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Linux Users Considered Most Valuable of PC Users

Linux customers are considered some of the most generous of the PC users out there whether it’s because Linux is a free operating system or the software uses is frequently updated. Humble Bundle has even noticed that Linux users tend to pay more time and again compared to their Windows and MacOS counterparts.

The generous contributions were dwarfed by the combined total of the bigger platforms, but it’s a sure sign that Linux users are perhaps more appreciative of the services they receive. The user donations to Linux MATE and Mint desktops has helped to pave the way for Dell’s Linux laptop line and that many ideas and projects related to Linux and treats their users like users instead of a common customer base. Linux is then thus rewarded for treating their users with respect and it has helped the platform to grow even stronger.

Hiri is one of the newest pieces of software to hit the Linux scene and is a cross-platform desktop email client to allow users o manage, read, and send the email to Microsoft Exchange servers. The platform also allows users to use their Office265, Hotmail, and Outlook accounts. Hiri decided to support Linux since initially the software had been built and could be run on Linux since the app was built using Qml and PyQt.

David Power, who is the COO and Founder of Hiri, even shared the fact many of the people on his team had a soft spot for Linux. While initially, David had a failure to attract a community to use his new cross platform software, he walked in one day to find his devs running Hiri using Ubuntu. He had versions of the early development of Hiri to a couple of users. The users stuck around and offered thoughtful feedback that helped to improve the software.