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Samsung’s New CHG90, Ultrawide Monitor

Samsung has revealed their newest computer monitor up for purchase: the CHG90. The widest computer monitor on the market, this appeals to PC gamers and computer enthusiasts alike. Many may be more or less loyal to their dual monitor setup, having more room to work and play with. Some PC gamers probably remain most comfortable with their split customization. However, there might be a new trend of wide computer monitors becoming the standard. As more and more computer users base their work and play styles on the limits of their screen capacity, wider computer monitors will fall more in demand.


The 49-inch CHG90 ultrawide gaming monitor by Samsung has a slight curve to it. The curve of the monitor helps prevent eye strain, as it keeps both left and right sides of the screen within peripheral vision. The viewing angle is 178-degrees. The aspect ratio to this monitor is wildly beyond the normal resolution, which is usually around 16:9. This monitor is at 32:9, leaving new perspectives in games. This capacity for wider views leads to a deeper immersion in game-play. In addition, photo-editing and multitasking are easier with so much increased work space.


The monitor has a reduced response time using a VA LCD panel: only a millisecond. The refresh rate is 144 hertz, which equals refreshed pixels 144 times per second. While this depends on the user’s graphics card capacity, the improvement is huge. AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology is also utilized, meaning the monitor communicates with your computer’s graphics card to create less screen tearing and unwanted choppy effects.


The monitor comes with software with ultra-customization. The screen can be split in a multitude of different directions and made to perfect the user’s needs. While this monitor is beautiful, it is hard to imagine an office full of them. It takes up massive desk space, though this monitor excels in so many other ways, making it ideal for a host of different uses.