Amazon Offers PC Gamers a HUGE Deal on Graphics Cards

Amazon is now offering a massive price cut to PC gamers looking at hardware upgrades, specifically in the graphics card department. The company has recently announced that there will be a single day clearance event that significantly discounts a bunch of popular graphics cards on the market. This includes powerhouse cards like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, as well as the AMD Ryzen-7 1700X edition.


There are graphics cards discounts spread across the Amazon platform, and with the recent popularity spike in crypto-mining, graphics cards prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks, so this kind of one day deal is a significant one to people who are interested in finding a cheap upgrade. Amazon also expressed the possibility that cards sellout very quickly during this sales event, and it encouraged interested customers to take action quickly in order to verify the opportunity to receive a discount offer.


The prices will revert back to their original cost tomorrow, so the inflated graphics card market will only receive a few hours of relief from the ongoing inflation. There are dozens of cards currently on-sale, ranging from thirty percent off, up to sixty or even seventy percent off. Some graphics cards also offer special discounts or rebates as well. The GTX 1080 series graphics cards are extremely popular and POWERFUL for hardcore PC gamers. This brand of graphics card will likely be one of the more popular ones during the discount event and could even sell out during the event. The newer generation cards feature 4K technology, and could be featured in the Amazon sales event.

Marvel Releases New Digital Card Game

As most franchises eventually do, Marvel Comics will soon be releasing its own digital CCG known as Marvel Battle Lines, GameSpot reports.


PC and mobile developer Nexon will be handling the game, currently set to release on Android and iOS sometime later in the year (though a PC release will likely come in time). From what is known so far, Marvel Battle Lines will be free-to-play and will likely utilize the standard randomized pack system seen in similar titles.


Marvel writer Alex Irvine, best known for titles like Hellstorm: Son of Satan and several novelizations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, will be handling the campaign mode for the game, though no details on what the story will be like have been revealed yet. Other single-player modes will let players reenact different events and pivotal moments from the Marvel Comics timeline with the cards available, too.


At present, the full scope and scale of just which of Marvel’s numerous heroes and villains will be available to play with is not known, but a sampling of some of the cards available show off a healthy variety of characters. Superheroes like the Hulk, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman are known to be usable alongside villains like Thanos and the Green Goblin. Additionally, each card will reportedly have a second side to them explaining a bit about the character featured on it and their history in comics.


While a player battle system is planned to be implemented, the exact details of what that will involve are not yet revealed. The same can be said for how playing the game is carried out, with nothing confirmed as to what kind of rules are involved. Some speculate it may be similar to the Marvel Trading Card Game released on PSP, Nintendo DS, and PC a decade prior, though given the lukewarm reception it received at the time, this is unlikely.


Even so, with such a large and eclectic cast of characters to make into cards, the game likely won’t have much problem getting off the ground once it launches.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Announces First Timed Event

Bandai Namco’s hit 2.5-D fighting game “Dragon Ball FighterZ” has finally been given its first ever limited-time event. Known as a Party Battle in the game itself, this event will continue from now until 11:00 PM PT on May 21 (2:00 AM ET on May 22), giving players a chance to pool their efforts against strong opponents and earn prizes.


This first event is titled “The Emperor Strikes Back” and, unsurprisingly, involves arguably the most iconic Dragon Ball villain of all time, Frieza. Players will be pitted against the tyrant at an extreme difficulty level, having to defeat him as many times as possible along with others across the globe to defeat him once and for all.


Dragon Ball FighterZ involves teams of three fighters against opponents. In this instance, the opponent is only a single Frieza. However, the twist comes in the form of having three human players working together on a single team, rather than a single player controlling and switching between three characters.


The Party Battle mode was added to the game as part of the latest patch, which also included the second game mode called FighterZ Cup. The FighterZ Cup mode can be accessed monthly as a tournament against others, with winners gaining points towards their Z-Union (essentially a kind of in-game fan club for specific characters similar to Motal Kombat X’s Guilds).


Participants in the Party Battle will earn the in-game Zeni currency as well as the Premium Z Coins, both of which can be spent on various items in the game itself. According to the game’s producer, Tomoko Hiroki, all victories by players will be logged across every platform the game is on, meaning everyone is in the fight together whether they be playing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.

Ubisoft Announces Delay of Skull and Bones

Ubisoft, best known for replicating real life cities in games with painstaking detail and the Assassin’s Creed series, has just announced that they will be delaying their new pirate game Skull and Bones.

First announced at E3 2017, Skull and Bones is planned to be a ship-based pirate combat game where players teamed up or fought against each other on the open seas, raiding ships and finding treasure. Unfortunately, anyone who might find this premise exciting will have to be content with Sea of Thieves for the time being, as Skull and Bones won’t be coming out until at least 2019.

The game is reportedly being developed at the Ubisoft Singapore division of the company, who were also responsible for the standout success of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, considered one of the series high points even by non-fans for its dynamic ship combat system. As such, it’s no wonder they were chosen to develop another game about pirates.

The game’s creative director, Justin A. Farren, was the one to break the news to fans. He mentioned how Skull and Bones was the studio’s biggest game to date and a passion project for many of the developers employed at the studio. While no official reason has been given as to why the game was delayed, it was likely just a matter of fine tuning and finishing up what’s already been built taking longer than expected, with Farren stating that they’re hoping the extra time will ensure they’re able to make the best game possible that will “achieve our ambition to deliver the ultimate pirate game set to thrill players at launch and for years to come.”

Delay or not, though, fans won’t be left in the lurch for very long. This year’s E3 event happening in June is the first time Ubisoft plans to show off some of the team’s work with Skull and Bones, giving everyone a chance to see exactly what they’re waiting for.

The Crew 2 Release Inches Closer as Hype Builds for Release!

The Crew 2 is a highly anticipated open-world racing game coming to consoles and computers on June 29th, 2018. The Crew 2 is being developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft. The online racing fanbase for this game was disappointed to hear about the game being delayed from its original release date, however after the first installment of this racing series failed to deliver up to expectations at its original launch, fans are understanding that the development team would like to polish some things up prior to the launch of this new installment.

The Crew 2 is expected to deliver in many more dimensions than it had with its prior game, establishing content in more than just cars and bikes, with The Crew 2, online racers will have the opportunity to fly stunt aircraft, drive modified monster truck chassis’, and sail around the rivers and oceans in various different types of sail boats in Motornation.

Motornation stands as the entire open-world, morphed into a simulated and scaled version of the entire Unites States, featuring the country’s greatest landmarks and most popular cities. From the sunny west coast all the way across the bible belt into the keys of Florida, players will have the opportunity to drive or pilot just about any type of vehicle you could think of. Building on the momentum that the first game provided, The Crew 2 should inherit a polished open-world racing experience that features some of the greatest online and single player racing that we have seen in this new generation of gaming.

In addition to the release, fans will be presented with an open-beta chance to test the game before launch, expected at some time in May. You can register for The Crew 2 beta on their official website, located here.

New Games Teach Parenting

In the past, a number of games have used parenting as part of the story line, such as The Walking Dead. But none have ever used parenting to the extent Yakuza 6 and God of War use it. Parenting in these new games is a focal part of the story line.

In God of War, which is a reimagining of an old series, parenting as theme is very explicit. Kratos, who is the hero of the the game, is now living out his days with his son Atreus, and he has become somewhat mellow because of this. Much of the game play relates to helping Arteus. What’s more, often during the game Kratos interacts with his son.

Kratos becoming a father has allowed the character to become more dimensional in comparison to previous editions of the game. In those, he was simply a man bent on revenge, but in this game he is trying to become a better person, so as to be an example to his son. Also, the relationship between the two characters has a big impact on how the game unfolds.

In the game, Kratos is constantly trying to teach his son how to become self-reliant, which is necessary in a world of monsters and nasty gods. Early on, Arteus cannot help his father much in battle, but, as the game progresses, under Kratos’ tutelage he improves. Eventually, he even takes a proactive role in battles, thanks in large part to the relationship that builds between the characters. There is also an important scene in the game when Arteus disappears. This is a disappearance players can feel.

In Yakuza 6, the parenting theme is a little more subtle, but it is there as well. Kiryu, who is the protagonist of the game, is only a surrogate father to a boy. But parenting is still a key facet of the game.

Valve Completes an Intriguing Purchase of Campo Santo

The business side of the PC gaming world received a surprise when word of a recent acquisition surfaced. Valve, a digital store entity, has purchased Campo Santo, the company that produced Firewatch. The purchase is somewhat intriguing considering Valve didn’t seem interested in gaming anymore. Perhaps the company now feels re-entering the gaming market makes good business sense.

Valve also noted it has no intention of eliminating the current staff that produces Campo Santo’s projects. Commonly, when a company is purchased, a lot of firings occur. The purchasing entity puts its own people into key positions. Valve doesn’t wish to do this with Campo Santo. Perhaps Valve’s executives realize the team comprising Campo Santo reflects the company’s greatest asset. To buy a company known for creating well-received games and then firing the team that made the profitable games in the first place would seem not to make sense. Yet, other businesses do just that when making an acquisition. For now, Valve seems content with allowing Campo Santo to exist as it always was. Valve gains the added benefit of reaping the rewards of Campo Santo’s future success.

Interestingly, Valve chose to purchase a gaming entity that doesn’t boast of a lengthy track record. Firewatch was the company’s big success story. The company, having only been founded in 2013, hasn’t released a second game yet. It will in 2019 with In the Valley of the Gods. Hopefully, success can strike twice for the upstart gaming developer.

Valve’s executives may be looking at the future with the belief Campo Santo has many more hits in its creative pipeline. Buying the company now allows Valve to acquire the business before its value increases further. Purchasing Campo Santo a year before the release of the second game allows Valve to strategically re-enter the gaming industry. This could turn out to be a brilliant strategic move if In the Valley of the Gods turns out to be a hit.

Valve Acquires Campo Santo Game Studio

Valve, the massively influential game distributor known for its Steam platform, recently acquired Campo Santo. Campo Santo, a 12-person team of developers, has admitted to have a love for making games and expressed an understanding that Valve had a similar passion for game and mutual respect for what Camp Santo does. The Campo Santo team will now relocate to Valve’s base of operations in Seattle, Washington.

Beyond stating that they were joining up with Valve, Campo Santo went on to state that “In The Valley of Gods,” their newest offering of electronic entertainment in the adventure genre, would not be reworked into a PC-exclusive title in deference to its new overseers. Campo Santo also stated that is would continue to provide support and updates to “Firewatch” and release “The Quarterly Review,” a literary journal.

Founded in 1966, Valve is a company that created such well-regarded titles as “Half-Life,” “Counterstrike” and “Portal.” It later went on to create the Steam content distribution platform after discovering that the existing methods of commerce proved inefficient for its business model. Beyond its acquisition of Campo Santo, the company has also recently stated that it was working on “Artifact,” a digital card game whose content and mechanics would be inspired by its “Defense of the Ancients 2,” a free-to-play and hugely popular Mult-user Online Battle Arena title.

Formerly-San Francisco-based, Campo Santo was founded in 2013 by Nels Anderson, Olly Moss, Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman. The company released Firewatch, currently its only released video game, in 2016. Firewatch is a narrative-driven game with a first-person perspective set in the late 1980s and has players controlling Henry, a fire lookout for the Shoshone National Forest. The game has received six nominations and two awards for “Best Debut” from both Game Developers Choice and British Academy Games. Firewatch was also the topic of discussion regarding a live action film, produced in collaboration between Campo Santo and the Good Universe film production company.

Gaming PCs Compared With Gaming Consoles

There was a time when PCs were a lot more powerful than consoles for gaming. As a matter of fact, if people wanted to get the best versions of some games, they had to look for the PC versions. For one thing, the PC had better graphics than the consoles of the 80s and early 90s. This is one of the reasons that people have considered PCs to be the best versions other than the arcade. However, as time would pass, the gaming consoles would catch up with the gaming PCs, especially as consoles started including some of the features of PCs.

It was only a matter of time, before the gaming consoles were considered better than the PCs. After all, the gaming consoles would be the first to get the next generation data limit. Game consoles like PS4 and the Xbox One would come out a considerable amount of time before the PC can catch up to the power that the console has. While there are cases of multi-platform games being released for the consoles, the PC versions are considered inferior to the console versions. As a matter of fact, PCs are having to work very hard to keep from being replaced by game consoles given that consoles allow people to download games as well as buy physical copies.

Now, there is a new PC being created that has power that puts it in the same vein as gaming consoles. This new PC is called the Corsair One. One thing that makes it stand out from all of the other PCs is that it will work without any further tweaking. This makes it simpler to use and play as well as other activities.

The Importance of a Powerful Processor in Gaming PCs

One of the most common ideas at a certain time was that computers were not for gaming. However, there have started to be plenty of PCs for video gaming. For one thing, the PCs had the most powerful processors for graphics and sound. This has given people the chance to enjoy some of the best graphics available as well as a connection to a community of game players. However, as more people play and games become more advanced, it is increasingly important for computers to have very powerful processors. This will increase the enjoyment of the games that are available.

It is not just for the high quality images, it is also for the speed of the gaming. One common problem with video games is lagging. If the computer system is taking on content that goes beyond its power limits, then this could result in a lot of slow down and lagging. This is one other reason that it is important for computers to have a fast and powerful processor. People will be able to have a better time playing and winning their favorite games whether it is playing the solo story mode or playing against other players.

Another good feature for processors is the sound. A lot of games are going to have some of the best music and sounds. However, processors do not necessarily need to provide catchy music. Some games benefit from certain sounds being picked up in that it can help the players avoid certain traps or ambushes. The top processors can help people play the type of games they enjoy and even discover new things that can enhance their experience even further.