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The Kabbalah Centre Appeals to Celebs in Different Ways

If you want to go to a place where you can learn about the mystical Kabbalah and be in a supportive atmosphere with like-minded people, the Kabbalah Centre is the place for you! It is located all over the world; throughout Europe, Oceania, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Canada and America. From looking at where its locations are, it seems that the Kabbalah Centre has the most locations in places that are known to have large Jewish presences, such as the City of New York, Miami and Los Angeles. However, one does not need to be Jewish in order to attend  Kabbalah Centre. In fact, you can be any religion. Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube .The Kabbalah Centre shares the philosophy that every religion is correct and welcome, due to the idea that everything comes from one great truth.

The Kabbalah Centre specially designed its curriculum in such a way that lay people can understand. The whole point to their teachings is to make a person’s life more fulfilling and productive. The Kabbalah Centre makes it so that the Kabbalah is not just limited to study groups of men above the age of 40 who are Jews or converted Jews—it is available for everyone.

Kabbalah has hooked a lot of people in Hollywood over the years. This goes on an on, and includes Paris Hilton, Sarah Bernhard and Britney Spears. Each celebrity has had his or her own reasons for studying Kabbalah.

Some celebrities have made their whole lives about Kabbalah, while others have studied it as a fulfilling activity that they put away sometimes. A number of celebrities are fascinated with the history of Judaism, and the human heritage and knowledge that comes from it. Celebrities like Madonna claim that Kabbalah helps you to become more productive and to give more to the world.

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