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James River Capital Corp’s location is in Virginia. It offers investment advisory services. It was known as KP Futures Management Corp in 1986. Paul Saunders and his partner Kevin Brandt acquired James river capital in 1995 from Kidder and made it an independent business. Paul Saunders is the Chairman, CEO and Principal Portfolio Manager. Its other executives include;

  • Kevin M Brandt-President, Principal and Cofounder
  • Laura Piper McGrath-Chief Compliance Officer
  • Dieter Oelschlager-Director of hedge fund investments
  • James Hart-Director of Hedgefund research
  • John Heitmuller-Director of Information Technology

It’s registration titles are, an investment advisor with SEC, commodity pool operator with CFTC and commodity trading advisor. By July 2018 more than $570 million was under management in James River products. It operates a website to help the firm acquire qualified employment candidates. The firm also includes both direct and indirect capital from proprietary sources. Learn more:

James River Capital Corp featured a blog about leadership improvement. It stated that leadership is both an art and science. Effective leadership requires excellent skills and development. It requires much effort and time to be a good leader. Researchers from various companies have come up with three simple changes that can improve leadership styles. These are;

  1. Support your team, Don’t lead them: it involves the leader having a close relationship with their team. Motivate them by leading by example and supporting the teams work. This strategy is common to the Facebook leaders.
  2. To encourage and welcome Escalation: without openness and transparency in communication, there will be no innovation, collaboration, and engagement with employees. Most workers will avoid their bosses if they feel presenting an issue will cause them trouble. Through the research, ‘psychological safety‘ was discovered. It means a leader’s operation gives people the freedom to present challenges, problems, and improvements.
  3. Everyone’s opinion matters: one of the main obstacles in moving forward is holding back. A leader should ensure all his team members participate in meetings, decision making, etc. They should keep track of everyone to ensure even the quiet ones engage freely. Make them feel that their opinions are wanted and valued.


Graeme Holm Is Reaching New Heights With Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia was ranked the 58th Most Innovative Company by the Australian Financial Review. Thousands of companies were considered for the list.


Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, and the company is now one of Australia’s greatest debt reduction companies. They are helping countless individuals improve their future by working with them on personal finances and assisting them with reducing their debt. It only took Infinity Group Australia five years to be recognized as one of the greatest companies in the country.


Australian Financial Review (AFR) has published this list seven times now, but the list was previously known as the BRW Most Innovative Companies. It is the only list of its type, ranking companies from both New Zealand and Australia.


Graeme Holm responded to the honor of being included on the list. He said that he and his company were proud to be on the 2018 Most Innovative Companies List. He also thanked AFR, the group that was behind the publication. Holm went on to congratulate and give thanks to his staff.


Infinity Group Australia is headquartered out of Bella Vista, New South Wales, Sydney. The company has become so successful because of their commitment. Clients of Infinity Group Australia should expect to pay off more on their mortgage in just 3 months than they did in the previous 12 month period.


About Graeme Holm


Graeme Holm is a 17 year veteran in finances. He has worked in real estate, financial planning, and many other subsections of the finance industry. He has also worked with major banks. When Graeme Holm learned first hand that Australian citizens were getting the short end of the stick with mainstream financial institutions, he was inspired to create Infinity Group Australia.


Holm explained in an interview that the majority of clients who are clients of the Australian loan market work pay check to pay check, only able to make minimum payments on their loans. He told the interviewer that he offered services similar to a personal trainer now. He helps his clients get accustomed to making good financial decisions – decisions that will ultimately benefit them for the long term.


Graeme Holm also told the interviewer that with the help of a financial service like his it is possible to pay back a 30 year loan in as little as 3-5 years. He said the average is 7-10 years, but only if a client has the right financial structure in place. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson Lands a New Deal as the Kid Rock’s Production Manager

It is another fulfilling moment for Kid Rock this year. For the second time, Kid Rock will appear on the road for an exciting Rock and Roll extravaganza trip. The tour is scheduled to start at the dawn of August in Maine. Actually, this trip comes just after the July solo acts performances. It will eventually cut across the United States with tours lined all through to the month of November. The tour also features several supporting artists such as Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker Jr. Also, Clayton Hutson happens to be Kid Rock’s new Production Manager, starting his work on this major tour.

Clayton Hutson’s career thrives on a vast experience. He has previously worked for Kid Rock as the Stage Manager during “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” earlier in the year. Many people see Kid Rock as an outgoing person whose undeserved antics are unlimited. In most occasions of his career, these antics have proved troublesome when dealing with the general public and even hindering the process of tour planning and preparations. Clayton played a great role towards the success of Kid Rock’s previous tour show earlier this year. As Clayton cites, he successfully performed the tasks of that day using his prior experience and strong knowledge base in Stage and Production Management. Having successfully stage-managed Kid Rock on his first tour, Clayton is confident that his services as the new Production Manager happen to be a great deal for Kid Rock.

Kid Rock’s goal is to ensure that his fans have a memorable summer this year. He is well-established as a perennial summertime fun band throughout the country. The upcoming rock tour, “The Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Red Neck Extravaganza Tour” is gaining momentum in various markets nationwide. The show will incorporate songs, dazzle, and pyrotechnics, making it exciting to the general public. Clayton is happily waiting to commence his new job working with a vibrant and talented team for an entirely new experience in his career. In this new role as the Kid Rock Production Manager, Clayton has to ensure shows are ready even before the tour starts officially. Besides, he is to effectively handle his position as the Lead Rigger on the “Soul2Soul Tour” with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill which is coming to a close.

Clayton Hutson traces his background from Nashville, Tennessee. He had interests in music at an early age. He acquired a theater design bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University. Moreover, he holds a business administration master’s degree from the renowned Stephen M. Ross Business School. Throughout his career journey, Clayton has rendered his services in various positions in many live entertainment firms. He has a great passion for Rock N’ Roll which explains his choice of the current line of operation. Naturally, Clayton was born an entrepreneur. He has a rich base of success stories around the world of business. Learn more:


PSI-Pay is an e-money (electronic money) foundation that gives Partner Sponsorship installment arrangements. The organization empowers companies to deal with their projects with the assistance of an entity that is FCA-regulated. The organization has been a key Visa Member from 2017 as well as a key Issuing member of the Master Card globally as from 2009. PSI-Pay has been active since 2007, issuing payment answers for businesses worldwide.


It prides itself on giving proficiency, clarity, and transparency to its clientele. The first contactless payment ring worldwide is one of the benefits that came from the collaboration of PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables. Individuals who work with this organization can withdraw or deposit funds from any local bank network over 173 nations in 44 currencies.


E-money is the storing of common currency electronically with the backing of fiat money has regulated by a central authority most likely a central bank. Clients are required to open an electronic money bank account through a platform like ecoPayz, which has direct links to common currency which can still be used in online transactions. It is used in conducting electronic transactions with the aid of an app. However, prepaid cards connected to a customer’s account can swap for physical currency.


The licensing and the registration of the electronic money is authorized by the FCA for example in the UK. It holds its practices independently and earns its profits capabilities by charging its members fees in the financial field. The ecoPayz (eWallet services) is also part of the PSI-Pay organization. It is not FCA regulated, but its authorization to work as an e-money company was obtained by PSI-Pay in 2011.


In early 2018, the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) of the European Union changed the methods of financial transactions over the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) with the intention of increasing competitiveness in this payment sector and elevated non-banks’ participation. ecoPayz eWallet users can make cross-border transactions within the SEPA surrounding due to it following the PSD2 guidelines.


On Wednesday 02 March 2016, the organization was proud to announce that 2015 was their best year. In 2015, the company declared a 15% increment in revenue and also 43% gross profit for the year 2014 and a year later made a declaration of 29% increment in business volumes, 45% up in income revenue and an up of 5.5% on pre-tax profits. Phill Davies, the Managing Director, narrated that it was all thanks to a team effort.