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Securus Technologies Protecting Officers on the Job

The hardest part about being a corrections officers is trying to maintain order while eliminating new threats that arise in the jail. Overcrowded conditions have increased violent episodes in our facility, but add into that mix weapons and drugs the inmates are getting to easily, and you can see how this struggle to maintain order is certainly real. The option to simply add a ton more officers to the workforce is not possible, so we have to rely on different technology to keep order.

The first change to our facility was when we had new full-body scanners installed in the guest center. These scanners help officers to check guests so they are not smuggling in contraband to the inmates. These scanners are also used to ensure inmates are not carrying anything that can hurt a guest or be taken back to their cells. Securus Technologies was the next to step up to help our facility. Their telephone call monitor has changed the way corrections officers are able to hear what the inmates are talking about on their phones. The system runs on autopilot with the help of the LBS software, giving officers the unique chance to be in two places at once.

Securus Technologies has the monitoring units in over 2,456 jails in the country, and the employees of the company work tirelessly to make the world safe. Let’s take a peek as to how things have changed for the better in our prison. Earlier this month we had one problematic inmate asking his grandmother to bring her medication to the jail. He planned on asking her for it at the visitor center, but we confiscated it from her at the gate. If inmates are talking drugs, weapons, or contraband, we get an instant alert and we take even faster action than we have before.


Securus Technologies helps prevent crime by making inmates’ lives better

Being sent to prison is one of the most difficult situations that anyone could possibly face. Throughout the history of the U.S. prison system, being sentenced to a lengthy stay in one of the nation’s jails or prisons was often a virtual guarantee that the person being sentenced would be scarred for life, whether physically or emotionally.


But over the last 20 years, the extremely harsh and brutal nature of prison stays in the United States has begun to slacken, at least to some degree. Much of this has been due to an increased awareness that certain elements of the prison environment may be able to help inmates to become successfully rehabilitated. The shift in focus to actually rehabilitating inmates, allowing them to eventually have a higher chance of successfully reintegrating into society, has been made possible by advancements in criminology as well as those in technology.


Today, it is widely recognized that inmates who are able to stay in contact with the outside world maintain a higher level of socialization to law-abiding norms that will help them reintegrate into society upon release. One way in which inmates are being encouraged to maintain positive, pro-social habits is through allowing them the ability to hold face-to-face communications with their family members on a daily basis.


No company has been more instrumental in facilitating this process than Securus Technologies. As one of the nation’s largest inmate communication firms, Securus Technologies has developed its video visitation technology, allowing inmates to maintain nearly constant contact with their loved ones on the outside. The beneficial effects of this system have been well-documented. Inmates in prisons where the system has been installed have fewer rates of infractions, and the institutions themselves suffer from far fewer serious security events.


Through technologies like these, Securus Technologies is keeping America’s prison safe.


Securus Technologies Offering Unparalleled Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies Company is a company that delivers the most sophisticated technology solutions in the inmate industry. For over two decades of professional experience, the company has worked to satisfy the people through capacitated solutions to foster criminal and civil justice solutions through the use of technology. Securus Technologies Company has also used their high-end capacitated technology to foster and modernize the incarceration experience as well as improve public safety. The company operates in numerous public safety solutions in a wide range of capacitated income. Thousands of correctional agencies, law enforcement agencies, and the public safety companies rely on the exclusive services offered by Securus Technologies Company for security purposes. Securus Technologies Company works hard to deliver the most sophisticated solutions through their powerful technology solutions that can be accessed at any time.


With hundreds of scores and patents of technologists, engineers, thinkers, designers, innovative solutions, Securus Technologies Company is a company that is second to no other in the industry. This means that they have stayed up to the end in developing unparalleled solutions in a way that does not capacitate better business solutions. Securus Technologies Company is also known to be the best provider of high-tech solutions in software and other solutions in the world. Securus Technologies Company is also ranked among the best service providers with the highest quality explain in the industry. While they maintain high-end customer service delivery options, the company develops animated capacities in a way that does not anticipate better business.


Securus Technologies Company also connects friends and families in the inmate facilities through their extended solutions in technology. For them, they are always working towards connecting the people with the best solutions in the world. Connecting the inmates with a caring soul is their priority in the industry. They also connect the inmates to technology that can change their lives once they are out of the industry.

Why Securus Technologies Is the Crème de la Crème of the Prisons Technology Industry

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of a wide range of technology solutions to correctional facilities in the US and in Canada. Some of the services the company offers include parolee tracking, detainee communications, and various management solutions for government information. The company has been in operation for more than 20 years, and is renowned for the excellent quality of services it provides. Over 1,000,000 inmates in the US and beyond benefit from the topnotch services provided by Securus Technologies.


As part of its commitment to providing comprehensive technology solutions to correctional facilities, Securus has invested a lot in its growth and expansion. Over the last few years, Securus has acquired a number of companies that provide complementary services and products in order to strengthen its position in the market and to provide correctional facilities with all the technology solutions they might need. Some of these companies include Cellblox, Telerus, Primonics and Archonix Systems among others.


Securus’ clients have not failed to notice the amazing job that the company is doing to secure correctional facilities. They are very impressed with the solutions provided by Securus as is evident from the rave remarks some of them made of the company. Thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Securus, a number of crimes were solved and prevented. Using the LBS software developed by Securus, millions of dollars’ worth of stolen goods and drugs were recovered by one of their facility customers. The products and services developed by Securus have generally made correctional facilities and the community much safer for everyone.


In a nutshell, it is Securus’ commitment to excellence that has made it an industry leader and that enables it to keep soaring higher and higher. The company’s customer base keeps growing because its products and services keep getting better by the day.