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How Passion for Sports is Positioning Michel Terpins in Car Racing

Michel Terpins is the famous Brazilian car racer who has won several titles in racing competitions. The renowned racer inherited his desire for sport from his family. Apart from his father who engaged in sports most of his youth, Michel Terpins’s brother also has a reputation in the racing sports. Michel later formed a duo with his brother in which they have won several competitions.


A strong partnership

Michel Terpins and his brother had formed a strong partnership back in 2015, and since then they have been making deadlines for winning several races. They participated in the 22ndSertoes Rally and managed to secure the 7th position in the Prototype T1 category amidst the fact that they faced technical and physical problems. The two further took the challenge in the 24th edition of the same race and improved their performance to the fifth position. The improvement proved how much Rodrigo Terpins and his brother are skilled in the racing sport.


To further prove their expertise in the rallying race, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother again participated in the 25thSertoes Rally. This time, they experienced further challenging as the race stretched through to 3,300 kilometers, and as expected they performed excellently.


The journey to successful rallying

The famous car racer began his journey in sports in 2002 when he was participating in motorcycle racing. When he realized that the care category had even more thrilling experience, he decided to join his brother in the car racing. Currently, Michel Terpins’ performance is getting even better with his latest T-Rex machine, a high tech car model that every racer in Brazil talks about. Michel Terpins is confident that with this machine, he would no longer experience the technical hitches he used to face while racing. Through determination, discipline, and consistent practicing Michel Terpins has continued to furnish hi skills hoping to take the rallying race by storm. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Michel Terpins has remained committed to the sports industry and together with his brother they are ready to traverse the racing challenges. With teamwork, the excellent rider will continue to excel.