Clayton Hutson Lands a New Deal as the Kid Rock’s Production Manager

It is another fulfilling moment for Kid Rock this year. For the second time, Kid Rock will appear on the road for an exciting Rock and Roll extravaganza trip. The tour is scheduled to start at the dawn of August in Maine. Actually, this trip comes just after the July solo acts performances. It will eventually cut across the United States with tours lined all through to the month of November. The tour also features several supporting artists such as Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker Jr. Also, Clayton Hutson happens to be Kid Rock’s new Production Manager, starting his work on this major tour.

Clayton Hutson’s career thrives on a vast experience. He has previously worked for Kid Rock as the Stage Manager during “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” earlier in the year. Many people see Kid Rock as an outgoing person whose undeserved antics are unlimited. In most occasions of his career, these antics have proved troublesome when dealing with the general public and even hindering the process of tour planning and preparations. Clayton played a great role towards the success of Kid Rock’s previous tour show earlier this year. As Clayton cites, he successfully performed the tasks of that day using his prior experience and strong knowledge base in Stage and Production Management. Having successfully stage-managed Kid Rock on his first tour, Clayton is confident that his services as the new Production Manager happen to be a great deal for Kid Rock.

Kid Rock’s goal is to ensure that his fans have a memorable summer this year. He is well-established as a perennial summertime fun band throughout the country. The upcoming rock tour, “The Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Red Neck Extravaganza Tour” is gaining momentum in various markets nationwide. The show will incorporate songs, dazzle, and pyrotechnics, making it exciting to the general public. Clayton is happily waiting to commence his new job working with a vibrant and talented team for an entirely new experience in his career. In this new role as the Kid Rock Production Manager, Clayton has to ensure shows are ready even before the tour starts officially. Besides, he is to effectively handle his position as the Lead Rigger on the “Soul2Soul Tour” with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill which is coming to a close.

Clayton Hutson traces his background from Nashville, Tennessee. He had interests in music at an early age. He acquired a theater design bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University. Moreover, he holds a business administration master’s degree from the renowned Stephen M. Ross Business School. Throughout his career journey, Clayton has rendered his services in various positions in many live entertainment firms. He has a great passion for Rock N’ Roll which explains his choice of the current line of operation. Naturally, Clayton was born an entrepreneur. He has a rich base of success stories around the world of business. Learn more:


PSI-Pay is an e-money (electronic money) foundation that gives Partner Sponsorship installment arrangements. The organization empowers companies to deal with their projects with the assistance of an entity that is FCA-regulated. The organization has been a key Visa Member from 2017 as well as a key Issuing member of the Master Card globally as from 2009. PSI-Pay has been active since 2007, issuing payment answers for businesses worldwide.


It prides itself on giving proficiency, clarity, and transparency to its clientele. The first contactless payment ring worldwide is one of the benefits that came from the collaboration of PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables. Individuals who work with this organization can withdraw or deposit funds from any local bank network over 173 nations in 44 currencies.


E-money is the storing of common currency electronically with the backing of fiat money has regulated by a central authority most likely a central bank. Clients are required to open an electronic money bank account through a platform like ecoPayz, which has direct links to common currency which can still be used in online transactions. It is used in conducting electronic transactions with the aid of an app. However, prepaid cards connected to a customer’s account can swap for physical currency.


The licensing and the registration of the electronic money is authorized by the FCA for example in the UK. It holds its practices independently and earns its profits capabilities by charging its members fees in the financial field. The ecoPayz (eWallet services) is also part of the PSI-Pay organization. It is not FCA regulated, but its authorization to work as an e-money company was obtained by PSI-Pay in 2011.


In early 2018, the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) of the European Union changed the methods of financial transactions over the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) with the intention of increasing competitiveness in this payment sector and elevated non-banks’ participation. ecoPayz eWallet users can make cross-border transactions within the SEPA surrounding due to it following the PSD2 guidelines.


On Wednesday 02 March 2016, the organization was proud to announce that 2015 was their best year. In 2015, the company declared a 15% increment in revenue and also 43% gross profit for the year 2014 and a year later made a declaration of 29% increment in business volumes, 45% up in income revenue and an up of 5.5% on pre-tax profits. Phill Davies, the Managing Director, narrated that it was all thanks to a team effort.

Impressionable Facts about Jed McCaleb

Jed is a successful American programmer and entrepreneur. Born in 1975, Jed has brought major changes in the field of business through his adoption of the use of the modern technology to build a vast number of blockchain programs. Through his firms, Jed has taught people to trade bitcoins as well as store them. Jed is the founder and chief technology officer of Stellar and besides the firm, he has also founded many other technology firms like Mt Gox, eDonkey2000, Peer-to-peer, among many others. The renowned entrepreneur has acquired fame due to his impressive ability to bring changes in the world of cryptocurrencies and has been listed among the top richest people in the world by Forbes magazine.

Additionally, Jed has also been featured in many interviews through which he has offered insight to people concerning the major changes that cryptocurrencies are likely to bring to the world. In his recent advocations, Jed believes that the concept of the cryptocurrencies is likely to change the way in which people carry out trade and conduct their transactions in the coming future. Jed believes that the use of the digital currencies has gained a lot of popularity in the world and he insists that the bitcoins are likely to gain more momentum with the changing time.

In his advocations, according to McCaleb, he encourages entrepreneurs to ensure that they adopt the use of the modern technology to conduct their operations as it one of the major basis for a successful business. He believes that entrepreneurs that are always prepared for change fall higher chances of succeeding in their firms as compared to those that do not do so.

Through Stellar, Jed has ensured that people exchange their bitcoins with other currencies within minutes and he has also enabled people to conduct various transactions with ease. Besides, Jed, the co-founder of Stellar, is currently working harder to collaborate with prestigious banks in the country so as to ensure that every individual that uses the digital currency can conduct cross-border payments regardless of their location. Jed also insists that non-cryptoassets will also soon gain momentum and that they will become digitized through the same technology. Contact Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn today.

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Talk Fusion Developing Wide Range of Video Marketing and Communication Products

The companies these days are trying to find new ways to improve their market presence and reputation. It can only be achieved with the help of innovative marketing techniques that would outdo the competition. One of the marketing techniques that have become highly popular among the people as well as the companies these days is the video marketing strategy. As the popularity of video sharing `platforms increases with time, it has become famous for the companies and the freelancer professionals to use these platforms to promote their marketing videos. Talk Fusion is one of the few companies that develop video marketing products.


Talk Fusion was established in the year 2007 when very few people understood what video marketing is, but it is during this time that Bob Reina, CEO, and Founder of Talk Fusion, realized that video marketing would dominate the marketing in the future. The video marketing products by Talk Fusion are known to be popular among the companies and time, and again it has proved to be highly useful for the companies to improve their revenue as well as market reputation. The customer service capabilities can also be enhanced with the help of video marketing tools. One of the famous video marketing products developed and marketed by Talk Fusion is the video e-mail tool that ensures that the people can send e-mails that have videos embedded with it. It makes the e-mails more detailed and expressive and helps in delivering the message in a more elaborate fashion.


Talk Fusion is continuously trying to innovate and develop new video marketing and communication products. One of the moiré recent products that the company recently launched is the Fusion on the Go, which is a video chat app that is meant to be used by individuals as well as the employees of the company for professional use. The Fusion on the Go Video chats app comes with many different features that can be scaled up or down as per the needs of the users. The Talk Fusion believes that the Fusion on the Go app would change the way people use the video chat app as it allows people to create chat rooms, add new users, and also hold video conference from just about anywhere with a smart device and the internet. It is one of the most useful video communication product that the company has launched, and it looks promising going forward with more updates coming. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad

47 years ago the Palestinian refugee Dr. Saad Saad earned his medical degree in Egypt from Cairo University. He was the salutatorian of his graduating class and he graduated second in his class with honors. He accredits his success in college and medical school with not having another choice in the matter. Born impoverished and raised in Kuwait with 7 other brothers and sisters, he ended up being one of three surgeons, 4 engineers, and a teacher. Success appears to run in his family as out of his four children, two are surgeons, one is a lawyer, and the other is an ICU nurse. He and his wife, the mother of his four children, have been married for 42 years and counting.


Board certified in general surgery and pediatric surgery, Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of procedures on children of all ages throughout his over 40 years of experience. He is an expert at complex surgeries and has even done eight medical missions to perform surgery without charge for impoverished children in Jerusalem. He believes in treating all children with the same care and compassion he would want for his own four children and instilled this value in the members of his surgical team. In South Carolina, he was taught by Dr. H Biemann Othersen, who Dr. Saad Saad believes is the best pediatric surgeon in the entire United States. Othersen instilled in Dr. Saad Saad to always treat children the same no matter who they are and to always be kind, hard-working, and honest.


Air conditioning may have been one of the main factors in Dr. Saad Saad’s decision to become a surgeon as opposed to an engineer. As a teenager, he saw his two older brothers working outside on construction sites in the Kuwait summer as engineers and decided against the career. He decided he needed to go into a career with air conditioning and as a surgeon, he almost always worked in an air-conditioned room, unlike his older brothers who had to brave the desert heat.
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After an internship at the University of Cairo, he completed two residencies in 1979 and 1977 at the Medical University of South Carolina where he was mentored by Dr. H Biemann Othersen and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Following his residencies, he became a Fellow at the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Surgeons in 1984 and 1982. In 2014, he was given the Patients’ Choice Award and the Compassionate Doctor Certification. These 2 recognitions are given to active physicians based on their scores given to them by their own patients.

Whitney Wolfe: The Passionate Technology Entrepreneur

     Whitney Wolfe is an American investor. She is the CEO and founder of Bumble, and also a co-founder of Tinder, a dating application. Sometime back, Badoo’s founder spoke to Whitney about developing a dating application and later partnered with her in 2014 on a new firm, introducing Bumble the same year. Bumble is propelling into vertical markets such as the launched BumbleBFF for locating friends and BumbleBizz. The company’s value is over $1 billion according to Forbes.

In 2014, Wolfe Herd got mentioned as one of the 30 Under 30 Most Important Women in Technology by Business Insider. She was also named among the Elles Women in Technology in 2016. Wolfe Herd was declared as one of Forbes 30 women under 30 in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Wolfe was also named by Inc as one of the female investors to watch in in 2017, and she has appeared on different covers of Forbes.

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Utah, by Michael Wolfe, a property developer, and Kelly, his wife. Whitney studied International Studies at the Southern Methodist University. While still in college, Wolfe started a business of selling bamboo tote bags helping regions affected by Bp oil spill. Later, Wolfe partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp, a celebrity stylist to launch Help Us Project, a non-profit organization. The bags received lots of publicity from the press after several celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe and others were photographed carrying them. After her graduation, Whitney Wolfe traveled to Asia to work with orphanages.

Whitney joined Hatch Labs at the age of 22 years. Through Hatch Labs, Wolfe became involved with Cardify, a startup project directed by Sean Rad through the IAC incubator. Later, the project got abandoned, and Whitney Wolfe joined Tinder, a dating app with Chris Gulczynski, Rad within the IAC incubator in 2012. Wolfe became the marketing vice president of Tinder, a role that fueled the popularity of the app on college campuses developing its user base, but she later left the firm in 2014.

In December 2014, Wolfe developed Bumble, a dating application that offers women more power than traditional dating applications. As of December 2015, Bumble had attained 80 million matches and more than 15 million individual conversations. In April 2016, monthly user base named Tinder and Bubble as the most popular dating apps and ranked them in first and fourth positions respectively. By November 2017, the Bumble app had accumulated more than 22 million active users.

Can’t wait to share a stage with the incredible @gayleking at @sxsw in two short weeks 🤗

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Texas Financial Giant: Mr. James Dondero

James Dondero is a financial genius, well-known in the state of Texas. He began his successful career over 30 years ago. He started as an analyst in 1984 while in the Morgan Guarantee Training Program. Mr. Dondero earned two University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce degrees. Majoring in Finance, and Accounting, Dondero graduated with high honors. One year later, James Dondero took a Corporate Bond Analysis position with American Express. He left in 1989 after managing fixed income funds totaling around $1 billion.

Dondero is an expert on equity and credit markets, with a stellar career path. Today, James Dondero is the co-founder and reigning president of Highland Capital Management. This prestigious company is worth upwards of $14 billion. It’s safe to say the “Jim”, as friends and relatives know him by, has a knack for numbers. He has grown company money and assets to mind-blowing proportions. Highland has received awards and accolades from prominent business leaders and organizations.

Mr. Dondero has a heart for people. He is involved with several charitable causes. These include uplift Education, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Snowball Express and, close to his heart, Education is Freedom. James Dondero believes in giving back to his community. Many of these charitable causes benefit Texas residents. Dondero wants all children to have a great education.

Aside from his busy job duties, Mr. Dondero finds time to act as Chairman of the board for NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and NexPoint. This tireless man also sits on the boards of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Mr. James Dondero has blazed trails in the finance world for decades. This esteemed and successful business leader remains humble and grateful for all that he has. Dondero is often found working with his favorite charities. His example is an inspiration to young people everywhere. A hearty Texas, “hat’s off to you sir,” is certainly well deserved.

A Biography of James “Jim” Dondero, the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is best known as the President of Highland Capital Management, one of the largest investment firms in the entire world. Highland Capital Management has about 13.7 billion dollars’ worth of assets under its management, easily making it one of the largest firms of its type in the United States of America. Mr. Dondero is also an innovator of CLOs, or collateralized loan obligations, in which the right to debt payments from large companies are purchased as an investment, in opposition to purchasing small-time, single accountholders’ accounts receivable.

Jim Dondero, as his friends, family, and business associates refer to him, started off his fruitful career at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, in which he studied both accounting and finance, a common-yet-demanding career path for people hoping to work in finance or accounting, either one. In 1984, less than three months before he graduated, Mr. Dondero secured a position at what’s now known as JP Morgan, known back then as Morgan Guaranty, as a financial analyst.

Shortly after graduating with two bachelor’s degrees from the McIntire School of Commerce, he found employment at American Express, having been known as one of the most popular credit card servicers for some years, in 1985. After only four years of employment, he worked his way into a position of managing $1,000,000,000 in securities by the time he left in 1989 to fill the role of CIO, chief investment officer, at GIC, a subsidiary owned by insurance company Protective Life.

It was in 1989 when GIC was started from scratch, only four years later working itself up to a valuation of $2,000,000,000 – his experience from American Express clearly showing – in 1993. This year Protective Life Insurance Corporation formed a 60/40 ownership slips between itself and the partnership of Mark Okada and James Dondero, called Protective Asset Management Company. in 1997, as if four years is James Dondero’s lucky career number, the pair bought out what used to be known as Protective Life Insurance, Jim’s former employer, and revamped it into Ranger Asset Management, so large it was even enlisted into the Securities and Exchange Commission.

NuoDB, The Innovative Database

NuoDB is an innovative and groundbreaking database. Within this database you will find new and advanced methods. NuoDB is a transactional database management system that was made in order for you to spread deployment in the cloud. Although NuoDB has similarities to the SQL database, it has new features that helps process cloud computing environments. This new software sections data elements within objects that they name as “atoms”. This database is also focused around a “durable distributed cache” structure. By doing so, set in-memory caches are used to safely store and maintain information. It also employs parts of object-oriented and message-oriented computer methods in a helpful communication format. This database also features elastic scalability, active operations, flexibility, and consistency. Through these enhanced methods, NuoDB will be able to run through multiple hosts, which supports high availability. It definitely provides rolling upgrades and online schema evolution and a grand amount of back up.

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The Osteo Relief Institute Wants You To Live Successfully With Osteoarthritis

One of the least publicized medical conditions affecting an estimated 50 million people in the U.S. is arthritis, a general term referring to joint pain or stiffness that can take more than 100 different forms. There are a number of aspects of arthritis that should be understood and explored by those affected by this common medical condition, including the need to self-manage what is essentially a condition without any overall cure; as the leading cause of disability in the nation each person affected by osteoarthritis should take a few steps each day to keep their joints moving and to limit the level of pain they feel with the aid of specialists such as the Osteo Relief Institute.


Osteoarthritis can be characterized by the breaking down of cartilage between the bones in a joint causing the bones to rub and cause pain when moved.(LinkedIn) When a patient is diagnosed with osteoarthritis it is important to take a few steps to reduce the level of problems seen in the condition with the aid of the Osteo Relief Institute; ( a regular daily routine must be attained that includes gentle exercise each morning and night to avoid the stiffness that can occur with osteoarthritis. Other steps that should be remembered are to adjust seating and standing positions throughout each day to avoid stiffness and to reduce the weight of the individual affected to limit the problems caused by excessive size and inactivity.


The Osteo Relief Institute is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of arthritis and joint pain issues and is located across the U.S. to make sure the excellent care provided by board certified physicians and surgeons are passed on to as many patients as possible.


The aim of the Osteo Relief Institute is to provide a wide range of treatment and support services that can be used by patients who are looking to avoid surgical options for as long as possible after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The Osteo Relief Institute also offers support to patients affected by a range of joint and back pain issues designed to allow as normal a life as possible to be lived for a long period of time.