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PC Gaming: Loot Boxes Poised to Change Gaming

Loot boxes are catching on across the gaming industry. These boxes add mystery to gaming. Prizes range from advancing game performance to catering to player preferences. Quick power ups enable players to compete at higher levels. Cosmetic items offer players the ability to customize their experience.

The mysteries loot boxes offer are its strength. In essence, they offer a highly adaptable tool for games to interact with their players. The rise in popularity is not surprising. Players want new experiences. The simplicity of opening a box enables programmers a very easy way to meet this need.

Experienced gamers expect loot boxes to change gaming on a fundamental level. The anticipation of opening a box to find a rare item can overcome a player with excitement. Not all items looted through boxes have real gaming value. For instance, cosmetics add to the experience or appeal. Sometimes cosmetic items add value as status symbols. More often they are meant to satisfy player preferences.

The benefits to operational costs can be seen right away. After all, complaints are not filed over PCs overheating due to opening boxes. The ability to adapt quickly is probably even more important. If a large percentage of players request a specific addition, a programmer can quickly introduce a solution. This even enables games to test market their player base. If players do not like a new item, it can be discontinued before becoming an established part of the game.

Loot boxes are a normal part of the experience for many gamers. At this point, the industry would be hard pressed to deny their customers the added mystery. Add to this an increased ability to adapt in a highly competitive and innovative market. It seems likely that loot boxes will soon become as an established part of gaming as leveling up an avatar.