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Meet Renowned Investor And Philanthropist, Ara Chackerian

Philanthropy is one of the qualities that shows an individual is not just concerned with their own success, but the success of others and the world in general. Ara Chackerian is a dedicated philanthropist that has made a successful living in the investing industry and as an entrepreneur. As Managing Director for ASC Capital, ARA provides financial consulting to build early investments in the health industry. As an advocate for philanthropy, Ara is always showing interest in the medical field as well as technology startups that could improve the healthcare system currently in place.

Throughout his career, Ara Chackerian has founded more than a dozen different companies, with and without partners. All f these companies were focused on healthcare or the environment, two areas that Ara has been passionate about throughout his career. Some of the companies he has founded include BMC Diagnostics, a company dedicated to selling image services and products. He founded PipelineRX, a company that offers telepharmacy services to limited clients. His most significant company in the healthcare industry that he co-founded in TMS Health Solutions which was founded in California in 2008.

Along with his own entrepreneurial endeavors, Ara Chackerian has worked for a number of healthcare companies over the past two decades. He worked as the VP of Research and Development at Health Diagnostics. He also maintained a position at Pipeline Health Holdings until 2017 as a chairman of the board. Ara has also worked as the VP of PSS World Medical, a prominent medical supply company. Ara Chackerian was able to achieve all of this throughout his career with a degree in business management and marketing from Florida State University. This is all impressive, but it is even more impressive that Ara is a successful businessman in the healthcare industry and an active community contributor that has started many community-driven projects in recent years.