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Ubisoft Announces Delay of Skull and Bones

Ubisoft, best known for replicating real life cities in games with painstaking detail and the Assassin’s Creed series, has just announced that they will be delaying their new pirate game Skull and Bones.

First announced at E3 2017, Skull and Bones is planned to be a ship-based pirate combat game where players teamed up or fought against each other on the open seas, raiding ships and finding treasure. Unfortunately, anyone who might find this premise exciting will have to be content with Sea of Thieves for the time being, as Skull and Bones won’t be coming out until at least 2019.

The game is reportedly being developed at the Ubisoft Singapore division of the company, who were also responsible for the standout success of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, considered one of the series high points even by non-fans for its dynamic ship combat system. As such, it’s no wonder they were chosen to develop another game about pirates.

The game’s creative director, Justin A. Farren, was the one to break the news to fans. He mentioned how Skull and Bones was the studio’s biggest game to date and a passion project for many of the developers employed at the studio. While no official reason has been given as to why the game was delayed, it was likely just a matter of fine tuning and finishing up what’s already been built taking longer than expected, with Farren stating that they’re hoping the extra time will ensure they’re able to make the best game possible that will “achieve our ambition to deliver the ultimate pirate game set to thrill players at launch and for years to come.”

Delay or not, though, fans won’t be left in the lurch for very long. This year’s E3 event happening in June is the first time Ubisoft plans to show off some of the team’s work with Skull and Bones, giving everyone a chance to see exactly what they’re waiting for.