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Alex Hern Is A Co-Founder Of Tsunami And Believes In The Power Of Single Mindedness

Alex Hern is an entrepreneur who has over 25 years of experience under his belt helping to build companies. He has been a part of the success of many different early stage companies and has also worked to incubate many different tech companies. He was the co-founder and director of Inktomi (INKT), which was an IPO led by Goldman Sachs, and he also co-founded Yesmail (YESM). Hern is also the founder of and the Triton Network Systems and served on their boards. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

As one of the co-founders of Tsunami, Alex Hern helped to come up with the idea for the company after realizing that the world is moving from a CPU-based computer industry to one that is GPU-based. There will be a growing desire for modern software apps and platforms soon, and with plenty of gaps in the market, its the right time for a company to come along and offer solutions. Tsunami is glad to have Hern as one of his co-founders and will benefit from his ability to focus on getting individual tasks completed. He believes that multitasking is less efficient than focusing one thing at a time and has pointed to scientific research that backs up his claims.


Alex Hern wants entrepreneurs to understand that life and business is not a sprint but a marathon. He has admitted that this is the advice he would give his younger self and that he would also tell himself to focus on making the correct, long-term choices. He believes that most entrepreneurs would benefit from waking up early and getting a jump on the day and also believes that consistency is a key to success. He believes that the Tsunami platform is one of the best ways for engineers and scientists to work together and remain productive while doing so. Follow Alex Hern on