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Laura Cipullo Points Out Misconceptions About Dieting


Hard-to-resist refined carbohydrates like pasta and white bread have been on the doomed-diet list for decades, but The Body Clock Diet author, Laura Cipullo, R.D. says there’s nothing wrong with either one.


“You can eat anything you want but the trick is balancing your diet, and eating mindfully,” says Cipullo. Her philosophy centers on being food conscious about what and when you eat. Instead of eating the typical large bowl of pasta, Cipullo says focus on portion control and simply eat one cup. She also points out that instead of choosing the foot-long sub on white bread you can substitute the bread or even choose a six-inch sub.


About 20 percent of diets succeed, and most fads fail, but in Cipullo’s book, The Body Clock Diet, mindful eating with a balanced lifestyle is proposed. If you eat in moderation, you can enjoy just about any food group, including carbohydrates. One particular diet system, Nutrisystem, revolves around providing you with high nutritional, pre-cooked meals, that also cater to many food intolerance, such as gluten and lactose free. While the menu is varied Nutrisystem is focused towards low GI foods. Laura Cipullo’s book also encourages people to enhance their menu’s with plenty of fresh vegetables to make meals more satisfying.  Plus, as Pure Healthy Living reports it’s brought to you at the bare minimum of imposed Nutrisystem cost.


Choosing Your Meal Plan


Another tip Laura Cipullo sheds light on is how carbohydrates impact our glucose levels because the body turns it into sugar.


Foods are categorized by a glycemic index. The glycemic index (GI) refers to the impact of food on the level of blood sugar. That is, a food that has a high glycemic index raises your blood glucose level much more than one with a low rate.


Cipullo points out that if we pair proteins and fats with refined carbohydrates, we can diminish our glycemic levels. Her six-week diet plan explains how to pair carbs like pasta with salmon entrees to ensure a healthier meal.


Balancing Your Glycemic Load


Although the glycemic index tells us a lot about the effect it will have food in our blood sugar is not the only thing that you should take into account, since the amount of carbohydrates you eat has a greater impact on glucose. Cipullo’s book says if you try to avoid foods with a high GI and always combine them with low GI foods, like vegetables, fats and proteins, your food will balance.




  • The GI of a food can change depending on its variety (for example, white or red potatoes), their maturity, their preparation (juice, puree, or soup) and storage time.


  • Fiber and fat help lower the GI of foods, therefore, choose foods high in fiber and consume healthy fats like olive oil, avocado and nuts.


  • Each person responds differently to food IG way monitors your glucose after meals and identifies foods that suit you.


Several studies support a diet of a balanced meal that consists of high and low GI foods. Among overweight adults, a balanced diet with a low glycemic load, such as whole grains, vegetables and other foods that are fiber-rich drastically reduced markers of inflammation related with chronic diseases. Scientists say it is because low GI foods do not cause spikes in blood glucose, increasing insulin secretion that regulates metabolism of fat and sugar.


In fact, in a study that consisting of 80 healthy adults, half normal weight and half obese, participants ate a low glycemic diet for six weeks. The conclusion was that the diet helped reduce biomarkers of the C – reactive protein by 22% . This finding is clinically important because this substance is associated with an increased risk for many cancers, as well as cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, and several other chronic conditions. Cipullo points out how beneficial this can be to our bodies.


There are ways to eat anything you want if you eat certain foods in moderation, and pair with low glycemic foods. Instead of choosing highly processed treats with white sugar, or canned fruit filled with syrup, eat mindfully and you’ll be able to enjoy more foods than you think.