionary make up company, that let’s you to flaunt your inner beauty and confidence. Whether it is a special occasion or daily life, Lime Crime collections are the perfect choice, for the magic touch. Lime Crime cares about your make up mood and desire.

Not to forget about the certifications presented by the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Leaping Bunny for being certified Vegan and Cruelty- free beauty products. While there is no use of animal ingredients and byproduct such as beeswax, lanolin and whey making it the Vegan make up. It also doesn’t test it’s products on animals making it the Cruelty- free make up product. The products are made with great care and tested by the CEO of the company Doe Deere and other company members.


Lime Crime (The Name)


It was 2004, when Deere needed a name for her new eBay store, all of a sudden she thought of the unique yet bold name ‘Lime Crime’, while she thought the name was different and available to register, gradually it made all its way to be trend setting, being brave and rule breaking. For Deere, the name is a blessing in disguise, unique and google-able. Lime Crime in the name to shake things up. Learn more:

Doe Deere, The Leading Lady of the Cosmetic Mega Brand, Lime Crime

The audacious, effervescent frontwoman of Lime Crime beauty supplies, Doe Deere, followed her dreams all the way to the formation of a cosmetic empire. Life for this vivacious businesswoman began in Russia, it was not until the age of seventeen years old did a young Doe Deere make her way to New York City to pursue a path to extraordinary success in the makeup industry. The goal of Doe Deere was always to liberate women through the beauty products she created, allowing them to unabashedly express themselves with luminous colors. Launching the iconic brand, Lime Crime, now based out of Los Angeles, California, has led Doe Deere to much acclaim; for example, being named one of the “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” by Self-Made magazine. The whimsical name of the company surprisingly derived from a screenname Doe Deere used for an eBay store she opened back in 2004. The name Lime Crime now represents the paradigm shift in today’s mainstream society that embraces individuality.


Moreover, Lime Crime are supporters of multiple animal-related charities as well as being openly against animal testing. An aspect of the Lime Crime brand that Doe Deere takes pride in is the fact one hundred percent of the beauty products available for retail are vegan and have been certified cruelty free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Another source of gratification for Lime Crime is the digital acumen the company possesses. In the age of the internet, it is important to have a strong social media presence for optimal business results. Lime Crime greatly enjoys being interactive with fans on social media platforms such as Instagram, striving toward the most intimate producer-consumer relationship possible. Doe Deere appreciates feedback she receives from various means including directly online from devoted customers or even some of the most critical skeptics of the beauty brand because she is able to more accurately access what specific details can be improved upon to ensure the best quality Lime Crime products.


Right now Lime Crime is home to a kaleidoscopic range of long-lasting bright, bold lip pigments, vivid nail polishes and exquisite eye and cheek enhancers with vibrant color-rich hues. The self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” recently sat down with Stylist to discuss everything Lime Crime ahead of the Feelunique and Lime Crime pop-up shop collaboration in London, England. Doe Deere spoke candidly on a variety of topics including advice for aspiring businesswomen in the beauty industry, the latest trends in beauty the brand has been paying close attention to, the rise in popularity of makeup palettes and even the decision to branch out into hair dye. Doe Deere encourages beauty mogul hopefuls to search for gaps in the market and to constantly be interested in innovation. A trend that stands out for the brand is definitely the Pantone color of the year, ultraviolet. Lavender, lilac and all different shades of purple were used in Lime Crime’s latest release, the Venus III eyeshadow palette. The sheer dedication and passion conveyed in the interview with Stylist is a prime example of why Lime Crime has amassed so much admiration in its near decade of existence. Learn more:


Doe Deere Talks Business

When you are looking at starting your own business, you may not know what to do and where to start. It’s not as hard as you think if you follow the same steps that Doe Deere did when she was starting her makeup business.

Pick Something You Love

The biggest thing you can do is to choose something that makes sense to you. If you love animals, you don’t want to do something that doesn’t help them. You want to have passion for your business and the best way to do that is pick something you love and find a way to make a living at it. Learn more:

Have a Plan

You can create a business plan very easily. All you need is some software or a book that can guide you to what you need to add onto it. Once you have that, you will need to do some research into the business you want to start. This will help you know what your market is and who you are going to be selling to. It also can help you see the financials of the business so you can plan better.

Know Your Market

The biggest thing you will need with your business is one that Doe Deere really went through. You need to know your market. If you are selling something like makeup, then you will need to know what kinds of women are going to be willing to buy it. This way you can market it to them.

There are a lot of things to think about when you are starting your business. Doe Deere went through all of them herself and still has a great business. Running a business can be hard to do, but it also is something that can be very rewarding. All you need to do is take the right steps to make it the best business possible. If you aren’t sure about your business, you can take it to an advisor to see what they think of your business idea. This way you can see if it’s something that will help people and yourself.

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