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AFR Ranked Infinity Group Australia as the 58th Most Innovative Company for the Year 2018 Awards

Infinity Group Australia was founded in the year 2013 by Graeme Holm & Rebecca Walker, and within few years, they have grown to be among the best debt reduction companies in the country. The company’s main objective is to help as many people as possible to improve their incomes, reduce debts and prepare them for better futures. It is through their diligence and unparalleled services that they got recognition from Australian Financial Review (AFR) in their top 100 Most Innovative Companies list for 2018. AFR has been producing this cross-industry list for seven years involving companies both in Australia and New Zealand. The list can reach out to more than 1.8 million readers, and this creates an opportunity for growth and improvement to Infinity Group Australia and other companies listed.

AFR’s list was compiled after a thorough analysis and assessment by Inventium, a renowned innovation consultancy firm in Australia together with other industry experts. Some of the things considered during the compilation of the list include strategies used by a company to address the problem at hand, the uniqueness of the solution and the effects it has on the real world. Other main considerations include the company’s innovation culture regarding resources, strategies and processes utilised. During AFR’s awards night, Graeme Holm accepted the honour graciously and added that they are grateful and proud as a company to be part of the distinguished list. He thanked the Australian Financial Review (AFR) and Inventium for ranking them 58th among other innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. Graeme also took time to appreciate his team for their undivided passion and commitment in offering debt reduction and budgetary services among others in an innovative manner.

Graeme has been in the financial sector for more than 15 years, and this experience gave him the courage to start his own company with the aim of helping people manage their finances. Infinity Group Australia came to be born then, and their competence in customer experience and innovation are among the things that have led to its success. The company is based in Bella Vista and some parts of Sydney whereby they act as a personal trainer for client’s finances. With the help of Infinity Group Australia, clients are enabled to eliminate their debts within a very short time. When debts are reduced, they are also trained on how to create more wealth and thus secure a brighter future.

About Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm grew up in Illawarra and was passionate about sports, precisely football and this made him travel a lot across the world at a tender age of 15 years. However, an injury made him change his career and switched to the finance and banking industry. Graeme worked for several banks while holding management positions and his main focus was on home loans and mortgages. It is during this time that he helped many clients to repay their home loans within a short time through following realistic budgets. The passion for helping people reduce their debts inspired him to start his own company, and this idea led to the birthing of the successful Infinity Group Australia. This company’s main focus is on training people on how to reduce their debts, create wealth and prepare a better future. The company after six years of operation has proven to be successful and innovative enough to be recognized by AFR among the top 100 most innovative companies for 2018. Learn more :

Clayton Hutson Joins Kid Rock Tour as Production Manager

Warren Katz recently published an article to the Nashville Patch, a local news website, titled “Clayton Hutson to Production Manage Kid Rock’s Tour”. Clayton Hutson is a local Nashville producer who will manage Kid Rock’s 2018 tour around the U.S.


The article reveals that the singer Kid Rock will be on the road again for his “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour”. The tour will begin in August, though the musician has played several shows at a variety of different music festivals in July. Kid Rock will tour across the U.S. until November. He will be playing with a variety of artists like Wheeler Walker Jr. and Brantley Gilbert.


Clayton Hutson was also the production manager for Kid Rock’s early 2018 tour, titled “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” where he acted as the stage manager. Kid Rock has become known for his incredibly outspoken personality which has often gained him unwanted attention from the general public. There are also different obstacles that occur in tour preparation. Kid Rock’s first tour in 2018 was so successful because Clayton Hutson helped him overcome these obstacles.


Hutson is a professional, however, allowing the tour to succeed. Hutson reveals that a large part of the success is due to keeping confidence in himself and help maintain the crew’s morale. The confidence led to the success of the show where more than a million people showed up to the different shows across the U.S.


Kid Rock became an essential summer band, often becoming a required show for people looking to enjoy the summer. He has performed at a variety of festivals and amphitheaters in 2018 for his first tour, often selling out entire venues. The show itself includes pyrotechnics and songs that are fun to dance to. Clayton is excited to work with the team on the road, revealing that it is incredibly important to create a crew of great people. He suggests that it is more necessary in the tour industry than any other because people are working together all day and living together in very close living situations. Clayton hand-picked his crew, knowing that it will have an impact on how the tour goes.


Clayton Hutson has worked on many different tours like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s “Soul2Soul Tour. He enjoyed working as a production manager, helping the tour succeed. He has also worked as a Stage Manager. Though it is a less intense role, he also reveals that the Stage Manager needs to be working from the early morning ensuring that all the trucks are packed and unpacked properly.

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Meet Clayton Hutson: He’s A Talented Technician Who Loves Working With Talented Musicians On Tour.

Clayton Hutson began his academic pursuits with an emphasis on the performing arts, especially in areas of theatre design. With this type of knowledge, Clay Hutson was able to work as a sound engineer. Then, he went on to do project management work. By learning new skills based on taking on different obligations, it helped him profusely.


Hutson was fortunate enough to gain experience in the music genre by working on several different projects that came with learning new things and different types of demands. Whether it was working as a sound engineer or a tour manager who had to manage a whole crew, Clay Hutson has stepped up to the task. He has had some essential roles over the years to help many different crews who were working on tour with famous musicians like Prince or Marilyn Manson, Kid Rock and also rock groups like Garbage and Guns N’ Roses. Hutson was also production manager for Jennifer Nettles and the stage manager for rapper, Kanye West. Hutson noted that he liked working with Rock N’ Roll acts, because the genre had beckoned him, so he answered its call. Clay Hutson strives to work in a role as designer and as a producer on many live tours.


When he began his career working with talents on tour, he helped out as working as part of the crew that was supporting well-known evangelist, Billy Graham. Besides his splendid work résumé, Hutson worked hard in academia by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from Central Michigan University in Theater Design. Besides his bachelor’s degree, he was also awarded a master’s degree in business administration.


When he was working in his niche for another business owner and not on his own, the Great Recession hit the company he was working for quite hard. With the financial and income outlook being quite turbulent for him, Clay Hutson decided to disassociate from the company that he had worked for at the time and venture out on his own as a business owner. Clay Hutson felt that it was a good time to do so at that point.


Clay Hutson remarked in an interview that his company could handle rigging and sound engineering, and many elements regarding live production. When asked about the other key services his company does, Clay Hutson also said he works in areas of logistics, stage managing and production management and design. Learn more:

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Become the Human Element of Chainsmokers’ Music

The recent release of the Chainsmokers’ 2018 single “Sick Boy” has many people talking. It is unlike anything they have released before. Although it sounds like a traditional dance song, sporting a catchy back beat overlaid with masterful electronic soundscapes, the single contains a sobering message about today’s society. The Chainsmokers have never been a traditional EDM group. The DJ duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have pushed the boundaries of their chosen genre numerous times. Both artists are heavily involved in the songwriting, and Andrew Taggart even goes as far as to sing lead vocals. “Sick Boy” is their latest attempt to remain relevant, establish themselves as true artists, and better connect with their listeners.


Since the release of 2016 hit “Closer” the Chainsmokers have tried to insert themselves as the human element within their music. For most DJ’s that element is provided by other artists in collaboration, but as Taggart continues to provide lead vocals, that element has become the duo themselves. According to Alex Pall it stems from a choice to wrap an identity around their work. “We want our songs to be a cohesive body of work that illustrates who we are” Pall said. In a recent interview the duo alluded that at one point they decided they did not want to make regular dance music anymore. They looked around, saw that most EDM groups did not use their own vocals, and said why not. The decision has paid off considerably as the Chainsmokers are more popular than ever.


“Sick Boy” is a continuation of Pall’s desire to stay away from typical DJ format. A few singles, a collection of good songs, some dance records, and an interlude shoved in their somewhere. For him relevance is found in identity and a song like “Sick Boy” provides that identity. The song alludes to the frustration of celebrity in the thrall of overexposure on social media, and also touches on the loss of identity social media generates.