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Barbara Stokes Brings New Opportunities With FEMA Contract

The disaster relief construction contractor known as Green Structure Homes Delivered of Huntsville, Alabama was recently awarded a large FEMA contract. This year saw a huge number of natural disasters, and subsequently the need for large amounts of emergency disaster housing in as short a time frame as possible. GSH of Alabama, under Barbara Stokes direction was created to provide precisely that, durable, safe, environmentally friendly homes that can be erected quickly for habitation in disaster zones. Read this article at

The FEMA contract gave GSH one of its biggest orders for the types of buildings that they create, in the amount of a contract paying more than twenty five million dollars. Because the housing is emergency housing, the order is meant to be filled as soon as possible, and in this case in the early months of the new year. The company is confident it can not only fill the order, but do so in a capable and efficient manner with the highest level of standards.


Newcomer to the business, Barbara Stokes, brings the highest level of leadership in her role as CEO. Having worked in the industry for years, and familiar with the worlds of engineering and technology, Barbara Stokes has brought the new company a level of industry that will create further prosperity. By leading the way with new innovations, improvements and modifications to the existing models, GSH has made itself desirable for entities wishing to purchase their products. Further improvements, such as the complete control and follow through of the units, from production to delivery, means that the busy organizations purchasing the products have less to worry about when they work with the company.

Green Structure Homes Delivered is well on the way of establishing itself as a leader in the niche building industry, providing emergency services with a complete solution to their housing needs. Read more about Barbara Stokes at