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How Kabbalah Can Save Your Marriage

In a world that values ultimate equality between men and women, when it comes to marriage, it can be hard to understand the different and unique needs of a husband and wife. Men and women desire and value different things from each other, and when those needs aren’t met, many turn to marriage counseling. For those who feel that traditional marriage counseling isn’t going anywhere, perhaps it’s time to turn to the ancient mystical philosophy of Kabbalah, which values men and women’s differences and offers loads of insight into how recognizing and honoring these differences can heal underlying problems within a marriage.

In Kabbalah, the entire creation of the universe reflects the natural dynamic between men and women. Men are “light” and women are “vessels,” and understanding these key principles allows men and women to not only understand each other better, but appreciate each other’s unique purposes on this Earth. These roles are the laws of existence, and when men and women allow each other to exist in these roles, true spiritual enlightenment is attainable.

Focusing on contrast instead of equality is the key to a successful and healthy marriage, according to Kabbalah Centre. Those who practice believe that Adam and Eve began as one soul that was separated, thus implying that all men and women once belonged to the same soul, and that these contrasting energetic attributes divinely compliment each other. When a man and a woman become one through marriage, their souls are reunited and once again form one complete soul.

Directed by husband and wife team Philip and Karen Berg, the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles is a non-profit education center that teaches these practices to couples in need of spiritual guidance to heal their marriage. With a large staff of Kabbalah experts, the Religious Center strives to bring spiritual healing to those dealing with marital problems.

The Kabbalah Center offers an abundance of workshops to couples throughout the year. Additionally, you can take courses in astrology, Biblical interpretation, and more. Opened in 1984, the Kabbalah Center has developed an enormous celebrity following, with many crediting the center for bringing spiritual harmony to their troubled relationships.