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Intel’s 6-Core Processors Debut In A Handful of Laptops

Recently, Intel announced a lineup of hexa-core processors for its Core-i7 and new Core-i9 lineup. The new processors are designed for laptops and come with a notable performance increase over previous chips. A handful of new gaming laptops were announced alongside the processors as well. Without a doubt, such a revelation is exciting news for gamers, especially those that want to game on the go.

A Look At The New Gaming Laptops

Acer, Gigabyte, Samsung, and Asus announced gaming laptops featuring these 6-core processors. Most of the machines include Core-i7 processors and GTX 10-series GPUs. However, Asus unveiled a behemoth Core-i9 machine with a GTX 1080. The specs are eye-watering while the price tags are as high as expected. Each laptop will be released throughout the coming months and provide ample gaming performance.

Why All Of This Matters

By itself, the announcement of 6-core laptop processors isn’t too noteworthy. Laptops will receive expected performance gains and better energy efficiency. The real story here is that laptops continue to make noticeable strides in performance and capabilities. With a hexa-core processor and higher end Nvidia GPU, these machines can provide real performance not seen in laptops before.

It doesn’t hurt that gaming laptops continue to shrink in size and power usage. Manufacturers continue to shrink down hardware into more sleek packages. In the past, a gaming laptop might look like a stuffed briefcase. Now these machines are starting to look like somewhat slim machines hiding powerful capabilities. Gaming laptops in the near future may even start to resemble ultrabooks in some ways.

Either way, Intel’s hexa-core processors are an exciting development for laptops. These processors might even find their way into non-gaming laptops, too. More powerful laptops with less demanding power needs are good news for everyone. It’s an exciting period of time for CPUs, GPUs, and computer hardware in general.