Fortnite Coming to Android

The hit battle royale game Fortnite will soon be arriving on a new platform, as a recent blog post from developer Epic Games announced its debut on Android devices later this summer. No specific release date has been given yet outside of the “summer” confirmation, no doubt including the various mobile updates mentioned in the same post.

For starters, the developers are providing an incredibly in-depth version of a customizable HUD, letting players change their displays combat and building in virtually any way they might want to. Second (and for many, more importantly) mobile versions of the game will finally feature the voice chat function found on other platforms, allowing players to communicate with one another even across different versions of the game. There will also be options to mute anyone, including yourself.

In addition to these two major changes, several smaller updates are also being rolled out, including improvements to the Autorun feature and tweaks to how shooting works, compressing the overall file size of the game itself and making patches smaller, a stat tracking feature, game code optimization, and stability improvements.

Several of these changes have already been added to the iOS version of the game with more on the way, all presumably coming standard with the Android version once it is released. Epic Games also reaffirms its commitment to making the best game possible, urging those reading the blog post to report any problems they encounter with the “Feedback” button found inside the game to make fixing them easier.

There’s sure to be more improvements to Fortnite on all its platforms, so stay tuned for more update news as it becomes available.

RBI Baseball 18 Gets an Upgrade

Checking out on the latest tweaks done to the PC/desktop games, it emerges that the RBI Baseball 18 has had an addition of features. MLBAM has crafted a new version of the baseball game series. The version that has been released this year comes with a host of visual changes that look better and clearer to the eye. However, the question is whether the changes are sufficient to warrant a thumbs-up.

The Cost

At $29.99 as the offer price at the vending outlets, at a lower price than the previous game cost, it is apparent that the game is gradually joining the premium class. To begin with, as mentioned earlier, the visual aspects and effects have been improved. The ballparks and the players are portrayed a little more clearly. As one plays the game, the players can be seen in crystal clear moving images; something that certainly adds to the fun and enjoyment in play mode. The visual improvements make players move closer to the game venue and reduce the notion of just being in a fantasy encounter. The players’ gear has also been enhanced in the new tweaks.

Play Mode Details

When playing, the Franchise mode within the game has been reset and now comes with a few more layers. Tracking of statistics is better. Users also access constant player updates; which help during playtime. While the RBI baseball is an arcade game it is a miniature replica of the real-life gaming action on the baseball field. Thus, an effort has been made to make it as real as it gets. There are suggestions that more tweaks need to be added to the player visuals. It is a great thing that the cartoon-like look of the players on the previous version of the game has been eliminated. It is notable that there have also been improvements in the way the ball shoots off the bat, although it could be further improved to eliminate the rare glitches. RBI is certainly gaining traction but there is a need to add some fundamentals such as commentary so that the game becomes a little livelier.

The Crew 2 Release Inches Closer as Hype Builds for Release!

The Crew 2 is a highly anticipated open-world racing game coming to consoles and computers on June 29th, 2018. The Crew 2 is being developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft. The online racing fanbase for this game was disappointed to hear about the game being delayed from its original release date, however after the first installment of this racing series failed to deliver up to expectations at its original launch, fans are understanding that the development team would like to polish some things up prior to the launch of this new installment.

The Crew 2 is expected to deliver in many more dimensions than it had with its prior game, establishing content in more than just cars and bikes, with The Crew 2, online racers will have the opportunity to fly stunt aircraft, drive modified monster truck chassis’, and sail around the rivers and oceans in various different types of sail boats in Motornation.

Motornation stands as the entire open-world, morphed into a simulated and scaled version of the entire Unites States, featuring the country’s greatest landmarks and most popular cities. From the sunny west coast all the way across the bible belt into the keys of Florida, players will have the opportunity to drive or pilot just about any type of vehicle you could think of. Building on the momentum that the first game provided, The Crew 2 should inherit a polished open-world racing experience that features some of the greatest online and single player racing that we have seen in this new generation of gaming.

In addition to the release, fans will be presented with an open-beta chance to test the game before launch, expected at some time in May. You can register for The Crew 2 beta on their official website, located here.

God of War- The New Best-Selling PS4 Exclusive

God of war doesn’t just have an intriguing story- It is currently outselling the current exclusive titles on the PS4.

God of war is an exclusive title for the PS4 and is currently outrunning previous exclusives such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End which both sold massively.

Many who haven’t heard of the God of War series may ask why this game is currently outselling other exclusives.

The reason lies beneath the past of the God of War series and also touches on this rather recent addition the series.

In previous God of War titles, Greek mythology was used but this time the mythological background of the story is related to Norse mythology.

In the recent release of God of War, the story focuses on Father and Son relationships and gives the gamer a more personal outlook on Kratos’s characterization. It might even teach one how to be a father in a way they never thought. This short trailer gives a good idea of the personal touch and immersion of God of War God of War – Accolades Trailer | PS4

God of War creates a beautiful world of exploration, challenge, and of course, epic boss battles.

Every gamer loves to be immersed in a game that has depth and meaning. This depth and meaning might be why God of War is the new best-selling PS4 exclusive. It gives an amazing experience that many gamers can hold near and dear to their hearts.

It is no wonder that God of War is a best-selling game on the PS4 currently. It is a beautiful game and immerses the gamer into a world in which they must discover to find the answers.

PS4 Exclusive, God of War Sells Mind-Blowing 3.1 Million Copies in Three Days

Santa Monica Studios’ released God of War on April 20th, 2018, and unexpectedly sold more than three million copies in just three days. Sony expressed its excitement when making the remarkable announcement that God of War has become the quickest selling exclusive ever. Sony has been riding a wave of highlights since launching its next generation ‘PS4’ in late 2013.

Santa Monica Studios joined in thanking its loyal community of online players over social media. The announcement also included a list of online updates and the general future for the game’s future. Online gaming critics had great things to say about the recent release, and proudly touted the efforts that Santa Monica Studios has presented with the release of God of War.

One of the different narratives that this installment represents to its fans, is that the single-player story really takes a special focus on the relationship between Kratos and his son. There are some different ways that this game has evolved, and players will experience this reboot in different ways that probably is expected.

The future for Sony’s exclusive titles remains extremely bright, especially as it builds on this positive momentum from the recent God of War release. Sony has hyped up another upcoming exclusive PS4 tite, Detroit: Become Human, an action-adventure game developed by Quantic Dream that will officially release on May 25th, 2018.

It is unclear exactly how well God of War could sell with the holiday season approaching after summertime, but the potential to reach ten-million copies sold in the game’s first year is extremely possible.

New Games Teach Parenting

In the past, a number of games have used parenting as part of the story line, such as The Walking Dead. But none have ever used parenting to the extent Yakuza 6 and God of War use it. Parenting in these new games is a focal part of the story line.

In God of War, which is a reimagining of an old series, parenting as theme is very explicit. Kratos, who is the hero of the the game, is now living out his days with his son Atreus, and he has become somewhat mellow because of this. Much of the game play relates to helping Arteus. What’s more, often during the game Kratos interacts with his son.

Kratos becoming a father has allowed the character to become more dimensional in comparison to previous editions of the game. In those, he was simply a man bent on revenge, but in this game he is trying to become a better person, so as to be an example to his son. Also, the relationship between the two characters has a big impact on how the game unfolds.

In the game, Kratos is constantly trying to teach his son how to become self-reliant, which is necessary in a world of monsters and nasty gods. Early on, Arteus cannot help his father much in battle, but, as the game progresses, under Kratos’ tutelage he improves. Eventually, he even takes a proactive role in battles, thanks in large part to the relationship that builds between the characters. There is also an important scene in the game when Arteus disappears. This is a disappearance players can feel.

In Yakuza 6, the parenting theme is a little more subtle, but it is there as well. Kiryu, who is the protagonist of the game, is only a surrogate father to a boy. But parenting is still a key facet of the game.

‘Final Fantasy 15’ Is a Worthy Addition to the Franchise

The “Final Fantasy” series of games has been incredibly successful over the past 25 years. Every game in the series has received great reviews from fans and critics alike. Therefore, it was very frustrating for PC gamers to watch “Final Fantasy 15” get released on consoles more than one year ago without a release for the PC. The good news is that the long wait is finally over. The game has been released for the PC. It was definitely worth the wait. In many ways, the PC version is much better than the version that was released for consoles.

One of the things that makes the “Final Fantasy” games so unique is the large amount of character development. People who play these games can get totally immersed in the stories because of the attention to detail of the people who design them. Square Enix has developed a reputation for creating games that are so addictive that they make people lose track of time. “Final Fantasy 15” would definitely fit that description.

The “Final Fantasy” series is famous for having some of the most stunning graphics that are currently available for video games. Each title in the series has always pushed the limits of what is possible in terms of video game graphic design. The 15th installment in the series does it again in a rather brilliant way. This game is amazing to look at. However, the plot is not nearly as complex as earlier installments. Four characters take a road trip and must complete various missions in order to earn rewards. This is not a terribly new concept. However, the recycled plot is saved by some fun missions and interesting creatures that you must fight along the way.

The bottom line is that fans of the earlier “Final Fantasy” games will like this one as well. It may take people a while to get used to this latest version. However, the game has a certain undeniable charm.

‘Sea of Thieves’ Offers a Fun Gaming Experience

Microsoft has unleashed a game that is sure to get a great deal of attention. It allows players to team up in groups of four and become pirates who are looking for treasure. The game is called “Sea of Thieves” and it is quite thrilling. The game shows off some of the skill of the Microsoft design team. The game is played online. You and your team will go up against other ships controlled by opposing players. This ads to the adventure and intrigue of the overall game. There is no question that this is one of the best PC games that Microsoft has released in a very long time.

This game has been very highly anticipated ever since a trailer for it was released last summer. The trailer generated quite a bit of buzz within the PC gaming community. People wanted to be able to play it right after seeing the trailer. However, they were forced to wait six months for the game to finally be released. It is safe to say that “Sea of Thieves” has lived up to every gamer’s expectations. The characters are beautifully rendered. The missions require a lot of strategy in order to complete them successfully. Therefore, people who want to find a very challenging game do not need to look any further.

It should be noted that this is not a game that you can enjoy for a few minutes here and there. You need to devote a considerable amount of time to this game if you are going to succeed at it. You also need to find three other people to be on your team who also have a similar amount of free time. This can be challenging to do. However, the payoff will be well worth it if you can get past the logistics of playing the game for several hours at a time. There are already rumors that a sequel will be released in a few years.

‘Northgard’ Provides Viking Adventures for Gaming Fans

There have been many games based on viking themes. These games have varied greatly in terms of their level of quality. However, Shiro Games has developed a viking game that is one of the best to come down the pike in quite some time. “Northgard” is the name of this epic adventure. There is a lot to love about this game. It takes you into a beautiful world that is filled with many different environments. You will be building cities in thick forests and mountain ranges that are covered with snow. You will need to manage a number of different problems in order to survive.

Food is scarce in most of the locations where the game takes place. Therefore, you will need to scavenge for food and store it away so you will be able to use it when you need it the most. You will be able to acquire food in a number of different ways. You can kill animals to use for meat. You can also steal it or trade for it. There are pros and cons to each decision that you make in the game. The key is to make decisions that impact you and your viking community positively in the long run.

What would a viking game be without lots of battles with swords and axes? “Northgard” will not disappoint you where battle scenes are concerned. There is plenty of fighting and blood to be spilled as you protect your land and your treasure from those who would seek to take it from you. You will need to have a variety of skills in order to truly master every aspect of this game. You will obviously need to be a great fighter. However, you will also need to be a good strategist and have the ability to plan ahead for the needs of your community. Running out of food in the winter because you didn’t store enough is a mistake you can’t afford to make.

Valve Completes an Intriguing Purchase of Campo Santo

The business side of the PC gaming world received a surprise when word of a recent acquisition surfaced. Valve, a digital store entity, has purchased Campo Santo, the company that produced Firewatch. The purchase is somewhat intriguing considering Valve didn’t seem interested in gaming anymore. Perhaps the company now feels re-entering the gaming market makes good business sense.

Valve also noted it has no intention of eliminating the current staff that produces Campo Santo’s projects. Commonly, when a company is purchased, a lot of firings occur. The purchasing entity puts its own people into key positions. Valve doesn’t wish to do this with Campo Santo. Perhaps Valve’s executives realize the team comprising Campo Santo reflects the company’s greatest asset. To buy a company known for creating well-received games and then firing the team that made the profitable games in the first place would seem not to make sense. Yet, other businesses do just that when making an acquisition. For now, Valve seems content with allowing Campo Santo to exist as it always was. Valve gains the added benefit of reaping the rewards of Campo Santo’s future success.

Interestingly, Valve chose to purchase a gaming entity that doesn’t boast of a lengthy track record. Firewatch was the company’s big success story. The company, having only been founded in 2013, hasn’t released a second game yet. It will in 2019 with In the Valley of the Gods. Hopefully, success can strike twice for the upstart gaming developer.

Valve’s executives may be looking at the future with the belief Campo Santo has many more hits in its creative pipeline. Buying the company now allows Valve to acquire the business before its value increases further. Purchasing Campo Santo a year before the release of the second game allows Valve to strategically re-enter the gaming industry. This could turn out to be a brilliant strategic move if In the Valley of the Gods turns out to be a hit.