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Apple Blocks A Gaming App From The App Store

An announcement was made by Valve regarding the arrival of the free Steam Link app for both Android and iOS platforms. This will enable PC gamers who already have rigs to use their smartphones for their Steam library of games with controller support and a 5GHz WiFi connection. The problem is the release of Steam Link has been blocked on the App Store by Apple despite their approval in the past.


A PR representative from Valve stated Apple sent an email approving the app in the beginning of May. The company had already targeted a release date. Apple revoked their previous approval on May 10th stating it was due to business conflicts and guidelines. Valve appealed the decision because the functionality of Steam Link is very similar to numerous desktop apps with a LAN-based remote, These apps are currently available through the App Store. The appeal was denied by Apple and the new Steam Link has been blocked from release. For more details please visit


The representative from Valve stated a lot of hours were spent by their team on the project and the necessary process for approval. They are disappointed and hope Apple will reconsider their decision at a later date. With the app in limbo many Steam users with iPads and iPhones are unable to use the app. Android users can access the beta form of the Steam Link live on Google Play. The current rating is 4.3 out of a possible 5 with in excess of 100,000 downloads after being available for just three days.


The Valve was taken completely off guard when Apple revoked their initial approval. Apple has failed to provide a clear reason for why they blocked the app. Apple also failed to make any immediate comments. The iOS users have suffered a severe disappointment. There have been some users who have turned away from iOS devices and returned to Android. There is an alternate app available for iOS called Moonlight.