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Nintendo Switch Adds Another Perfect Title to Their Library.

The developers at Nintendo have been having themselves quite a year. The Nintendo Switch released out of nowhere to incredible critical acclaim and that critical reception was followed up by sales numbers that would turn out to be historic. After beating the PS2’s legendary sales run in Japan, the Nintendo Switch leaps in 2018 with something to prove: that the innovative console was no fluke. In order to keep gamers coming back to the Switch, especially with the strong titles being released on the PS4 and XB1, Nintendo has had to make sure that their library is always expanding with high-quality. Continuing their string of amazing ports and remakes, Nintendo is dropping ‘Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2’ for a release date of 2016 — and the reviews are sparkling.

Fans who haven’t heard of the Bayonetta games probably didn’t spend much time with their Wii U. While the Wii U was pretty much an abject failure, the Bayonetta titles came out and scored amazing reviews. Now, gamers are going to get the chance to play it again, or for the first time, on their Nintendo Switch. Developed by Platinum Games, Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2 is an incredible hack ‘n slash title that brings together everything we love about the genre. For those that missed out on the title the first time around, now is a better time than ever to get back on board. Critics have been absolutely gushing about Nintendo’s ability to capably port the title to the Switch in a way that makes sense and our game libraries are better off as a result.

The ability and desire to port titles from across their library, and often across third parties, has been one of the biggest indicators of success for Nintendo with the Switch. Nintendo has already ported several popular titles like ‘Mario Kart 8’ and ‘Pokken Tournament’ and as long as they keep doing so, we will keep on buying. The Nintendo Switch is already looking to have incredible legs for the legendary gaming company.