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Igor Cornelsen Talks about the New Investment Opportunities in the European and World Market

In the Brazilian finance industry, one name is very prominent when it comes to financial expert, and that is of Igor Cornelsen. With the experience of over fifty years in the financial market, Igor Cornelsen has played a vital role in the growth of the many companies and banks he has worked for. In the last few years, he has been thoroughly focusing on the stock market. He also likes to provide his clients with the tips and investment advice that helps them with increasing the value of their investment portfolio.

Igor Cornelsen recently wrote a blog online providing investment tips to the young age professionals who have just started their career. The first advice he gives in the blog is that one should start with investing as soon as they get their first paycheck as sooner you start, safer you would be financially in the future. Many people wait for a very long time before they take savings seriously, and it ends up putting them in financial trouble. Igor Cornelsen also says that one should always research before putting their hard earned money in any investment product or stock. As the CEO of Bainbridge Consulting Inc, Igor Cornelsen works with many companies and individuals and guides them on how they can maximize their returns from investment.

For Igor Cornelsen, any particular day starts with monitoring the current status of the Europe financial market. He keeps himself updated of the latest changes in the market so that he can offer advice to his clients. He is not afraid to track the new trends as he feels that it means that the economy of the country is expanding and there are new opportunities for investors looking to grow their money. Igor Cornelsen is not just knowledgeable, but also have experience with different investment vehicles.

The Success of Ara Chackerian

An investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ara Chackerian has made built an impressive career in the business world. Chackerian is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. This group is focused on helping and investing in beginning healthcare companies. During his career Ara Chackerian has had the opportunity to work with several major companies including BMC Diagnostics, Provider Links and PipelineRx.

Ara Chackerian is a co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions. TMS is know for making large advances in the world of depression treatment. TMS is the provider of a process called transcranial magnetic stimulation a method for treating depression. TMS is just one of Chackerian’s many successes. He has spent more than two decades working with a variety of companies in the healthcare world. Currently Chackerian is committed to being a board member for several beginning healthcare companies which include PipelineRX and Mint Medical Education.

Chackerian used his own personal experience to help him create TMS Solutions. Working with a long timer partner, Chackerian wanted to continue building radiology centers across the area. This eventually lead to research in psychiatry work which eventually lead to the creation of TMS. Chackerian became convinced that TMS had the ability to become a major component of psychiatric care. It would be the third part along with medication and talk therapy.

Chackerian and his company were on a mission to change the current healthcare model. They wanted to design a model that was beneficial for both patients and physicians. They wanted both their treatment and overall experienced to be focused on the customer.

Ara Chackerian’s success is no mistake. Each day his routine is centered around his vision strategy and coaching. On top of his work, Chackerian also focuses lots of energy on philanthropic efforts. Chackerian has built an impressive career in a short time and he appears set for much more success in the years to come.

Stream Energy: Making A Difference in the Community

Stream Energy is a company made up of community service. The company hires freelance independent contractors to go out into the community to build relationships with people in order to match them with the services that meet their needs at a discounted price. Stream Energy offers mobile phone plans, discounted clean energy, and virtual doctors. Each contractor earns a commission on each sale that they close. Outside of regular day to day business, Stream owns and operates Stream Cares, a philanthropic organization aimed at ensuring that the people in the community have everything that they need to live clean and safe. The organization partners with the Salvation Army, the Hope Supply Co., the Red Cross, and the Habitat for Humanity in efforts to expand its reach and change the lives of people all over the world. One of the main issues in the community that Stream Energy works to support is homelessness. Many people in the community are displaced due to financial circumstances, and even sudden natural disasters. One example of this is Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on the Houston Texas area. Many residents there lost their homes, their pets, and even their loved ones. Stream Energy was one of the first organizations to grant funds to the community to help begin the recovery process. That is only one example of how Stream gives back to its community. Another example is the annual Splash for Hope event. Stream Energy partners with the Hope Supply Co. to give homeless children an experience that they will never forget. The Hope Supply Co. provides the community with supplies they need such as school items, diapers, and clothing. Stream has partnered with this organization for over four years. Stream pays the cover and meal costs for more than 1,000 children. The associates come out and support the cause by helping keep order and monitoring the children throughout the day. The associates are the biggest fans of the community. They understand that without the community, they wouldn’t have a flourishing business. That is why when disaster strikes they are there to support and give aid in any way that they can.

Felipe Montoro Jens, reports on economy of Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is an experienced infrastructure specialist and has reports on public private partnership projects in Brazil. Over the last 20 years Brazil, Latina America’s largest economy has been struggling with economic turmoil and political unrest. The federal government has been making big investments in recent years in public private partnership project. Public private partnerships are a good tool that lowers costs of infrastructure projects, creates jobs, and keeps the deficit in check financially.

Infraero is one of the government companies set to auction portions of its ownership to the private sector. Infraero will be releasing control of Brasilia, Confis (Belo Horizinte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro), Guarulhos (Sao Paulo), and about 10 more airports. By having this auction of these airports will help reduce the financial burden of managing them and help reduce the country’s deficit. BR 153 and BR 364 is also part of a planned public private partnership road construction project, planned for the end of 2018. Visit to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens also noted the expansion of the early childhood development networks in Rio de Janeiro. By 2020, Rio de Janeiro plans to build 20,000 day care centers, and 40,000 preschools. The city of Rio de Janeiro has invested over $2 million in this public private partnership projects, to bring the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in as consultants. The private partners will mainly responsible to actual construction and maintenance of the location of the day cares and schools.

In the state of Maranhao, they are using public private partnerships to construct four prisons, scheduled for 2019. In Pernambuco, Felipe Montoro Jens detailed the efforts to acquire more investments in 15 states to participate and expand public private partnership projects. Pernambucana Sanitation Company (COMPESA) is working with National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) with these efforts. In Piaui there is a public private partnership project to upgrade the internet infrastructure in the state. The public private partnership project is installing fiber optic cables and 1,500 access points. The Piaui public private partnership internet project will expand from the coast down to the south and impact over 2 million people. Visit: