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Valve Completes an Intriguing Purchase of Campo Santo

The business side of the PC gaming world received a surprise when word of a recent acquisition surfaced. Valve, a digital store entity, has purchased Campo Santo, the company that produced Firewatch. The purchase is somewhat intriguing considering Valve didn’t seem interested in gaming anymore. Perhaps the company now feels re-entering the gaming market makes good business sense.

Valve also noted it has no intention of eliminating the current staff that produces Campo Santo’s projects. Commonly, when a company is purchased, a lot of firings occur. The purchasing entity puts its own people into key positions. Valve doesn’t wish to do this with Campo Santo. Perhaps Valve’s executives realize the team comprising Campo Santo reflects the company’s greatest asset. To buy a company known for creating well-received games and then firing the team that made the profitable games in the first place would seem not to make sense. Yet, other businesses do just that when making an acquisition. For now, Valve seems content with allowing Campo Santo to exist as it always was. Valve gains the added benefit of reaping the rewards of Campo Santo’s future success.

Interestingly, Valve chose to purchase a gaming entity that doesn’t boast of a lengthy track record. Firewatch was the company’s big success story. The company, having only been founded in 2013, hasn’t released a second game yet. It will in 2019 with In the Valley of the Gods. Hopefully, success can strike twice for the upstart gaming developer.

Valve’s executives may be looking at the future with the belief Campo Santo has many more hits in its creative pipeline. Buying the company now allows Valve to acquire the business before its value increases further. Purchasing Campo Santo a year before the release of the second game allows Valve to strategically re-enter the gaming industry. This could turn out to be a brilliant strategic move if In the Valley of the Gods turns out to be a hit.