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Philanthropy At Its Best: Highland Capital Management

One of the chief attributes that set aside many of the finest asset management institutions is that of philanthropy. Just recently, Highland Capital Management has made a fine demonstration of philanthropy at its best. Read more about Highland Capital at

When it comes to making donations, the Dallas, Texas-based Highland Capital Management announced in January a massive donation of $10 million dollars. This donation was given to the George W Bush Presidential Center. Be it noted that this donation is of no single instance due to the fact that the firm has contributed more than $5 million dollar since 2012 to the same Presidential Center. All across the world, Highland Capital exemplifies philanthropy at his best. In order to support a new series sponsored by the investment firm, this donation was made. With such endowments and contributions, Highland Capital Management has clearly set the stage for what it means to show charity. Visit to know more.

The investment firms co-founder and president, Mr James Dondero, who made the announcement, has over three decades of experience in the equity and credit markets. In addition to such experience, Mr Dondero’s firm is a multibillion-dollar organization that specializes in multiple financial assets. While their overall goal is that of generating capital and profit for the many clients involved, this firm also has the goal of making charity work of the utmost importance. As seen by the most recent endowment gift presented. What this donation, Highland Capital Management has become the chief sponsor of a new series of public programs.

Usually, asset management companies rarely make such contributions due to the fact of the many ups and downs that the financial markets may present or simply because it’s not something that is in the agenda of those in the executive position of such management firms. This is another reason why Highland Capital sits head and shoulders above many of the world’s management firms due to the sheer will to not only make an enormous donation but to make a donation that has caused behind it. By simply perusing the George W. Bush Presidential Center one can see the effect of Highland Capital Management. That of magnificence and Honour.