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“Paul Saunders of James River Capital Discusses Burnout “

Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital. He is also the chairman of James Rivers Capital Corporations. Having worked with many people during his career, Paul Saunders know a lot about burnout. Employee burnout is a serious issue in every company. Those that detect the problem early can deal with it early before it affects operations. When you mix the stress of personal life and work, the result is burnout. As an employer, you should pay attention to warning signs of burnout and find solutions. Paul Saunders discussed signs of burnout and possible solutions.


Lack of transparency


Saunders explained that when employees feel abandoned or neglected for incentives or promotions, they start developing negative feelings which lead to burnout. Compensating a section of employees and leaving out the rest can cause trouble in your company. To avoid burnout as a result of favoritism, treat employees equally, be honest and transparent. Introducing workshop programs to help employees deal with burnout is also helpful.


Lack of Control


Employees feel helpless when everything is planned for them in the workplace. Creating schedules for employees can put unnecessary pressure on employees to perform. When they fail to meet set expectations, they can feel bad about themselves, resulting in burnout. Some companies set unrealistic goals for employees to meet within a short period. Burnout resulted from failure to meet the objectives of demotivates employees. They don’t give their best because they consider themselves as failures. To avoid burnout, allow employees to create their schedules. They can set small goals in the morning for the day. Doing this gives them control over their work and makes them responsible for what they do. Moreover, the management should award those who meet personal objectives. The goal is to let employees be themselves without pressure.


Loss of confidence


Employees lose confidence when they experience burnout. Even small tasks seem impossible due to a lack of morale. Individuals who are not confident in their work cannot deliver good results. Thus, companies should implement strategies that boost employee morale such as awarding good performance and encouraging them to continue despite failure. An employee can be experiencing non-work related stress that affects their view about life. As an employer, notice when there is a change of attitude and talk with the individual employee. Counseling can help employees deal with personal issues.


Paul Saunders says everyone has a role to play to avoid burnout. Talking to someone or disengaging from stressful situations helps overcome burnout. Forming a good relationship with employees helps you realize when there is a change of attitude and how to address it. Everyone is different and how you deal with an issue affecting one employee may be different for another person. Learn more:


“James Rivers Capital Corporation “

James Rivers Capital is an investment corporation that was founded back in 1995. Paul Saunders is the Principal of the organization which is responsible for offering investment advisory and commodity trading. It is one of the leading firms when it comes to investment, and it caters to the United States citizens.


Paul Saunders who works at James Rivers Capital is aware of burnout in organizations and how they can be avoided. According to him, burnout has become more rampant especially with the onset of mobile phones in the communities. A lot of employees face burnout, but employers fail to detect the early signs. This overall affects the organization’s performance which in turn affects its success in the future. Employees can experience burnout because of stress, pressure, and lack of motivation. The signs of burnout are endless, and this is what employers can look out for.


Paul Saunders believes that there are certain precautions that employers can adhere to help their staff members overcome burnout. These are listed below:


  1. Creating a flexible schedule


A flexible schedule greatly helps employees overcome burnout. Staff members feel more helpful and in control of their time management and duties with a flexible schedule. They can also be creative and help in the overall growth of the organization.


On the other hand, when they are constricted to a certain schedule, they develop negative attitudes towards work and feel hopeless. This is what leads to burnout in the end. Ensure that the work schedule is flexible but at the same time maintains the discipline in the organization.


  1. Setting goals


More often than not, employees begin having negative feelings at work and can become angry over small matters at the office. Such an attitude shift can be a sign of a burnout which needs to be curbed immediately. One way an employer can help such an employee is by setting goals with them. Goals are a driving factor that will encourage employees to work more and have a positive attitude at work. It also shows support which is another way of preventing burnout.


  1. Show support


Employees at times may lose track of the goals and visions in the organization and experience lack of motivation. In this case, the employer has to offer support to their staff members. This can be done by motivating them to partake in new hobbies and offering encouragement at work. This will do a great deal in changing their attitudes and motivating them.




Paul Saunders shows that burnout is a huge issue that is undermined in many organizations. What organizations fail to realize is that if their employees are facing burnout, it takes a toll on the company as well. Learn more:


Founder of James River Capital Dictates on Corporate-Employee Essentialism

Located out of Richmond, Virginia, James River Capital Corp. is a firm that specializes in the provision of a variety of investment advisory services while upholding a reputation for being the best in the execution of their skill. Although originally established in 1986 under the name KP Futures Management Corp., James River Capital transitioned from being an investment department for Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. to that of an independent investment firm when Paul Saunders and his partner Kevin Brandt acquired the company in 1995. Nonetheless, shortly after Saunders’ acquisition took place, James River Capital became registered with both the SEC and CFTC to not only operate as an Investment Advisor, but as a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator as well.


With such an in-depth background experience and proficiency in finance management, it was inevitable for Paul Saunders to become the founder of James River Capital. As of today, Paul Saunders holds the title of being the Chairman, President, Founder, Portfolio Manager, and CEO of James River Capital Corp. and he is well-respected for handling all obligations with the utmost courtesy and best business interest of the company in mind. Having incorporated over 30 years of service in the financial sectors of investment banking and investment and trading, Saunders came to utilize his expertise to configure an investment philosophy that has enabled James River to remain afloat success. In so saying, the firm believes that adding diversification value to a client’s investment portfolio will benefit the total risk-adjusted return. Moreover, this diversification building strategy entails investment within multiple sectors including Corporate Credit, Distressed Credit, Asset-backed Securities, and Managed Futures Trading. Since appointing himself as overseer of all James River’s financial obligations, the firm has managed over $570 million in corporate products.


In addition to conducting himself as a businessman, CEO Paul Saunders also deems it a lifestyle priority of his to dedicate his personal time to endeavoring within the assisted needs of others individuals within society via philanthropic acts. Alongside his wife of 39 years, Paul Saunders established The Saunders Family Foundation as a way to help support the community and other business organizations who desire to inspire/create change. Furthermore, as a leader to one of the most prosperous investment advisory company’s in the nation, Saunders attributes his success to his humane treatment of corporate staff. According to Saunders, one of the main reasons so many companies yield a deficit in productivity and growth is because they fail to acknowledge individual employee concerns. When employees feel stressed or are demotivated on the job, it creates the feeling of “burnout”. As stated by Saunders, companies can decipher if employees are experiencing burnout if they show signs of a loss of control with task management, a loss of confidence, or even a negative change in attitude. To either assist or prevent these overwhelming situations from occurring, Saunders suggests for corporations to provide feedback on performance goals, set small incentives for reached performance goals, encourage small breaks throughout the day to allow employees to reset, and offer workshops that allow them to relieve their burnout symptoms. Learn more:


“Paul Saunders and the Success of a Business “

All throughout the business world, there are are a variety of personalities in the leaders who run the various businesses. While studies have never been able to nail down a concrete list of qualities and skills to be coming a successful leader, there are certain measures an individual can consider. Paul Saunders works for James River Capital Corp., where he has been for several decades. He rose to fame through turning an alternate business answering to its parent company, into its own successful venture. He knows how to rally a team, and keep them on task. He discusses his various pieces of advice in a recent Patch article.


A particular issue he calls attention to is employee burn out. This is when the situation at home or at work, begins to have long term negative effects on an individual. This article discusses many of the common causes starting with a loss of control. An employee may start to fall behind schedule or simply become too overwhelmed that they lose their will to continue. It is vital for employees to have some flexibility in how they pace their work day. Paul Saunders would encourage an employee to outline their work plan for the day upon entering the office. Similarly, a stressed employee can be a major issue the company. Negativity and a poor outlook will diminish the quality of one’s performance. Paul Saunders recommends the employee find a new hobby or something to shake up their personal life. The life of an individual at home and at work are interconnected.


The last two issues relate to internal issues in the business. A employee who can not see the bigger picture is an individual who may not perform as well. They deserve to see how the higher ranked staff are making decisions, and ensure they are being paid fairly. Whenever a major company decision comes into play, the staff should explain as much as possible to those it affects. An employee should be valued by the workplace. Lastly, the most common cause of burnout is lack of confidence. When an employee is spending more time second guess their work and not being productive, then their overall work flow will cease. An employee needs to have a set of personal, and the management needs to be flexible in how they expect to receive work from employee. An individual needs to feel like they are making progress no matter what is happened.


An employee is the life blood of a workplace’s operations. They need to feel like they are doing meaningful and relevant work, while getting paid an appropriate amount for their time and service. Paul Saunders has spent decades perfecting his business practices. Learn more: