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Pokemon Fans Ramp Up For Upcoming Pokemon Go Community Day.

For people looking for reasons to get outside, Pokemon Go is doing its best to provide them the opportunity. Pokemon Go is the hit augmented reality game developed by the team at Niantic. For the better part of the past two years, Niantic has been working to develop communal events in order to promote interaction among the growing player base. On May 19th, Niantic is unveiling their most recent Pokemon Go Community Day and it’ll feature a fan-favorite Pokemon, Charmander.

The Pokemon Go Community Day event will kick off at 10 AM in the United Kingdom and it will roll through until 1 PM. The event will focus on Charmander, one of the original ‘starters’ from the first generation of Pokemon games. Evolving Charmander is a mission that many trainers probably have yet to complete as the Gen 1 starter is considered relatively rare. On Community Day events, the selected Pokemon will appear en masse all around the map. Typically, trainers will have more luck finding the Pokemon they are looking for nearer to Pokestops. With 150 total Pokemon candy, of which each Pokemon gives 3 candy, trainers will be able to score a Charizard to add to their collection.

Charmander won’t be the only draw for the Community Day event. Trainers will also be able to get triple Stardust rewards on all captures as well as the special placement of 3-hour lures on popular Pokestops. Finally, people who evolve their Charizard on the 19th will also be given a special move: Blast Burn. The evolution HAS to take place during the hours of the event or else the special move will not be given to the Charizard.

During all Community Day events, the three factions within Pokemon Go compete to capture the most Pokemon for their team. The past several events have been won by Team Mystic and Team Instinct individually. Now, Team Valor will be looking to make their mark on the Pokemon Go Community Day festivities.

Nerf Releasing Overwatch-Themed Toys

Fans of Overwatch can rejoice as Blizzard teams up with Nerf to bring reality a little closer to the world of the game. Just without all the robots, assassinations, and a destroyed Australia.

A post on the official Overwatch Twitter announced a new partnership between itself and the toy company Nerf. Set for release at some point next year, Nerf will be making Overwatch-branded blasters in the style of different weapons from the game.

These new toys will be a part of the Nerf Rival line. These blasters are designed to be more precise than the standard Nerf guns, offering a somewhat safer alternative to things like paintball and airsoft through the use of foam balls.

No specifics have been given yet as to which guns from the game will be making it into the line, though it’s a safe bet that the likes of Tracer’s iconic pulse pistols will probably make an appearance. Price has also not been announced, with other guns in the line costing as much as $100 in some cases but as low as $25 making it hard to speculate as to how much you’ll need to pay when the time comes.

This won’t be the first time Nerf has produced weapons in the Rival line themed after different media, as Deadpool got his own toys in the form of specially themed Apollo XV-700 blaster and a set of Kronos XVIII-500 pistols covered with his face. However, these were recolors of existing toys, so whether or not the company plans to do the same for Overwatch or create entirely new weapons will remain to be seen until more information is revealed.

Fortnite Coming to Android

The hit battle royale game Fortnite will soon be arriving on a new platform, as a recent blog post from developer Epic Games announced its debut on Android devices later this summer. No specific release date has been given yet outside of the “summer” confirmation, no doubt including the various mobile updates mentioned in the same post.

For starters, the developers are providing an incredibly in-depth version of a customizable HUD, letting players change their displays combat and building in virtually any way they might want to. Second (and for many, more importantly) mobile versions of the game will finally feature the voice chat function found on other platforms, allowing players to communicate with one another even across different versions of the game. There will also be options to mute anyone, including yourself.

In addition to these two major changes, several smaller updates are also being rolled out, including improvements to the Autorun feature and tweaks to how shooting works, compressing the overall file size of the game itself and making patches smaller, a stat tracking feature, game code optimization, and stability improvements.

Several of these changes have already been added to the iOS version of the game with more on the way, all presumably coming standard with the Android version once it is released. Epic Games also reaffirms its commitment to making the best game possible, urging those reading the blog post to report any problems they encounter with the “Feedback” button found inside the game to make fixing them easier.

There’s sure to be more improvements to Fortnite on all its platforms, so stay tuned for more update news as it becomes available.

RBI Baseball 18 Gets an Upgrade

Checking out on the latest tweaks done to the PC/desktop games, it emerges that the RBI Baseball 18 has had an addition of features. MLBAM has crafted a new version of the baseball game series. The version that has been released this year comes with a host of visual changes that look better and clearer to the eye. However, the question is whether the changes are sufficient to warrant a thumbs-up.

The Cost

At $29.99 as the offer price at the vending outlets, at a lower price than the previous game cost, it is apparent that the game is gradually joining the premium class. To begin with, as mentioned earlier, the visual aspects and effects have been improved. The ballparks and the players are portrayed a little more clearly. As one plays the game, the players can be seen in crystal clear moving images; something that certainly adds to the fun and enjoyment in play mode. The visual improvements make players move closer to the game venue and reduce the notion of just being in a fantasy encounter. The players’ gear has also been enhanced in the new tweaks.

Play Mode Details

When playing, the Franchise mode within the game has been reset and now comes with a few more layers. Tracking of statistics is better. Users also access constant player updates; which help during playtime. While the RBI baseball is an arcade game it is a miniature replica of the real-life gaming action on the baseball field. Thus, an effort has been made to make it as real as it gets. There are suggestions that more tweaks need to be added to the player visuals. It is a great thing that the cartoon-like look of the players on the previous version of the game has been eliminated. It is notable that there have also been improvements in the way the ball shoots off the bat, although it could be further improved to eliminate the rare glitches. RBI is certainly gaining traction but there is a need to add some fundamentals such as commentary so that the game becomes a little livelier.