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Dr. Cameron Clokie Focuses on Musculoskeletal Reconstruction in Canada

Musculoskeletal reconstruction is changing the face of regenerative medicine. Rather than using bone grafts from the hip or the shin, doctors are now showing patients that it’s possible to regrow their own bones.

Leading the way is Dr. Cameron Clokie, a former Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the University of Toronto. He is also the CEO of Induce Biologics, Inc. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine

What is musculoskeletal reconstruction?

Musculoskeletal reconstruction is defined as the rebuilding of muscle and bone. Much of this is done through regenerative medicine now, which is where the body is able to regrow its own bone. This happens due to proteins injected, which trigger adult stem cells to become bone cells.

The medicine is still in the testing phase throughout many hospitals and universities. Dr. Clokie and a team of other medical professionals have been working at the University of Toronto as well as Mount Sinai Hospital.

How is it helping patients?

Patients are benefiting from musculoskeletal reconstruction in a number of different ways. It allows for a faster recovery time. It also allows people to have their own bone, growing right where it needs to be. It is in sharp contrast to the traditional methods where bone, fat, and muscle is stolen from one site to be used in another.

As Dr. Clokie explains, the regrowth has been able to give many patients a new lease on life. For people who have had tumors and various forms of jaw-tissue growth, the regeneration can help people to improve jaw function. It will even allow for tumors to be removed, dental implants to be built, and much more.

Many scientists have been working on the research behind musculoskeletal reconstruction. There have been some considerable innovations in recent years. Dr. Cameron Clokie alone holds 25 U.S. and international patents, pending or existing, all related to bone healing.

As more innovations become available, patients get more help.

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