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Roseann Bennett Features Prominently In This year’s Mental Month

Headlines in various news outlets these days underscore the fact that mental health is a major concern in today’s world. No wonder cases attributed to mental illness such as addiction, shootings, and depression are on the rise. That’s why Awareness Month is held each year to help people improve their mental well-being, ostensibly to reduce the negative effects of mental illness spillover in homes and workplaces. Roseann Bennet, the world-renowned therapist, has featured prominently in this year’s Mental Awareness Month. Bennet is a therapist with a specialty in family and marriage, and she has an MA in marriage and family. She also has am Ed.s in family and marriage. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy.


In this year’s Mental Awareness Week, the licensed counselor will be publishing articles giving tips to everyone regardless of their present mental health can use to keep on track with their mental well-being. On top of her vast professional counseling experience, Roseann Bennet has committed her entire personal and professional life helping people get along with their everyday life’s struggles. She is a co-founder of Center for Treatment & Assessment, which is a non-profit organization situated in Hackettstown. Through this organization, Roseann Bennett has dedicated herself to helping mentally distressed persons and those that are really in need. In this year’s Mental Awareness Month, Bennett explained an upcoming trend in the world of mental health therapy, known as telemedicine, which makes it easier for mental patients to talk to professional therapists via social media, email and Skype. Refer to This Article for related information.


She co-founded her organization to help mental patients get instant help, other than waiting for several months prior to seeking treatment. She has worked for over a decade as a professional therapist on family and marriage issues. Having interacted with diverse communities, the therapist understands how challenging it can be for ordinary people with mental illness to access treatment. Roseann Bennett dedicated herself to making treatment for mental illness a reality for all.





Roseann Bennet has made treatment for mental illness available for countless families and persons notwithstanding their backgrounds. She has achieved more than what most in-home therapist can dream of achieving in their profession.


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