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Marc Beer, co-founder of startup medical device developer Renovia, expanded his vision for innovative health care solutions by closing a $32 million Series B round in late August, in addition to $10 million in venture debt. Under the leadership of Beer and The Longwood Fund, an investment firm that helped Renovia early in development, the company will focus on developing and testing new products. Issues such as pelvic floor disorders affect 250 million women worldwide, and serve as the wheelhouse for Renovia, which specializes in devices that seek to help urinary incontinence in women. The first product created by Renovia is Leva, which received approval in April. Renovia is in the early stage venture status with the potential to go public as it progresses through the wide field of medical technology.

Marc Beer is no stranger to success in the health care field. A graduate of Miami University, he brings over 25 years of experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. He is a proven leader and driver toward integrative and pragmatic answers to troublesome medical problems affecting large portions of the population. As medical technology advances, Marc Beer and Renovia have placed themselves at the forefront of research and development in the field.

A significant example of Marc Beer’s strategic management goals is the hiring of two clinical leaders in women’s healthcare to oversee the successful implementation of Renovia’s health care initiatives: Samantha Pulliam, MD, as Chief Medical Officer for Renovia, and Jessica McKinney, PT, MS, as Vice President of Medical Affairs and Clinical Advocacy.

Marc Beer drives to discover and implement solutions in women’s althcare. He has shown that leading a company is much more than the numbers and profit. Rather, it is pushing new technology and strategies to help the advancement of medical practices. By raising funds for the development of new products for pelvic floor disorders, Beer displays his enthusiasm in helping raise medical awareness concerning women’s health. His vision is to provide solutions to questions surrounding the uncertainty of women’s health technology. With the leadership team at Renovia, Beer has shown the company is dedicated to the livelihood and health of all individuals. Learn more: