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What can the Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy Education Institute do for you?

Do you work in a charter school in the United States? Have you long been hearing about a New York City charter school network called Success Academy, and its founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz?


If so, and you have long wanted to work there, because of a new program instituted by Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy, you may no longer have to. That is because they are offering their Academy’s curriculum completely free of charge to any educator that wants it.


Meaning you now have the possibility of working in your own charter school in just the same way as teachers at Success Academy.


The new Success Academy program is called Education Institute, was the brainchild of Eva Moskowitz and other Academy executives, and was two years in the making.


It is an online program that has been set up to allow educators around the country to access the Academy’s complete curriculum, their teaching methods and the resources they use in the classroom.


At Education Institute, you will also find in-depth information about Eva Moskowitz, the Success Academy and how they were able to achieve the success they have had in the just over 10 years they have been in existence.


You can access the information from the Academy’s website via a simple registration process. Once accepted, you can visit the new platform as often as you like to download curriculum material, look for teaching resources and to also look at any new material that may have been added.


All of this has been put online as Eva Moskowitz believes every child, no matter where they live, has the right to a good education. She also believes most teachers are not able to give them the education they need simply because they are working with the poor materials and curriculum available in their own school districts.


With access to Success Academy’s curriculum, however, that can quickly change.