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Valve Buys Developer of Firewatch

Valve, which is a leading distributor of video games, has purchased the independent game studio Campo Santo, which developed the hit game Firewatch.


All 12 employees of Campo Santa will be moving to Valve’e headquarters, which is in Bellevue, Washington. There they will continue to develop their upcoming game, which is entitled In the Valley of the Gods.


Campo Santo announced the acquisition in a blog post, in which they said that they found in Valve a company that feels the same way about making games as they do, which they insist is rare. They further said that Valve, in them, found a group of game developers with both diverse backgrounds and perspectives. So, it did not take either long to see that the two companies were a perfect match.


Many believe little will change with Campo Santo apart from the branding on the games. They will still maintain their blog and their quarterly magazine, which is called The Quarterly Review.


Campo Santo announced In the Valley of the Gods at last year’s E3. It has similarities with Firewatch, in that it is a game in which players walk through an environment while trying to solve a mystery. It is expected that In the Valley of the Gods will launch during the course of next year.


Many in the gaming industry were surprised that Valve purchased Campo Santo, as — opposed to some other large gaming companies — it previously has bought smaller companies only rarely, such as when it bought Turtle Rock Studios, which was the company behind the Left 4 Dead franchise.


Most recently, Valve has been only supporting their own legacy games, such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They also sell the HTC Vive. Though they supposedly have a number of new games in development, including a new edition to the Dota franchise.