Steam Threatens Visual Novel Makers with Removal if They Don’t Censor Games Further

In yet another in the long list of bizarre and/or irresponsible decisions made by everyone’s favorite video game online distribution platform, Valve has contacted the developers behind a number of sexually explicit visual novels currently sold on their Steam marketplace, telling them to either further censor their games or face removal from the storefront.


Censoring sexual content in games is nothing new, with Steam having certain standards as to how much nudity is too much in the media they sell. The problem in this case comes in how these games are already being sold on Steam, many of them having been on Steam for several years now, with the decision by Valve to demand further censoring of their content to seemingly have come out of nowhere.


One of the developers currently affected by this change is Lupiesoft, maker of the game Mutiny!! which can currently be found on Steam. On Twitter, the developer said they were given two weeks total before the game will be taken off Steam for “reports of pornographic content.” They also mention that, when attempting to contact Valve for clarification (Lupiesoft has worked closely with the company for quite some time, making this sudden decision all the more jarring), they received no answer and are expected to make changes to conform to a standard they’re not entirely clear of within the allotted time or risk the game being taken down.


While Steam has explicit rules against pornography as part of their Partner Program, this has never seemed to prohibit nudity before. Many AAA games feature levels of nudity that are similar to or even more extreme than what can commonly be found in visual novel games, yet none of them have been threatened with removal.


All in all, this decision seems baffling on almost every level with a profound lack of communication from Valve as to why they’re doing this. Whether they make good on their promises to ban these games from Steam or reverse their actions (or at least explain them) prior to the end of the month remains to be seen.

God of War- The New Best-Selling PS4 Exclusive

God of war doesn’t just have an intriguing story- It is currently outselling the current exclusive titles on the PS4.

God of war is an exclusive title for the PS4 and is currently outrunning previous exclusives such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End which both sold massively.

Many who haven’t heard of the God of War series may ask why this game is currently outselling other exclusives.

The reason lies beneath the past of the God of War series and also touches on this rather recent addition the series.

In previous God of War titles, Greek mythology was used but this time the mythological background of the story is related to Norse mythology.

In the recent release of God of War, the story focuses on Father and Son relationships and gives the gamer a more personal outlook on Kratos’s characterization. It might even teach one how to be a father in a way they never thought. This short trailer gives a good idea of the personal touch and immersion of God of War God of War – Accolades Trailer | PS4

God of War creates a beautiful world of exploration, challenge, and of course, epic boss battles.

Every gamer loves to be immersed in a game that has depth and meaning. This depth and meaning might be why God of War is the new best-selling PS4 exclusive. It gives an amazing experience that many gamers can hold near and dear to their hearts.

It is no wonder that God of War is a best-selling game on the PS4 currently. It is a beautiful game and immerses the gamer into a world in which they must discover to find the answers.

‘Northgard’ Provides Viking Adventures for Gaming Fans

There have been many games based on viking themes. These games have varied greatly in terms of their level of quality. However, Shiro Games has developed a viking game that is one of the best to come down the pike in quite some time. “Northgard” is the name of this epic adventure. There is a lot to love about this game. It takes you into a beautiful world that is filled with many different environments. You will be building cities in thick forests and mountain ranges that are covered with snow. You will need to manage a number of different problems in order to survive.

Food is scarce in most of the locations where the game takes place. Therefore, you will need to scavenge for food and store it away so you will be able to use it when you need it the most. You will be able to acquire food in a number of different ways. You can kill animals to use for meat. You can also steal it or trade for it. There are pros and cons to each decision that you make in the game. The key is to make decisions that impact you and your viking community positively in the long run.

What would a viking game be without lots of battles with swords and axes? “Northgard” will not disappoint you where battle scenes are concerned. There is plenty of fighting and blood to be spilled as you protect your land and your treasure from those who would seek to take it from you. You will need to have a variety of skills in order to truly master every aspect of this game. You will obviously need to be a great fighter. However, you will also need to be a good strategist and have the ability to plan ahead for the needs of your community. Running out of food in the winter because you didn’t store enough is a mistake you can’t afford to make.

The Best Types of Games to Play On a PC or a Console

One thing that people who have played games on a PC as well as a gaming console will notice is that there is a difference. For one thing, people that play games on a PC will notice that the controls are a bit different if they are going to play with a mouse and a keyboard. Gaming consoles will always come with controllers that can be used for gaming. Fortunately, there are controllers that can be bought for the gaming PCs as well which will make the experience a bit better for people. However, people can also master the keyboard and mouse gaming if they choose.

Even with all the skills that can be acquired, there are some games that are better played on a PC as well as some games that are better played on a console. Among the best types of games for PCs are match puzzle games like Bejeweled. These are the types of games that are designed to be played with a mouse. The other types of games which include platform, racing, fighting and other genres are best played on a console. One of the reasons behind this is that the gaming consoles have enough room and power in order to process the graphics, sound and overall experience with very little if any lagging.

For gaming PCs, there are a ton of good gaming controllers that can be used. They can be bought in the style of gaming consoles, or they can be bought in the style of arcade machines as it depends on the type of game that is played. One of the best things to do is make the most out of the gaming experience for any game.

Gaming PCs Compared With Gaming Consoles

There was a time when PCs were a lot more powerful than consoles for gaming. As a matter of fact, if people wanted to get the best versions of some games, they had to look for the PC versions. For one thing, the PC had better graphics than the consoles of the 80s and early 90s. This is one of the reasons that people have considered PCs to be the best versions other than the arcade. However, as time would pass, the gaming consoles would catch up with the gaming PCs, especially as consoles started including some of the features of PCs.

It was only a matter of time, before the gaming consoles were considered better than the PCs. After all, the gaming consoles would be the first to get the next generation data limit. Game consoles like PS4 and the Xbox One would come out a considerable amount of time before the PC can catch up to the power that the console has. While there are cases of multi-platform games being released for the consoles, the PC versions are considered inferior to the console versions. As a matter of fact, PCs are having to work very hard to keep from being replaced by game consoles given that consoles allow people to download games as well as buy physical copies.

Now, there is a new PC being created that has power that puts it in the same vein as gaming consoles. This new PC is called the Corsair One. One thing that makes it stand out from all of the other PCs is that it will work without any further tweaking. This makes it simpler to use and play as well as other activities.

Could Shadow Be the “Netflix for Games?”

Gamers have another option for streaming platforms as of February 21. French company Blade recently released Shadow, which isn’t quite a console, nor is it a gaming computer. Shadow is a small streaming box as well as a subscription service that brings a wider variety of games to players. Some people are even describing Blade’s Shadow like Netflix for video games.

Previously, Blade had launched Shadow in the UK. The most recent launch brings it overseas to the United States, starting with the state of California. The company has plans to roll out Shadow to other USA locations throughout the year.

What is Shadow?

Shadow is essentially a Windows 10 PC that virtualizes your desktop. Inside Shadow is an AMD Falcon CPU and a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card that can handle 1080p at 144Hz or 4K at 60Hz. The system is equipped with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

The manufacturer touts the fact that you don’t have to upgrade hardware for Shadow as one of its strengths, and the company promises to replace any necessary parts.

Gamers can use Shadow by streaming to their mobile device with a Bluetooth controller. However, you can also connect a monitor and peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, and headset for a decidedly PC-like experience.

What makes Shadow more appealing than similar services is the wide variety of games. You can choose from any number of games on Steam, which any PC gamer is already familiar with. You’re not limited to games by a certain developer or from a certain system, as is the case with the similar Playstation streaming service. Plus, Shadow can run non-gaming apps like Photoshop.

Gamers can sign up for a yearly subscription to shadow for $34.95 per month, which is an affordable price for avid players.

Strong Performance For PC Gaming In 2017 Gaming Review For UK

A new report put out by Gamers Industry shows that PC gaming is still extremely strong in the UK. According to this study, PC sales represented 28 percent of the global games market value in 2017.

Gamers Industry analysts say the PC gaming industry took in $32.3 billion in the past year. Even more impressive, PC gaming has grown by 1.4 percent year on year.

Analysts believe the number one reason for this massive increase in PC gaming has to do with online gaming platforms like Steam and GOG. Both of these platforms have made it easier for PC gamers to download high-quality games onto their computers.

Interestingly, it’s become increasingly rare for game developers to release console exclusive titles. Encouraged by the strong performance of PC sales, almost every video game publisher releases titles on both consoles and PCs today.

With this data in mind, it will become increasingly hard for gaming publishers to ignore the PC market in the future. Analysts say PC gamers have a bright future to look forward to.

Number one on Gamers Industry’s 2017 study was mobile gaming with 43 percent of the global games market value. Second place went to console gaming at 29 percent, just one percent higher than PC gaming.

In terms of sales, the number one gaming publisher in 2017 was Electronic Arts with 16.8 percent of all UK boxed sales. Second place went to Activision Blizzard with 15.6 percent of sales and third went to Japanese giant Nintendo with 11.2 percent.

Superhot VR was the top-selling game in the PC/VR gaming category with $2.56 million in revenue. Second place went to Arizona Sunshine ($2.4 million) and third went to Job Simulator ($2.36 million).

This study also analyzed what titles UK gamers were most excited about in the past year. The most widely covered game in the UK gaming news industry was Overwatch with over 56,000 published articles. Second place went to Destiny 2 and third went to Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild.