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Did Adventure Time Just Land an Open World Video Game?

The answer is simple: mathematical! Adventure Time is one of the hottest entertainment properties in the world, at least if you are a teenager, and the IP has been longing for a high-quality video game adaptation. With nigh infinite imagination, a great Adventure Time game has been a long time coming. Bandai Namco must have heard the collective yearning of fans everywhere, because it was recently announced that the property would be getting an open-world game: Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. This will be the most ambitious Adventure Time-related property that has ever been released and we are all in on the fun.

In Pirates of the Enchiridion, players will get to control any one of a number of different popular AT-related characters including Finn, BMO, Jake, and Marceline. Players will wander all over the Land of Ooo in order to discover different Kingdoms and recruit new players to their team. Finn and Jake get to traverse the suddenly flooded Land of Ooo in their special boat. While details are scarce at this point in time, we do know that Bandai Namco is trying to do something a little different. The goal in this open-world game will be to use detective skills, such as interrogations and clue finding, as well as ‘tactical combat’. There is also a progression system with light RPG elements.

Pirates of the Enchiridion will be released for all major consoles as well as PC some point in Spring of 2017. The developers of the game, Outright Games, are right now engaging in a naming competition that fans can partake in. The winner of the competition will have selected the name for Jake and Finn’s ship. If you’ve ever wanted to cement your name in Adventure Time history, now is the chance. All you need to do is head to the Facebook page for Outright Games in order to enter the competition. Who knows what the internet will come up with, but we’re excited to see it!