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Pokemon Fans Ramp Up For Upcoming Pokemon Go Community Day.

For people looking for reasons to get outside, Pokemon Go is doing its best to provide them the opportunity. Pokemon Go is the hit augmented reality game developed by the team at Niantic. For the better part of the past two years, Niantic has been working to develop communal events in order to promote interaction among the growing player base. On May 19th, Niantic is unveiling their most recent Pokemon Go Community Day and it’ll feature a fan-favorite Pokemon, Charmander.

The Pokemon Go Community Day event will kick off at 10 AM in the United Kingdom and it will roll through until 1 PM. The event will focus on Charmander, one of the original ‘starters’ from the first generation of Pokemon games. Evolving Charmander is a mission that many trainers probably have yet to complete as the Gen 1 starter is considered relatively rare. On Community Day events, the selected Pokemon will appear en masse all around the map. Typically, trainers will have more luck finding the Pokemon they are looking for nearer to Pokestops. With 150 total Pokemon candy, of which each Pokemon gives 3 candy, trainers will be able to score a Charizard to add to their collection.

Charmander won’t be the only draw for the Community Day event. Trainers will also be able to get triple Stardust rewards on all captures as well as the special placement of 3-hour lures on popular Pokestops. Finally, people who evolve their Charizard on the 19th will also be given a special move: Blast Burn. The evolution HAS to take place during the hours of the event or else the special move will not be given to the Charizard.

During all Community Day events, the three factions within Pokemon Go compete to capture the most Pokemon for their team. The past several events have been won by Team Mystic and Team Instinct individually. Now, Team Valor will be looking to make their mark on the Pokemon Go Community Day festivities.