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Wild Ark – article recap

Just imagine being able to make a difference on the planet while going on vacation. Who wouldn’t love sleeping under the stars in Botswana while photographing the same majestic creatures during the day? Conservation centered vacations are a responsible way that people are traveling throughout the globe.


Companies like “Responsible Travel” give options like going to Thailand to help with the conservation of elephants. An immersive educational trip that allows the visitor to learn and understand the domestic elephant of Thailand. You can head to Costa Rica and help to keep research on the leatherback turtles. This kind of research is necessary in studying the species and helps to make a difference. Travelling to an area on an eco-conscious adventure helps to maintain the culture of that area. You learn more about the area and species while investing in the future of that area.


Just imagine a tour of the plains in Africa with an African guide that knows the land and its creatures like no other. “Africa Born” is a company offering various vacation options that will be tailor made to include what you want to see. What’s so incredible about their destinations is that they want for the traveller to experience the diverse culture and the people, while seeing the beauty and making a difference. Whether that means tagging sea turtles, or watching the elephants silhouetted by the magic sunsets of Africa, a bond will be formed that will make the traveller a protecter of this land for life.


Wild Ark is an organization started by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. This couple of conservationists knew that all people need is to form a connection with areas and they will help to save all that is wild for the future. They see that our earth is fragile and that it needs the nurturing and care of it’s people to remain. With scientific study and showing people the changes that need to happen they are doing their part. Learn more: