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Fortnite Gaming Tournament Sets Average Joe’s Against Pros

Fortnite, released in September 2017, is an RPG game played against others on an online platform. Players can build and destroy anything while fighting over players over loot, territory, or glory. The game is offered on PC, PS 4, and XBox One. In just a few short months Fortnite has garnered a lot of attention as a new, exciting game. Part of the attraction is the ability to play the game for free but of course, players can purchase different skins, upgrades, and access to different perks. The fan base of the new game continues to expand even more so after the first annual Fortnite Battle Royale Tournament.

The epic event took place at the Luxor Hotel’s Esports Arena in Las Vegas. Top players from all over the country were invited to compete against the most notorious player Tyler Blevins who goes by “Ninja” in the gaming world. In an effort to open the competition to more players, anyone was able to compete against the pros for three consecutive games for a mere $75. There was a total of 233 competitors fighting for Fortnite glory. Cash prizes were given to winners that successfully beat Ninja. The most surprising win of the day came from an unexpected, unassuming player. 4DRStorm took home one of the final wins of the day and as all of the games are anonymously paired with other players to keep gameplay fair nobody knew who the winner was until the camera panned to him. The winner was a 14-year-old boy, the audience was shocked and thrilled at the unexpected turn of events. After the Fortnight Tournament ended, the game’s hype has only increased as new players join the online game. One could only guess this will only be the first mega competition featuring Fortnite.