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Jeff Yastine Leads Banyan Hill Publishing To An Innovative Future

The financial sector has been going through many changes in recent years as the world of employment and investing is changed forever by new technologies making their way into various industries across the planet. One of the main experts leading the charge towards finding success in the future as an investor is Jeff Yastine, the former anchor of the “Nightly Business Report” on PBS has returned to the world of investing with a bang as he has been looking for different ways of getting a foothold in the markets for investors from all backgrounds. Follow Jeff Yastine on

Banyan Hill Publishing has been designed with the needs of the everyday investor in mind with editors like Jeff Yastine have been given the opportunity to explore different investment opportunities from across the planet. Investors are often given the short end of the stick by the mainstream media when it comes to investing with the majority of the advice on stocks being given already out of date. University of Florida graduate, Jeff Yastine believes most of the advice on which stocks to buy provided by the mainstream media have already reached their peak in value and offer little for the everyday investor. Alongside this problem is the issue of a one size fits all approach taken by Wall Street to financial dealings.


At Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine and his fellow business leaders have been seeking new and innovative ways of exploring the financial markets by looking at opportunities offered by less well-known stocks and investments which may not have yet been explored by the mainstream. Jeff Yastine and his colleagues often look to give their readers in their weekly columns for “Total Wealth Insider” and other publications a glimpse at the ways they seek out investment opportunities and assess the chances of success.

The overall idea behind working for Banyan Hill Publishing is to offer investors the knowledge and skills required to make a success of their own investment careers after they have learned from the experts at the company. Jeff Yastine was one of the first financial reports to warn his followers of the economic crash of the mid to late-00s and hopes his work with Banyan Hill Publishing will continue his own personal tradition of success as a writer and investor. Read this article at