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Entrepreneur Nick Vertucci Writes Book About Succeeding In Life And Business

Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur who started the NV Real Estate Academy. His company teaches classes across America and Canada where people learn about how they can make money buying and selling real estate such as homes and commercial properties. He recently wrote a book about his business philosophy and life. The book is “Seven Figure Decisions” and it is available on Amazon for $9.99 for the Kindle version and $15.99 as a paperback.

In this book, he wrote that you aren’t going to become wealthy by playing things safe in life. Nick Vertucci believes that you need to be prepared to take calculated but bold risks if you want to find professional success. He writes about the six essential building blocks that an entrepreneur needs to build his success upon.

He also writes about his own personal story in “Seven Figure Decisions“. Nick Vertucci shares that after his dad passed away he grew up in a low-income household and rarely saw his mom as she had to work a few jobs to support the family. After graduating from high school he started a tech company and was doing well up until that industry collapsed in 2000 and he lost everything.

Nick Vertucci shares that he had to push past his fears for the second time and begin again in a new industry, real estate. He says in this book that you need to be passionate about achieving your goals and learn the proper mindset. He writes about what he sees as the four main things needed to develop a great business plan which are: See it. Believe it. Map it. Execute it.

He writes in this book that you should set your sights as high as possible. He wrote that the higher you set them the more success you will find in your life, both personally and professionally.