Fortnite Battle Royale Introduces Its First Vehicle In Version 4.3 Update

Fortnite Battle Royale recently received the Version 4.3 update, bringing various changes and additions. With the update, the battle royale title now contains a vehicle of sorts. Shopping carts litter the gameplay area during each match. It’s the first vehicle in Battle Royale, and players can get their hands on it now. Unsurprisingly, Version 4.3 brings a number of other additions and tweaks to the game as well.


Traversing The Map By Shopping Cart: How Does It Work?


Every instance of Battle Royale will contain shopping carts. Players can push the carts by themselves, or push another player around in one instead. Unsurprisingly, the player in the cart can shoot and pop consumables at anytime. Shopping carts don’t provide a noticeable speed boost. Patch notes indicate players still receive fall damage while in the shopping cart, too. Minimal protection is afforded by this particular vehicle.


Will Shopping Carts Change Fortnite Battle Royale That Much?


Shopping carts probably won’t change the gameplay or meta too much. With this addition, players now have another choice for causing mayhem. The carts should bring more hilarious moments to the game, but they’re not necessarily a game-changing addition. Battle Royale players will use the carts at first for their novelty. However, they’ll more than likely fade in popularity and use among regular players as time goes on.


A Controversial Addition Among Certain Players


Not all players expressed happiness about the first vehicle in Fortnite. Before the official release, players lamented that the addition would ruin the game. Most players probably expected a more significant vehicle with higher speed and capabilities, though. It remains to be seen how players respond to these shopping carts. At the very least, we’ll see hundreds of YouTube videos with shopping cart stunts and mishaps.


Version 4.3 brings back the self-service refund mechanic and adds new challenges to Battle Royale. Balancing and optimization changes are present in the minor update.

Fortnite Coming to Android

The hit battle royale game Fortnite will soon be arriving on a new platform, as a recent blog post from developer Epic Games announced its debut on Android devices later this summer. No specific release date has been given yet outside of the “summer” confirmation, no doubt including the various mobile updates mentioned in the same post.

For starters, the developers are providing an incredibly in-depth version of a customizable HUD, letting players change their displays combat and building in virtually any way they might want to. Second (and for many, more importantly) mobile versions of the game will finally feature the voice chat function found on other platforms, allowing players to communicate with one another even across different versions of the game. There will also be options to mute anyone, including yourself.

In addition to these two major changes, several smaller updates are also being rolled out, including improvements to the Autorun feature and tweaks to how shooting works, compressing the overall file size of the game itself and making patches smaller, a stat tracking feature, game code optimization, and stability improvements.

Several of these changes have already been added to the iOS version of the game with more on the way, all presumably coming standard with the Android version once it is released. Epic Games also reaffirms its commitment to making the best game possible, urging those reading the blog post to report any problems they encounter with the “Feedback” button found inside the game to make fixing them easier.

There’s sure to be more improvements to Fortnite on all its platforms, so stay tuned for more update news as it becomes available.

Fortnite: What Is All The Fuss About?

Whether you have heard it referred to as Battle Royale, Fork Knife, or Fortnite, there is no way you haven’t heard about Epic Games’ top project right now. This free to play game gives players the opportunity to play with friends, or by themselves in a campaign mode known as Save The World where you must defend your fort against a land rife with zombies. Or you players can indulge in an all-out war against 100 players in the massively multiplayer mode, Battle Royale.
What Makes Fortnite Different?
Fortnite is unique in the sense that as a player you are given the ability to break apart nearly every aspect of the world around you to collect resources to protect yourself against other players in Battle Royale, or against the Husks, or zombies, in Save The World. Objects you can break apart for resources include just about everything on the map; For example, break apart trees, pallets, or walls to gather wood. Destroy cars and trucks and machinery for metal, and break down cement walls and other concrete like objects for brick. These resources are vital for the survival of the game; Players build ramps, forts, and structures to hide in during the Battle Royale matches so they might have a better chance of defeating their enemy. Building skills in Battle Royale are essential for conquering your enemies and winning each match. If you’d like to see a bit more about resources or gameplay, in general, check out Epic Games Website for more information: Check Out Fortnite Here!
Can You Customize Characters?
Many gamers love being able to personalize their characters to feel unique to their personalities and play style. Although Fortnite doesn’t have any direct customization options for players skins, they do have a plethora of exclusive skins that will change the appearance of your character during the match. However, Every player using that same skin will look like your character. In time, players suspect that Epic Games will change this to make character skins more customizable, but that is still up in the air.

How is “Fortnite” Making So Much Money?

One of the most popular games right now is “Fortnite”. Chances are you’ve heard of it. Although it was already popular, it became more popular when Drake played “Fortnite” live on Twitch with the streamer Ninja. They played the free side of the game which is named Battle Royale.

Not only can you play this game against your PC friends, but it is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Cross play is available with all platforms except for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so many people are currently a player. I just recently just played “Fortnite” with my friends on Xbox and it was a great experience to finally have the opportunity since I am also a PlayStation 4 user.

Since “Fortnite Battle Royale” is a free game, people have been wondering how they make so much money. The answer is quite simple. They offer in-game purchases.

Players have the opportunity to purchase “V-Bucks” which are used to then buy the different skins they can use for their character, purchase different dance moves for their characters to use during the game, and also purchase other in game items that make the experience more personalized.

Although “Battle Royale” is free to play, they also have a paid version of the game which is the “Save The World” side. While “Battle Royale” is a player-versus-player game, the “Save The World” side is a paid version.

There is also money to be made on the “Save The World” side since it is a paid version. Also, “V-Bucks” are used to buy “Loot Llamas” which are used to upgrade your weapons, traps, characters, and survivors. These are used to power up your character and help you get further in the game and to save the world!

By utilizing it’s in game currency, “Fortnite” is having no problem making as much money as they need, plus some.

Fortnite Battle Royale: What Is The Hype About?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, it is almost sure that you have heard about the hit game from Epic Games, Fortnite. If you are unfamiliar with the game, let me fill you in just a bit.
What is Fortnite?
Fortnite is a massive multiplayer player vs. player style game that has a campaign mode that you can play on your own, or the more popular game style; Battle Royale. Battle Royale is the most played version of the game as it gives you the opportunity to play alone, with a friend, or in a squad of four to take down your opponents. One hundred players start off on a “Battle Bus” at the opening of each round of Fortnite: Battle Royale and jump out at any given point across the map to choose their landing location so they might find resources and weaponry faster than their enemies. If it already sounds like your cup of tea, head over to the website now to download for free to play on PC or go to your PlayStation or Xbox online stores. Here is the link for PC gamers: Download Fortnite Here!…
What is the gameplay like?
Once you reach the ground, it’s an all-out scramble depending on where you decide to land. If you float into a named city like Tilted Towers, you may find yourself dying before you can even see a weapon to defend yourself. If you are lucky enough to land in a decent spot that isn’t crawling with trigger happy enemies, then loot up in the area and then it’s time to gather resources. What resources do you ask? In Fortnite, both the Battle Royale and Save the World modes allow you to collect wood, metal, and brick by breaking apart just about anything you can think of in the game; But be careful! If you make too much noise cutting down that tree for some wood, you could be telling the enemy your exact whereabouts. The reason you want to gather resources is to build forts to protect yourself throughout the match as well as develop stairways and floorboards to get to loot that you may not have been able to reach otherwise.
Fortnite is a great way to build team building skills or even just blow off some steam after a long day of work.

Fortnite Season 4: What To Expect

For the past several weeks Epic Games has been teasing its thousands of players with hints about what was to come in Season Four. There were several hints and easter eggs that hinted at one of the most popular spots on the map meeting its demise as a meteor or comet could be seen hurling toward the land below, seemingly headed right for the famous landing spot. After weeks of speculations and playing the guessing game on forums, blogs, and countless YouTube videos, we finally have our answer, and it is not what anyone expected!
What Was The “Meteor”?
There was a school of thought, after reading deeply into some of the hints left behind by Epic Games, that the meteor was no meteor at all, but an out of this world superhero coming to save the world from… well who knows what! Last week as the Season 4 patch rolled in, Fortnite: Battle Royale players all over the globe got there answer. It was a meteor, after all, However, Titled Towers remained on the map, and Dusty Depot is now the massive crater known as Dusty Divot. There is a great trailer Epic Games released at the beginning of Season Four, and it is a must watch. If you haven’t seen it, go now!See The Season Four Trailer Here!
What Else Can Players Expect?
Down in the newly created “Dusty Divot” are little purple crystals you can consume that will allow you to hover in the air after jumping, similar to the way a jetpack might work. But be careful, if you leave the divot, the ability will dissipate, and you will not be able to jump like you did if you are still fighting with an enemy. If you haven’t had a chance to log in and jump into a match of Battle Royale since the season started, what are you waiting for! Grab your friends and head into the game for some Epic fun!

‘Fortnite’ Is Quite an Accomplishment

There are some very good personal computer games that are available from many different developers. You will find no shortage of games available in a wide variety of genres. One of the best to come out in a very long time is called “Fortnite” developed by Epic Games. This can be played with just two people or up to 100. It is really up to you and how much free time you have. The concept of the game is as simple and fun as they come. You are dropped into an area where you have to stay alive longer than all of the other people you are playing against. There are many different weapons that you will be able to collect along the way in order to help you in your quest.

The large scope of the game is really impressive. You can literally be playing against 100 other people. Needless to say, that many players will require quite a bit time to complete. The characters that you can choose from in the game are very different from one another. They all have various abilities that are unique. Therefore, you will need to choose very wisely when you are choosing a “Fortnite” character to use.

The major flaw in the game is the fact that the characters sometimes move much slower than they should. This can be very problematic in certain situations where there are many characters on the screen at the same time and there is a lot of shooting going on. There is no telling if this glitch will get corrected any time soon. The game is still a lot of fun. However, it might take you a while to learn how to master it. You should practice as much as you can. This will help you to live much longer in “Fortnite” than you otherwise would. It should be noted that the game is much more fun if you play with a large number of people.

Fortnite Outsells PUBG in Microtransactions

Epic Game’s “Fortnight” is swimming in cash thanks to in-app purchases. Specifically, the game earned $126 million from that side of the business in February, exceeding the monthly revenue of rival title “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and marking a marketing first for the game. Those familiar with Fortnite’s rising star, especially after implementing a 100-player battle royale mode, will find this information as nothing new.

While Epic Games co-opted PUBG’s idea of parachuting onto an island with a large group of players vying to be the last man standing, it has a few tricks up its sleeve. First, Fortnight is completely free-to-play. Second, PUBG earning $103 million in February, the bulk of that figure came from one-time $30 purchases of the title on Steam. Fortnight, conversely, makes the bulk of its earnings through in-app purchases of cosmetic items like alternate costume skins and special emotes.

While PUBG also offers the option of purchasing cosmetic items, it falls behind Fortnite’s offerings. PUBG Corp/Bluehole, developers for PUBG stated that it would be adding emotes in the future, while Fortnite has had emotes since its September launch. Fortnitt also has a benefit when it comes to platform: in addition to PC users, the title is also available to PS4 and X-Box one users, with iOS play currently undergoing closed beta testing. Analysts predict that the iOS port of Fortnite has earned Epic Games $1.5 million in the one week that that version has been remotely playable.

Beyond the monetary reasons or venue, Fortnite also features a learning curve and aesthetic that makes it more endearing to younger players than PUBG’s dark, gritty and realistic aesthetic. The addition of mobile play means that younger gamers, who may lack a proper console or gaming-tier PC, can participate. One final consideration in Fortnite’s favor is the notion of cheating, cheating within PUBG is such a rampant problem that Bluehole has had to prioritize resources toward anti-cheating measures instead of new gameplay features.

Teen Cheater’s Mom Suing Epic Games for Banning Teen Son

Epic Games, developer of survival shooter title “Fortnite,” is now in legal trouble after taking legal action against a fourteen-year-old child for admitted cheating. The child’s mother has filed a legal note demanding for the suit to tossed out. While some have praised Epic and others shake their heads in dismay at using the courts for excessive point-making, the whole scenario has the makings of a new precedent in the reaction of developers for future violations of EULAs.

Fortnite focuses on a multiplayer scenario of up to 100 players in a single-round elimination contest. Because of the high stakes, some unscrupulous players have looked into cheating programs, such as being able to automatically hit moving targets. While Epic has previously engaged in arms race with cheaters, they have escalated things by suing the suppliers of cheating programs and a teenage boy. Some remark that Epic’s actions mirror those of the MPAA, suing people using software to illegally download and upload mp3s.

Lauren Rogers, the child’s mother, filed a legal document expressing that her child is guilt-free for neither developing nor distributing cheating programs; he only downloaded them from a vendor and streamed their use. Rogers further claims the suit would be difficult to uphold as her child is a minor; Fortnite’s EULA contains no option for minors to acquire parental consent and that Epic would be hard-pressed to explain how cheating imperiled their profits when Fortnite’s revenue is limited to microtransactions. Lastly, Epic may have violated disclosure by naming the child and suing him-both illegal in certain states.

Epic’s defense is their suit is pertinent to promoting cheating; the child ignored Epic’s DMCA takedown notice and even created a second video confessing to his willful disregard of Epic and the streamed use of cheating software. While Epic can seek up to $150,000 in damages from the boy for violating their EULA and refusing to remove his video, it remains unknown whether Epic will follow through.