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I Was Alive Jayden Smith Raised the Bar So High He Passed Out

For as long as we can remember, Jayden Smith has always been trying to be his own man – or woman (if the cross-dressing is anything to go by) – for the longest time ever. Jayden Smith is always looking for ways to express his artistic side and at the same time staying relevant in the entertainment world. Jayden Smith’s parents were mega stars who contributed to Jayden being so smart at coming up with new ways of making it to the headlines on a regular.

The theater of absurdity aside, Jayden has always been dedicated to giving his fans nothing but the very best. Yes, even when it comes to squeezing into Willow’s little dresses, he does it with so much vigor. A video recently surfaced showing the teen performing on of his hit singles and from the look of things, Jayden was unstoppable.

Unlike rappers like Kanye West who only rant and walk away from performances, Jayden Smith made sure that he and his dedicated fans were rapping the lyrics to his song word for word. At the end of his adrenaline charged performance that seemed to thrill his fans to the core, Jaden Smith passed out. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video by following the link

Whether he indeed passed out or was just faking to get the much-needed hype, only Jayden Smith knows. But the fact remains that the Child Star put his heart and soul (and ribs) into his performance, and that sat well his fans because “rich kid” and “working hard” can’t even sit in the same sentence. As a matter of fact, all fans should demand a full refund if at all their favorite artists don’t perform until they pass out – period!